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The Sphinx Volume 30 (Mar 1931 - Feb 1932)
by John Mulholland


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The Sphinx Volume 30 (Mar 1931 - Feb 1932) by John Mulholland
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NO. 1: MARCH 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Charles Armor Leedy; Ellinor Redan; Harry Redan; A. Eldon Duke; Ben R. Badley; Knut Korling; Vincent Dalban; John Elder Blackledge; John Platt; John Booth.2
Told to the Sphinx.2
Photos: Howard Thurston; Horace Goldin.4
The Dragon Lantern Production. By Silent Mora.5
Little Journeys Into the Lives of Big Magicians. By William J. Hilliar.6
A House of a Thousand Memories. By Dr. Henry Ridgely Evans.7
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.10
Pulls Los Angeles Express From the Hat. Duval Featured. Zingone Honorary Member. Al Baker Likes Hartford.10
One Hundred New Magical Ideas. Part 2. By Page Wright and William Larsen.11
Nicola in Chicago.14
Around the World of Magic:15
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.15
- Brazilian Magical Society.15
- Chats by Kolar.16
- Squawks. By William Frazee.16
- Cincinnati Magicians' Club.17
- Notes of a Nashville Magi.17
- News From Providence, R.I.17
- A Visit to Ohio Magicians.18
- Hollywood Mystic 27.18
- Society of Osiris Magicians.18
- Rouclere's Mother 86.19
- A New Houdini Book.19
- Talks Convicts Into Liking Prison.19
- Oursler Now Detective.19
- 10,000 Copies Sold.19
- Ernst Does Other Work.19
The Patriotic Liquids. By Berg and Hahne.19
Current Magic: By Baffles:20
- One From Four. By Charles A. Leedy20
- An Impromptu Trick. By Martin Gardner.20
- A New Ball Change. By O. Wayne Meyer.20
- Conjuring With Hypnotism. By Howard Savage.20
- Card Effect No. 12. By John Harry Keller.21
- Still Stealing Money. With Morris Bernstein.21
- Aig Baig. By C. M. Coles.21
- Original Cork Ball Sleights. By Braden Hall.21
- A Treatise on the Spelling Effect. By Eddie Clever.21
- Coin Through Match Box. By Edwin the Enigma.22
- Open Sesame, Close Sesame. By Edwin the Enigma.22
- A New Packing Box Escape. By Edwin the Enigma.22
- Alice in a Night Club. Henry Haldane.23
Bridges' Reviews. By Milton A. Bridges: The Linking Ring; Tablets of Osiris Number 16; Tablets of Osiris Number 17; "World's Greatest Cut and Restored Rope Feats", by Burling Hull; The Valconasn Vol. 2 No. 2; Il Vademecum Prestigiatore Vol. 2 Nos. 3-4; Original Slate Secrets, by Burling Hull; Essence, 30 Magical Experiments, by Verrall Wass; A History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming, by Catherine Perry Hargrave; The Magazine of Magic, Vol 1. No. 4; The Linking Ring, February 1931; Die Magie, Vol. 13 No. 2; The American Magazine.23
Harry Kellar. Rotogravure.26
Imro Fox. Buatier De Kolta. Servais Le Roy. William E. Robinson (Ching Ling Soo). Rotogravures.27
Harry Houdini. Rotogravure.28
Howard Thurston. Rotogravure.29
Horace Goldin. Rotogravure.30
Ching Ling Foo. Rotogravure.31
Carl Hertz. Frederick Eugene Powell. T. Nelson Downs. Harry Rouclere. Rotogravures.32
What the Amateur Should Know. By Clement de Lion.33
Dean Powell Is 75. By Oscar S. Teale.34
Mrs. Dana Walden Dies; Leipzig and Rochne.34
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.35
Editor's Page.The Thirtieth Year; Introducing Our New Business Manager.40
25 Years Ago.41
Stevenson Moves; Gwynne's Clothes Vanish.41
Fake Carter Jailed.42
Original Magic. By Judson Brown and Jack McMillen: Typewriter Telepathy; Mental Photography; Sinister Vision.42
Doing Magic for the Public. By J. B. Mussey.43

NO. 2: APRIL 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Spencer Howell; Ronald McHose Boffenmyer; Herbert M. Richmond; Carleton Lodge Matteson; Frank Frederick Holman; Andrew Lewis Carmier; Cyril P. Clarke; George Saric; Edward Harvey Webber; Charles Joseph Jones.58
Told to the Sphinx.58
New Zealand Society of Magicians, First Magical Convention.60
Ringing the Ribbon. By Chris Charlton.61
Little Journeys Into the Lives of Big Magicians. By William J. Hilliar.62
Works for Charity.62
Some Recent Additions to My Library. By Harry Price.63
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.66
Cook to Have New Show.66
Yettmah Loses Show.66
Bennie Goldenberger in Films.66
Pages From the Life of a Magician. By Harry Rouclere.67
Current Magic: By Baffles:68
- An Idea. By Edward Allan.68
- Hint for Egg and Handkerchief. By C. M. Coles.68
- My Head's Hat. By Nene Cardenas.68
- A Slate Sell. By F. Jackson.68
- Card Effect No. 13. By John Keller.68
- Mynd Rede Yng. By Howard Savage.69
- Just Another One of Those Things. By Dr. E. G. Ervin.69
- A Few Tricks. By Edwin the Enigma.69
- Magic Darts. By Edwin the Enigma.70
- Loading Device. By Charles A. Leedy.70
- Hull's Modern Television.70
Around the World of Magic:71
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.71
- A Convention in New Zealand. By E. Axford.71
- Keating Back in Vaudeville.72
- The British Magical Society Annual Night of Magic. By J. Ashdown Sharp.72
- Scraps From Scotland.73
- Chats by Kolar.73
- Squawks. By William Frazee.74
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.74
- Haverhill Magic Club. By John A. Haley.75
- Hollywood Mystic 27. By Adam Hull Shirk.75
- Cincinnati Magicians' Club. By E. L. Dodson.75
- The Atlanta Societ of Magicians. By H. R. Hulse.76
- Society of Osiris Magicians. By Thos. C. Worthington 3rd.76
- News From Providence, R. I. By Everett Murphy.76
- The Milwaukee Society of Magicians. By LeRoy Becker.77
- Around New York. With Max Holden.77
- Magic Minded Connecticut. By Walter A. Schwartz.78
- Philadelphia - A Magic City. By Walter B. Gibson.78
- News From Here and There. By Edwin Burchell.79
Pulls Similes From Hat.79
Jobs Secure.79
Three More U.F. Grant Tricks.80
New Twists. By Harlan Tarbell.80
Performs for President.80
Bridges' Reviews. By Milton A. Bridges: Le Prestidigitateur, Vol. 13 No. 147; The Valconasn, Vol. 2 No 3; The Magic Circular, Vol. 25 No. 284; Edward Bagshawe's Magical Journal, Vol. 4 No. 4; Liberty, Vol. 8 No. 15; Magikeren, Vol. 4 No. 71; The Magic Wand, Vol. 20 No. 149; Nel Regno Dei Misteri; Tablets of Osiris, No. 18; The Magic Circular, Vol. 25 No. 283; The Linking Ring Vol. 11 No. 1; The Seven Circles, Vol. 1 No. 1.81
A Novel Card Rising Trick. By Harry Percival.82
Alexander Herrmann. Rotogravure.83
Karl Herrmann. Wizard Jacobs. Wyman The Wizard. Macalister. Rotogravures.84
J. N. Maskelyne. Jonathan Harrington. Robert Heller. Antonio Blitz. Rotogravures.85
William J. Hilliar. John Mulholland. Dr. A. M. Wilson. Rotogravures.86
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman87
The Powel Testimonial Benefit. By C. A. George Newmann.93
Dean Powell Pleased. McDonald Birch Marries. Completes Automobile Tour.93
Editor's Page.94
25 Years Ago.95
Scotland Yard - Baffling Mystery; "Give Me Liberty".95
The Great Nicola. By C. A. George Newmann.96
Letter From Agosta Meynier.96
An Anderson Letter.96
Patter for Grant's Counterfeit Card Miracles. By Herbert M. Richmond.97

NO. 3: MAY 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Lloyd W. Chambers; O. Wayne Meyer; Thomas Herbert Chislett; George Gilmore; Clarence Emil Wellnitz; Thomas Paul Keppler; William Wallace Lee; William George Rakauskas; David Price; Philip F. S. Winski D. Winson.114
Told to the Sphinx.114
Photos: The Detroit Assembly, Number 5 of the S.A.M.; S. S. Henry.116
The Annemann Torn Card Method. By Theo Annemann.117
The Ball and Vase. By Harlan Tarbell.118
Another Trick and Letter. By Al Baker.118
Current Magic: By Baffles.119
- Nightmare Variation. By F. Jackson.119
- Card Effect No. 14. By John Harry Keller.119
- Another Envelope Test. By Roy Walker.119
- A Sweet Trick. By Henry Haldane.119
- Egg Bag of Borrowed Material and Pinned Together. By C. Coles.120
- Walking Through a Sheet of Glass. By Edwin the Enigma.120
- More Inspirations. By Spencer Howell.120
- Another Cup and Ball Idea. By Braden Hall.121
- Try This One. By Charles A. Leedy.121
- Visions in the Crystal. By Ariel (C. A. Costa Aliaga).121
- Find the Queen. By Mysto.121
- Color Telegraphy. By Edward Jochens.121
- Believe It or Not.121
- Thirty-six Card Trick. By Clayton W. Rosencrance.123
- An Impromptu Feat. By Roy Walker.123
A General Magician.123
Around the World of Magic:124
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.124
- Your Magic and Mine. By Cardini.125
- Native Magicians and Their Doings Around 60 Degrees Latitude North. By Clement de Lion.125
- Canadian Conjurer's Convention. By John Booth.127
- Squawks. By William Frazee.127
- News From Providence, R.I. By Everett Murphy.128
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.128
- Society of Osiris Magicians.129
- Chats by Kolar.129
Charles Wicks Describes Three Effects: Prophecy; A Shady Trick; A Silk and Card Symphony.130
The Hypnotic Rabbit. By Ben R. Badley.131
Routine and Wrinkle. By David Price.131
Puts Magic to Work. By Arnold Belais.131
Poetic Patter. By Barkann Rosinoff.132
Smith on the Road Again.132
Kuma Entertained.132
Leedy Heads Show.132
Desert Necromancy. By J. Elder Blackledge.133
The Romance of Magic. By D. Jay Schwarz.133
If I Were a Magician. By Tibor Toth.134
Gibson Lecturers.134
Magician's Club Ladies' Night.135
Another Houdini Book.135
A New Phantom Cigarette. By Everett Murphy.135
The Phantom Voice. By Henry Haldane.135
Houdini-Doyle Letters.135
Real Magic Photograph.135
Bridges' Reviews. By Milton A. Bridges: The Linking Ring, Vol. 11 No 2.; Correspondence Course of Rupert Howard School; Tablets of Osiris; Le Prestidigitateur, Vol. 13 No. 148; Die Magie, Vol. 14 No. 3; The Valconasn, Vol. 2 No. 4; Die Magie, Vol. 14 No. 4; Il Vademecum del Prestigiatore, Vol. 3 No. 1.136
Robert Houdin. Rotogravure.137
The Most Famous Tricks of India. Mohammed Bakhsh.138
These Twenty-Six Hands Fool Millions Every Year. Nate Leipzig. Dorny. Tampa. Chris Charlton. Joseffy. Jane Thurston. Howard Thurston. Max Holden. Harlan Tarbell. Jack Gwynne. Eugene Laurant. Cyril Yettmah. John Mulholland.139
J. W. Elliott. Okito-Theo. Bamberg. Gus Fowler. Carl Rosini. Rotogravures.140
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.141
Editor's Page.146
25 Years Ago.147
Dr. Benedict Dined.147
Benefactor Beaumont, a Magician.148
Hubbard Still Does Magic.148
Magician Lawyer.149
The Magic Circular Vol. 25 No. 285.149
The Book of 1000 Wonders. By Lyle Douglas.149
Sherman on Broadway.149
The Miser's Dream. By L. W. Liddle.152

NO. 4: JUNE 1931
Who's Who In Magic: James Allen Bordner; Oscar Otto Himmel; John Harry Keller; Robert E. Clark; Barkann Rosinoff; Walter Gardner; Maurice Eugene Lenser; Walter Blair Cresge; Foster Lardner; Frank Cole.166
Making New York Magic Minded.168
Majugglery. By Will Blyth, M.I.M.C.169
Krass Helps Youngstown.170
Wilton Moves.170
New Twists and Old Tricks. By Harlan Tarbell.170
Current Magic. By Baffles:171
- 20th Century Flag Variations - and a Comedy Handkerchief Stunt. By O. Meyer.171
- Card Effect No. 15. By John Harry Keller.171
- Comedy Cane. By Edwin the Enigma.171
- Do Tell. By Edwin the Enigma.172
- A Combination Effect. By Herman E. Krimmel.172
- The Life Saver Magic Mint. By Peter Roennau.172
- Tobacco Magic. By Silent Nick.172
- The Miser's Bills. By The Great Cameron.172
- The Envelopes Again. By Roy Walker.172
- Two Bits. By Arthur Mometer.173
- Supermentalex. By Eddie Clever.173
- Improved Bowl Vanish. By Edwin Burchell.173
- Triple Flip. By Charles A. Leedy.173
- New Rice Bowl Combination. By C. M. Coles.173
- Trix From Styx. By Aladdin.174
Transformation. By Charles Wicks.175
Watch. By Ovette.175
Mayer Helps Charity Again.175
Around the World of Magic:176
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.176
- Magic in the Near East. By Major Stanley Lemin.177
- British Magical Society.177
- The Knights of Magic.178
- A Rhode Island Magical Party. By Aristide Scola.178
- Squawks. By William Frazee.179
- News From Here and There. By Edwin Burchell.179
- Society of Osiris Magicians.179
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.180
- San Francisco Full of Magicians. By James Muir.180
- Oakland Magic Circle Entertains Raymond the Great.180
- San Francisco Wins Second Annual Trophy Contest.180
- Dr. Schwartz Entertains.181
- On the Spot. By "Dorny".181
- U. F. Grant Says.181
For the Second Year.182
The Movie Cards. By Glenn G. Gravatt.182
Gadgets From Glasgow. By James B. Findlay.182
Train Writing New Book.182
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.183
The Rising Cigarettes. By Glenn G. Gravatt.183
The Editor Goes to S.A.M. and I.B.M. Meetings.184
Bridges' Reviews: By Milton A. Bridges: The Magic Circular, Vol. 25 No. 286; Le Prestidigitateur, Vol. 13 No. 149; Edward Bagshawe's Magical Journal, Vol. 4 No. 5; Tablets of Osiris, No. 20; Hypnotising Wild and Domestic Animals, by Gysel; The Seven Circles, Vol. 1 No. 2.187
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.188
Angelo Lewis - Professor Louis Hoffmann. Rotogravure.189
John William Sargent. T. Nelson Downs. Mildred & Rouclere. Frederick Eugene Powell. Rotogravures.190
Horace Goldin. Bessie - the Houdinis - Harry. E. Maro. William E. Robinson. Rotogravures.191
Ten Itchi Doing the Water Fountains. Max Holden. Al Baker. Rotogravures.192
Demon's Method of Dyeing Silks. By T. W. Baker.199
Unique Magic. By Milbourne.199
Editor's Page.200
25 Years Ago.201
Ocean Liners Carry Magicians on Cruises to "Nowhere".201
Gets Lemons Professionally.201
Magicians' Club Honors Americans.201
Addresses College.202
In Third Little Show.202
Grand Marshal.202
Cook in Chicago.202
Fox Meadow Group Has Varied Program.202

NO. 5: JULY 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Thomas J. Crawford; Albert Edward Anderson; Arthur W. C. Brumfield; Albert Harward; John H. Edmondson; Charles J. Kralle; J. Hanson; A. C. Davis; Joseph Dennis; James B. Williams.216
Photos: Dr. A. M. Wilson; Jimmy Kater, Jimmy Henshel; Domzalski, George A. Holly, Axel Hellstrom.218
Coincidence. By Wilfrid Jonson.219
A Clairvoyant Book Test. By Charles Wicks.220
A Novel Card Stand. By Leon Maguire.220
Rising Card. By Harry Percival.220
Caring for Rabbits in the Winter. By Edwin Burchell.220
Current Magic. By Baffles:221
- A New Fan Steal. By Baffles.221
- The E. C. Candle Tube. By Eddie Clever.221
- Additional Slate Effect. By Searles, the Subtle.221
- Billiard Ball Production Patter. By James Ellis.221
- Vanishing and Reappearing Billiard Balls. By Eris P. Impey.222
- One Hand Card Change. By Carl A. Gray.222
- Burchell's Flower Tray. By Edwin Burchell.222
- A Couple of Production Ideas. By Edwin Burchell.222
- Paper Tearing Method. By C. M. Coles.223
- The Elusive Sleigh Bell. By C. M. Coles.223
- Guesso Card. By Nene Cardenas.223
- Self-Sharpening Pencil. By Nene Cardenas.223
- All Kinds of Magic. By Edwin Burchell.223
- "The Magic Nails" By Aladdin.223
Ball Them Up. Berg and Hahne.224
A Drama of Indian Mystery. By Howard Thurston.225
Three More U. F. Grant Tricks: The Magic Lamp; An easy One; The Little Red School House.226
Commands the Hannibal.226
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.226
Around the World of Magic:227
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.227
- Magical News From Melbourne. By Charles Wicks.227
- The John Nevil Maskelyne Memorial Fund.227
- Magic in Great Britain. By Dalban, the English Magician.228
- Danish Magicians and Their Doings In and Outside of Scandinavia. By Clement de Lion.228
- Honored by Geographers.229
- Exposes Art Critics.229
- Chats by Kolar.229
- Magical Musings. By Crawford of Nashville.230
- On the Spot. By Dorny.230
- Society of Osiris Magicians.231
- Pyramid Magic Club News.231
- News From Here and There. By Edwin Burchell.231
- Squawks. By William Frazee.232
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.232
- Magicians' Club of Toronto. By Charles Colville.232
The International Magic Circle Convention. By A. W. C. Brumfield.233
Highlights of Three Rivers.233
Clivette's Will Filed.234
Bridges's Reviews. By Milton A. Bridges: The Magician Monthly, Vol. 27 No. 6; Magikeren, Vol. 4 No. 73; Magic, Vol. 14 No. 5; The Book Without a Name, by Theodore Annemann; Le Prestidigitateur, No. 150; Cigam; The Rupert Howard Correspondence Course.234
Harry Blackstone. Rotogravure.235
Howard Thurston, Jane, and the Thurston Show. Jasper Maskelyne. Jack Gwynne. Rotogravures.236
Three Generations of the Men of England's Home of Mystery - John Nevil Maskelyne, his son Nevil and his grandson, Captain Clive. Rotogravure.237
David Devant. Arnold De Biere. Douglas Dexter. Oswald Williams. Rotogravures.238
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.239
Quimby Canning Speech.244
Charlton Ends Tour.244
Barney's Brother.244
M. Ernst Writes New Book.244
These Men Travel.244
International Brotherhood of Magicians. By Leslie P. Guest.245
Guest Marries.245
Forty Weeks for Keating.245
Forty Weeks for Duval.245
Editor's Page.246
25 Years Ago.247
Suggests Ways to Help Business.247
Now S.A.M. Members.247
Dante in the Land of Dante.247

NO. 6: AUGUST 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Paul McWilliams; William Emanuel Scheffel; Charles D. Smith; Joseph Olivo; William Meyenberg; Le Roy A. Becker; William Henry Wyles; Oloff S. Solomonson; Dr. H. S. Bostock; John Edmund Baublits.260
Magicians Fight Fraud. By Ernest Davids and M. Robert Herman.262
Card, Candle and Scimitar. By Silent Mora.263
Ovette's Giant Card Production. By Joseph Ovette.264
Charlton to Return.264
Henry Signs With Bley.264
At Revere Beach.264
The Disappearing Reversed Card. By Harry E. A. Percival.264
Knotting Handkerchiefs. By Morris Rosenberg.264
Current Magic. By Baffles:265
- Card Effect No. 16. By John H. Keller.265
- Miscellaneous No. 3. By John H. Keller.265
- Another One Hand Color Change. By Carl A. Gray.265
- A Dollar Bill and Cigarette Wrinkle. By Lu Brent.265
- Put Her in Reverse! By Searles the Subtle.265
- Burned, Cut, Restored! By Lu Brent.266
- The Ring on String Again. By T. J. Crawford.266
- Rising Cards. By Henry E. A. Percival.266
- A Complaint. By O. Meyer.266
- "My Three Ideas With the Mirror Glasses" By Clayton Rosencrance.267
- Glass Penetration Effect via Hat. By R. L. Nixon (Silent Nick).267
- Magnetic Ball. By Silent Nick.267
- A Couple of Tips. By Edwin Burchell.267
- Edwin's New Paddles. By Edwin Burchell.267
- Passee Passee Coin. By Charles A. Leedy.268
- "Static" By Dr. E. G. Ervin.268
- Card and Envelope. By C. M. Coles.268
- Conclusion of August Current Magic.268
Palace Liked Duval.268
Stevenson Again Well.268
Smith Show Opens.268
A Drama of Indian Mystery. By Howard Thurston.269
Magic Is Alive. By Ernest K. Schieldge.270
Insurance and News.270
After Book Thieves.270
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.270
Around the World of Magic:271
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.271
- LaFollette in Atlantic City.271
- Danish Magicians and Their Doings In and Outside of Scandanavia. By Clement de Lion.272
- Scottish Conjurer's Association.272
- John Nevil Maskelyne Memorial Fund.273
- Great Britain Holds Its First Magican Convention.273
- Squawks. By William Frazee.274
- On the Spot. By Dorny.274
- Society of Osiris Magicians.274
- News From the Sunshine State. (Florida)275
- Cincinnati Magicians' Club.275
- The Knights of Magic.275
Pleasure in Magic. By C. Elliott Smith.276
Card Spelling. By Grant Stuart.277
Wm. A. Buerger Dies. By Will Rock.277
Movie Stars Fall Hard for Magic.278
Bridges' Reviews. By Milton A. Bridges: The Magic Circular, Vol. 25 No. 287; The Valconasn, Vol. 2 No. 5; The Phoenix, June 1931; Cagliostro, by Henry Ridgely Evans; Twenty Practical Liquid and Chemical Effects, by William M. Endlich; The National Geographic Magazine, April 1931; The Magic Wand, Vol. 20 No. 150; The Linking Ring, Vol. 11 No. 3; The Magi, Vol. 22 No. 1.278
Werner Dornfield, "Dorny". Photo.279
Delegates of The National Conference of The Society of American Magicians. Attendees to The International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention.280
W. W. Durbin.282
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.283
International Brotherhood of Magicians. By Leslie P. Guest.289
Editor's Page.290
I Wonder. By Walter A. Schwartz.291
25 Years Ago.291
Director Zingone.291

Who's Who In Magic: A. B. Harrington; John G. MacKay; Alexander Loring Campbell; Len Oliver Gunn; John J. Gillis; Arthur Margery; Helmut Schreiber; Bela Bernthaller; G. Gloria; Lemin Stanley John.304
Photos: Edmund Lowe, Howard Phillips, Manya Roberti; Louis Krieger.306
Silks From Nowhere. By Nelson C. Hahne.307
Three More U. F. Grant Tricks: A Billiard Ball Trick; A Good Trick to Work With Thayer's Giant Card Box; Variations That Can Be Worked With Gordien's Pop Trick.308
Behind His Back. Berg and Hahne.308
Two Sleights. By Andrew L. Carmier.308
Another Reversed Card. By Morris Rosenberg.308
Current Magic. By Baffles.309
- Swords and Shells. By Charles A. Leedy.309
- The Wisenheimer Phantom Cards. By Lu Brent.309
- The Transposed Cards. By Searles the Subtle.309
- Novel Thirty Card Trick. By Wilbur T. Kattner.310
- Patter for Card Box. By James Ellis.310
- Jonah and the Whale Novelty. By Silent Nick.310
- Billiard Ball Through Hat. By Silent Nick.310
- Card Effect No. 17. By John Keller.310
- Sympathy. By O. Meyer.310
- Some Novel Effects. By Roy Walker.311
- "Trix From the Styx". By Aladdin.311
- The Mystic Ten. By Nene Cardenas.312
- Mind Over Matter. By Edwin Burchell.312
A Drama of Indian Mystery. By Howard Thurston.313
New President a Lord.314
Keating Method Unique.314
Roberta a Sensation.314
Huber Playing R-K-O.314
Nicola Makes Short Trip East.314
Cook to Re-open.314
Moore Marries.314
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.314
Around the World of Magic:315
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.315
- Australian Magicians' Club, Melbourne, Victoria.315
- Magic Meeting at Anderson August 7th. By A. W. C. Brumfield.316
- Magic in Baltimore and Baltimore in Magic. By Earle G. Heyl.316
- On the Spot. By Dorny.317
- Notes of the Nashville Magi. By David Price.317
- Conjuring Chatter From Canada. By John Booth.317
- Chats by Kolar.318
- News From Providence, R. I. By Everett Murphy.318
- The Los Angeles Society of Magicians.318
- Danish Magicians and Their Doings In and Outside of Scandinavia. By Clement de Lion.319
- Society of Osiris Magicians.319
- Squawks. By William Frazee.320
- Around New York. By Max Holden.321
- Trouping Around in Magic. By Max Holden.321
- Bennett Springer In New England.323
- Sixth Annual Picnic.323
- The Spider in Pictures.323
- M. Ernst Writes New Book.323
Bullet Catching. By Henry Haldane.324
Hardeen. Photo.325
Gwynne and Co. - Ann - Jack - Peggy. Photo.326
Nate Leipzig. Photo.327
Eugene Laurant. Photo.328
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.329
The Great Raymond Feted.331
Alsop Wins Cup.331
Bridges' Reviews. By Milton A. Bridges: The Rupert Howard School; Il Vademecum Del Prestigiatore, Vol. 3 No. 3; The Thistle, Vol. 4 No. 1; Tablets of Osiris, No. 22; Magie, Vol. 14 No. 7; Cagliostro, by Henry Ridgeley Evans; The Nixon 1931 Magical Surprise Manuscript; Try This One, by Eric F. Impey; Le Journal de la Prestidigitation, No. 60; The Linking Ring, Vol. 11 No. 5; The Magi, Vol. 22 No. 2; The Magician Monthly, Vol. 27 No. 7; The Ruppert Howard School; The Linking Ring, Vol. 11 No. 4; Edward Bagshawe's Magical Journal, Vol. 4 No. 6; Die Magie, Vol. 14 No. 6; The "Zenith"; The Seven Circles, Vol. 1 No. 3; Magikeren, No. 74; The Trick of the Month Club.331
Editor's Page.332
Charlton in England.332
25 Years Ago.333

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Ralph Emerson Powell; Arthur Daniel Joseph Gans; Chester Arnt; Jess L. Springer; Elmer Johnson; Carlos Aristides Costa Aliaga; Terje Nordnes; Lieut.-Colonel John Reiter; Clement Molinas; William George Clark.352
Poster: T. Nelson Downs.354
The Porous Plate. By Charles Waller.355
Three More Tricks. By U. F. Grant: Rising Card Thru Handkerchief; A Variation of a New Trick; A Trick With Berg's Giant Sucker Card Frame.356
Al Baker's Kiddie Party Slate. By Al Baker.356
Theatre Guild Magazine.356
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.356
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:357
- An Opening. By Eddie Clever.357
- Rising Card Routine. By Cyril Endfield.357
- A Card Combination. By Searles the Subtle.357
- The Perfect Water to Ice Effect. By Cyril Endfield.358
- Another Penny and Dime Effect. By Morris Bernstein.358
- Card Spelling Trick. By C. M. Coles.358
- Cojuring for Conjurers. By Roy Walker.358
- Burchell's Comedy Floating Shoe. By Edwin Burchell.358
- "Trix From the Styx" By Aladdin.359
- A Good After-Dinner Trick. By Roennau.359
- The Lantern Miracle. By Nene Cardenas.360
- Some Bits and Gags. By F. Braden Hall.360
- Broken and Restored Match. By Ming Gee.360
- Sew Sew Magic. By Charles A. Leedy.361
- 18th Card Effect. By John H. Keller.361
- Do You Mind Reading? By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.361
- Conclusion of October.361
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.361
Toch Writes on Paintings.361
Appear at September Fair.361
Dorny Advises Detroit.361
Parent Assembly Has Permanent Home.362
The S.A.M. and Fortune Tellers.362
Irving Has Good Summer.362
Hayden Toured Pennsylvania.362
Around the World of Magic:363
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.363
- Scraps From Scotland. By James B. Findlay.363
- The Brazilian Magical Society.365
- Squawks. By William Frazee.365
- Around New York. With Max Holden.365
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.366
- Cincinnati Magicians Club. By E. L. Dodson.366
- Pennsylvania Magicians Hold Mystery Picnic. By Dr. William M. Endlich.366
- Chats by Kolar.367
- Danish Magicians and Their Doings In and Outside of Scandinavia. By Clement de Lion.382
New Book on Old Timers.367
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.368
Henry the Great Starts Tour.372
Magician Leads in "Modern Age"372
Oursler Also Director.372
From Bonds to Bureaus.372
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S. S. Henry. Photo.374
Cardini. Photo.375
Ching Ling Foo and Company. Photo.376
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Editor's Page.380
Josh W. Mayer dies.381
Zelleno Makes Tour.381
25 Years Ago.381
Apologies to Keating.382
Grant Is Gibson.382
Wallace Marries.382

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Jay Jas. Smith; Thos I. Lowry; Felix Bley; Fred A. La Belle; Frederick C. Haenchen, Jr.; Kenneth Cochran Ritchie; Ernest Mortimer; Dr. Steven Weiner; A. Vantur; George Carl Frisenette.400
Photos: Andrew McAllister; Jean Irving.402
Simplified Multum in Parvo. By M. F. Zens.403
Two Card Effects. By Luis Zingone: Via Avion; Reversed Card Effect.404
Haldane Marries.404
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.404
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles.405
- A Good Opening Number. By Ed Burchell.405
- The X-Ray Eyes. By Roy Walker.405
- A Silk Combination. By O. Meyer.406
- Card Thru Plate. By Edwin Burchell.406
- Try These on Your Chewing Gum. By Martin Gardner.406
- Face to Face. By Nelson C. Hahne.407
- Little Lifesaver. By Charles A. Leedy.407
- A Brown Mentalism. By Nene Cardenas.407
- Floating Croquet Ball. By Wilbur T. Kattner.408
- The Stretching String. By Clayton Rosencrance.408
- A New Reversed Card. By Searles the Subtle.408
- Various Methods of Finding Marked Cigarettes. By C. M. Coles.408
- "Throwing Alarm Clocks Thru a Sheet of Glass" By Edwin Burchell.408
Rubens Visits U.S.409
Kaufman Writes Book.409
Original Sleight for Card Artistes. By Nelson C. Hahne.409
M. Ernst on Faculty.409
Campbell's Tour.409
Zelleno Travels.409
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.410
The Evolution of Magic. By Agosta Meynier.410
As It Occurs to Me. By Theodore H. Arnold.410
Birch Starts New Tour.410
Tucker Meets Success.410
Thimbles From the Air. By A. H. Miller.410
New Two-Hour Show.410
Around the World of Magic:411
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.411
- The British Magical Society. By Capt. J. E. Stone.411
- The Mystic Twelve.412
- Magical Notes From Germany. By P. Scheldon.412
- On the Spot. By Dorny.413
- Squawks. By William Frazee.414
- The Southeastern Convention of Magicians. By T. J. Crawford.414
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.414
- U. F. Grant Says.415
- Wanderings of a Rhode Island Magician. By Frank Cole 2nd.415
- Visit of the Great Raymond to Atlanta. By Walter B. Gibson.416
- Minute Sketches From Magic Travels. By L. W. (Larry) Hess.416
- John Winthrop Eggers Dies.417
- Account of Great Raymond's Show. By Wilbur T. Kattner.417
- Thurston in Minneapolis. By Newmann, The Pioneer Mentalist.417
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.418
David Devant. Photo.423
Chris Charlton. Photo.424
Mc Donald Birch. Photo.425
Ade Duval. Photo.426
International Magic Circle Notes.427
A Drama of Indian Mystery. By Howard Thurston.428
Keating Also Writes.429
A Page About Campbell.429
Carter Plans Tour.429
Bergen Makes Talkie Series.429
Editor's Page.430
New Twists. By Harlan Tarbell.431
25 Years Ago.431
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NO. 10: DECEMBER 1931
Who's Who In Magic: Leroy Macfarland; William Harry Montgomery; Joseph Azzorpardi; Grady S. Nicholson; Nyle H. Jessup; Ernest Leslie Briant; Dan Bellman; Rudolph Steinhardt; John Evans Houghton; David I. Katsuki.452
Photos: Neil Hamilton, Floyd Thayer; Harry Kellar, Houdini.454
The Bather's Christmas Bon-Bon. By Will Blyth, M.I.M.C.455
The Zenda Card Trick. By Glenn G. Gravatt.456
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:457
- Multiplying Rabbits. By Charles A. Leedy.457
- The Sympathetic Numbers. By Roy Walker.457
- New Card Reversal. By F. Bassett Mordecai.457
- A Single Slate Method. By Searles the Subtle.458
- A New Card in Pocket Trick. By Searles the Subtle.458
- New Use for Drum Head Tube. By Merwin D. Willis.458
- Patter for Sid Lorraine's "Snappy" By Wilbur T. Kattner.458
- Impromptu Watch Reading. By T. L. Gunther.458
- Blindfold Card Reading. By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.459
- The Mizer Coin. By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.459
- Magic Confetti. By Joseph Rukus.459
- Hat Production. By Edwin Burchell.459
- A Few Hints. By Edwin Burchell.459
- "Trix From the Styx" By Aladdin: How to Tie a Turban.460
- Cut and Restored Ribbon. By Truman A. Morrison, Jr.460
- A Coin Knockout. By Silent Nick.460
Around the World of Magic:461
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.461
- The German Magischer Zirkel. By Karl Schroder.461
- John Nevil Maskelyne Memorial Fund.462
- Milwaikee's Second Annual Review of Magic. By LeRoy Becker.462
- Scraps From Scotland. By James B. Findlay.462
- Squawks. By William Frazee.463
- The Los Angeles Society of Magicians.463
- Magic Under Canvas. By Julien J. Proskauer.464
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.464
- Houdini Club Fifth Annual Show.465
- Around New York. With Max Holden.465
- Chats by Kolar.480
Roberta Honored.465
Captain George F. Wilson Dies.465
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.466
New Twists. By Harlan Tarbell.471
A One-Word Card Code. By Gerald L. Kaufman.471
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Portrait: Bernard M. L. Ernst.474
Portrait: Maurice F. Raymond.475
Colonel Reiter Dies.476
The Horsetooth. By Clement de Lion.477
A Mental Card Problem. Berg and Hahne.477
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.477
Improved Knife and Joker Card Location. By Glenn G. Gravatt.478
"The King That Went" By Tom Bowyer.479
A Novel Floating Ball. By Al Mogul.479
Spook Crooks. By Fred Mintz.479
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.479
Two Seconds. By Morris Bernstein.480
The Paperhanger's Torn Corner Trick. By Gerald Lynton Kaufman.481
Editor's Page.482
The Sympathetic Packs. By Charles Wicks.483
25 Years Ago.483
Loyd's Master Manipulation of Thimbles. Reviewed by Milton A. Bridges.483

NO. 11: JANUARY 1932
Who's Who In Magic: Roy F. Schealer; Robert Thrasher; Clarence W. Talbot; Sherwood Brandon Blodgett; William E. Beatty; Paul Scheldon; Joseph Dubuc; Dr. R. Desider Nitsch; William J. Banfield; Dr. Hans Katzenstein.500
Images: John Henry Anderson; Hocus Pocus, Hardeen.502
Wireless Parcels Transmission. By C. Dacre.503
Speaks on Federal Laws.504
Birch to Start New Tour.504
Tarbell Plans to Go West.504
Poetic Patter. By Barkann Rosinoff.504
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.504
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles:505
- Magical Ideas. By Searles the Subtle.505
- Like Thoughts. By Roy Walker.505
- Novel Billiard Ball Vanish. By Carroll B. Mayers.505
- Silk to Water. By Nene Cardenas.506
- Curious Coins. By T. J. Crawford.506
- The Vanishing Wand. By Nene Cardenas.506
- Flight of a Half Dollar. By Joseph Rukus.506
- Card Rise and Levitation. By Wilbur T. Kattner.507
- Three Straw Monte. By Paul Stein.507
- Chango. By Paul Stein.507
- The Flying Pip. By Joseph Rukus.507
- Clean-Cut Color Changing Silk. By Ed Burchell.508
- Another Coincidence. By O. Meyer.508
- New Match Box Load. By Searles the Subtle.508
- A Tip. By Ed Burchell.508
The Price Thimble Acquitment. By David Price.508
"Doc" Has Another Hobby.508
Around the World of Magic:509
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.509
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, the Mystic Mind.509
- Cincinnati Magicians' Club.510
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.510
- Here and There With Club Shows.510
- Squawks. By William Frazee.510
- The Demons' Club of Baltimore Magicians.511
- Kansas City Notes. By Ervin.511
- Around New York. With Max Holden.511
Novel Colored Lights. By John Aures.512
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Great Magicians' Tricks, by Will Goldston; My Magic Life, by David Devant; Hey Presto, by Norman Hunter; The Secrets of Houdini; Farelli's "Controlled Coincidence"; Ireland Writes a Book, by L. L. Ireland; Magical Pleasantries, by Tom Sellers; Tricks With Toys, by De Vega; Periodicals.512
Thought Supreme. By Hathaway.513
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.514
Portrait: Elmer P. Ransom.518
Portrait: The Great Nicola.519
The Art of Catching. By C. P. Clarke.520
The Magic Candle Flame. By Joseph Rukus.521
Death of Fred L. B. Tiden.521
Alfred Willstatter Dies.521
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.521
Editor's Page.522
Patter and Comicalities. By Nelson C. Hahne.522
25 Years Ago.523
These Magi Also Write.523
Ernst Back at Office.523
Captain George F. Wilson. By Charles W. Beckler.523
"The Spider" Suits Dismissed.523

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1932
Who's Who In Magic: Roy W. King; James S. Harto; Homer Croy; James G. Thompson, Jr.; Ralph Elias Hackman; Murray A. Sumner; Otto F. Regling; Harry Z. Silan; Bordoy; Charley Leam.540
Photo: Harry Houdini, Harry Kellar; Cardini, Al Baker.542
Those Were the Happy Days. By Al Baker.543
Washington as a Lover of Magic. By Harry J. Podmore.544
Carroll Centennial.544
Thurston Goes West.544
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.544
Current Magic: Edited by Baffles:545
- Torn and Restored Selected Card. By Joseph "Zow" Reach.545
- Naming Top Card in Three Packets. By Andrew L. Carmier.545
- Another Fan Steal. By C. T. Boyer.545
- Some Sleights. By Len Bassard.545
- Master Card Divination. By Searles the Subtle.545
- Silks to Flag. By Joseph Rukus.546
- Pie Eater's Dream. By Joseph Rukus.546
- Some Bottomless Glass Ideas. By F. Bassett Mordecai.546
- Everywhere and Nowhere With Giant Cards. By Bob Fisher.546
- Burchell's Thimble Originalities. By Ed Burchell.548
An Unexptected Conclusion. By Nelson Lyford.550
Some Tricks and Ideas by U. F. Grant.550
LaFollette in New Show.550
Sketcho the Great. By the Savage Brothers.550
Around the World of Magic:551
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.551
- Paris Doings. By Agosta Meynier.551
- Chatter From Canada. By John Booth.551
- Australian Magicians' Association. By Charles Wicks.552
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.553
- Magic Cabaret in London.553
- A Classic in a Magician's Table. By A. B. Harrington.553
- I'm Telling You. By "Doc" D. J. Lonergan.553
- Magic in Youngstown. By Charles A. Leedy.554
- Squawks. By William Frazee.554
- Pennsylvania Rings Convene. By Clinton Riedel.554
- General Talks and Impressions. By Remier Hpledur.555
- Will Rock Featured on Coast.555
- S. R. O. for Birch.555
- Around New York. With Max Holden.556
- Baltimore Briefs. Zerr, The Mystic Mind.556
Smith Having Success.556
Smith Directs Booth.556
Oursler New President.556
Zelleno Touring Southwest.556
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.557
Loring Campbell. Photo.561
The Great Leon. Photo.562
George La Follette (Rush Ling Toy). Photo.563
Baffles (Charles R. Brush). Photo.564
Patter and Comicalities. By Nelson C. Hahne.567
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Periodicals.568
Powel Featured at Little Theatre.569
Norworth in the Nagger.569
What the Well Dressed Magician Should Wear. By A. C. M. Azoy.569
A Matter of Routine. By Charles Wicks.570
Pleasantries in Magic. By Clement de Lion.570
New York's Magical Frolic.571
Editor's Page.572
25 Years Ago.573
Don't Distract Your Audience. By Fred C. Kelly.573
J. B. Pond Says.573
Lardner Entertains Cripples.574
De Vere Dies.574
Chats by Kolar.574

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