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The Sphinx Volume 31 (Mar 1932 - Feb 1933)
by John Mulholland


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The Sphinx Volume 31 (Mar 1932 - Feb 1933) by John Mulholland
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NO. 1: MARCH 1932
Hail and Farewell: Adelaide Herrmann.4
After Thrity Years.5
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:7
- Card Effect No. 20. By John H. Keller.7
- A Sucker Card Gag. By Searles the Subtle.7
- A Suggestion or So and an Effect or Two. By Wilbur T. Kattner.7
- Card in Candy Box. By Len Bossard.8
- The Restored Ribbon. By Joseph Rukus.8
- Target Rising Card. By Joseph Rukus.8
- A Mirror Glass Silk Routine. By Searles the Subtle.8
- Cup and Ball Routine. By R. M. Jamison.9
- Patter and Transposition of Cards. By Isadore the Inscrutable.10
- Pack Transposition. By F. Bassett Mordecai.10
- With Pencil and Paper. A Transmission System for Two People. By Bob Fisher.11
Oursler Speaks.13
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.13
Around the World of Magic:14
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.14
- Squawks. By William Frazee.15
- Notes of a Nashville Magi. By David Price.15
- Around New York. With Max Holden.15
- Cincinnati Magicians' Club.16
- Detroit in '32. By John E. Matthews.16
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.16
- An Evening With Dr. Harlan Tarbell. By U. F. Grant.16
Supports Hoover.17
"Trick for Trick"17
Some Tricks and Ideas. By U. F. Grant.18
Bead Divination. By James B. Findlay.18
Chung Ling Soo. By Vincent Dalban.18
Laurice Dies.18
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.19
Portrait: William J. Hilliar.24
Portrait: Dr. Albert M. Wilson.25
Who's Who In Magic: Irving Eugene Watson; Fred C. Lackman; A. F. Beier; Robert Blau; George C. Foote; Gunther Dammann; Florencio Lillo Silva; Antonio Gallardo Mendez; Richard Carter Ritson; Zoltan Sajohelyi.26
Poetic Patter.27
Van Loon a Magician.27
A Few Suggestions. By Fred Mintz.27
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: A Master of Modern Magic, by Henry Ridgley Evans; "Well, I Never!" by Eric C. Lewis; Periodicals.28
How My Child Has Grown. By William J. Hilliar.29
Editorial. Wilsonisms.30
Mental Radio.31
New Paper Trick.31
25 Years Ago.31
Engineers See Magic.31

NO. 2: APRIL 1932
Photos: Houdini.52
"The Dewdrop" By Herman L. Weber.53
Lloyd at the Dutch Treat Club.54
Magician Aids Law.54
"The Third Eye" By Richard Armour (Conjurer Dick).54
On Stage and in Picture.54
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:55
- The Magic Spell. By Roy Walker.55
- Some Suggestions. By Charles A. Leedy.55
- Penetrating Card. By Joseph Rukus.55
- Miscellaneous No. 4. By John H. Keller.55
- "Trix From the Styx" Impromptu levitation gimick. By Aladdin.55
- Some Ideas. By Frank Hall.56
- Pea and Shell Stunt. By R. M. Jamison.56
- Card Effect No. 19. By John Keller.57
- The Purloined Poils. By Eddie Clever.57
- Handkerchief and Egg Trick With Patter. By Peter Roennau.57
- End Over End Pencil. By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.58
- Original Card Trick. By C. V. Ford.58
- Card on Ribbon. By Joseph Rukus.58
- A Card Memory Test and Some Ideas on False Shuffles. By Bob Fisher.58
Nicola Sails.60
Laurant Will Be in Detroit.60
At Rancho San Pablo.60
Parties in Club Room.60
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.60
Around the World of Magic:61
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.61
- Campbell on Chautauqua.61
- Squawks. By William Frazee.62
- The Cruise of the U.S.S. Hannibal. By C. C. Slayton.62
- Youngstown News.63
- Notes of the Nashville Magi. By David Price.63
- Around New York. With Max Holden.63
- Chats by Kolar.64
- The Knights of Magic. By Paul Cottlow.64
- Detroit in '32. By John E. Matthews.64
- Magic in Canada. By Charles A. Colville.65
Praise From Caesar.65
Magicians Club Entertains.65
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.66
Portrait: Charles J. Carter.70
Portrait: Long Tack Sam.71
Who's Who In Magic: Harry Boughton (Bouton); Edward Rupp; G. McAthy; William C. McNutt; Edward Lesiowski; Chris Charlton; Willi Keller; Arpad Romek; Alf. L. Gregg; Theodore T. Levy.72
Magic as a Hobby for Girls. By Roberta.73
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Eggstraorinary Ways of Eggshibiting With Eggs, by Joseph Ovette; "Now, You Do One", by "Doc" Nixon; Houdini's Magic, by Walter B. Gibson; Houdini and Conan Doyle, by B. M. L. Ernst and Hereward Carrington; Quicker Than the Eye, by John Mulholland; Periodicals.74
Annemann's Test of the Tiber. Patter by Herbert M. Richmond.76
Frivolous Flag. By Fred Mintz.76
4% No Trick.76
A Method for Arranging Cards. By Royal V. Heath.77
"Trick for Trick"77
Pond Touring West.77
Reception for Cardini.77
Pythons, Magic and Tortoise.77
Edits Creative Arts.77
El Barto on Tour.77
Mussey Gets Paid.77
Editor's Page.78
Entertained and Was Entertained.79
Birch Tour South.79
Home From Europe.79
"Magic as an Aid"79
25 Years Ago.79
Zellerno Completes Tour.79
On Washington Commission.79
Watch for Keating.79

NO. 3: MAY 1932
From Harlan Tarbell's Note Book. As this magician sees some of his friends.96
Light Wines and Beer. By Nate Leipzig.97
A New Torn and Restored Newspaper Effect. By William P. Merrill, Jr.98
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.98
Goldston Collection.98
Boston's Hat in Ring.98
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:99
- New Bottomless Glass. By C. M. Coles.99
- Novel Penny and Dime. By Roennau.99
- Just and Idea. By Roennau.99
- Card Through Slate. By Howard Holden.99
- Living and Dead Test. By C. M. Coles.100
- New Card Location. By C. M. Coles.100
- A Simple Prediction Effect. By C. M. Coles.100
- Torn Card Effect. By R. M. Jamison.100
- Catching the Card. By Joseph Rukus.101
- The Stabbed Cards. By Roy Walker.101
- Mind-Reading and Remarks. By Clement Fisher, Jr.102
- Place Shuffling. By Bob Fisher.102
- Place Shuffling - Continuation. By Bob Fisher.103
Ernst to Write More.104
De Lion Gift.104
Who's Who In Magic: Dr. Ladislaus Rothbart; Conrad Roth; Jesse A. Mueller; William John Armstrong; Peter J. Schuessler; Irving A. Fisch; William D. Alstrand.104
Visits Fischer.104
Birch Goes South.104
Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.104
How it started. By Elmer P. Ransom.105
Around the World of Magic:106
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.106
- Aberdeen Three Day Success. By Ralphono.106
- Squawks. By Will Frazee.106
- The British Magical Society Report of Annual Seance. By Capt. J. E. Stone.107
- Baltimore Briefs. Zerr, The Mystic Mind.108
- Magical Notes from Germany. By P. Scheldon.108
- Notes and News from Canada. By Stan Hall.109
- Around New York with Max Holden.109
- I'm Telling You! By "Doc" Lonergan.109
- Magic Big Shots. By C. C. Slayton.110
- Detroit in '32. By John E. Matthews.110
Lehigh Features Magic.110
Getting Publicity. By Julien J. Proskauer.111
Madame Herrmann's Will.111
Writes More.111
Active in Youngstown.111
Speak Louder, Please. By Clement Fisher, Jr.112
Sartorial Splendor. C. Roltare Eggleston.113
"Acclimatized Cards" By Roy Walker.113
Roberta Entertains Charltons.113
"Them Wuz the Days" By William J. Hilliar.114
Before Alumni.114
Photos: W. Golden Mortimer; Compars Herrmann; John Henry Anderson, II.115
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Spook Crooks! by Julien J. Proskauer; The Trade of Trickery. Trees Grown While You Wait; Periodicals.116
The No-Assistant Vanishing Alarm Clock. By Morris A. Osborn.117
Demon Dealing. By Dadd.117
Magician Aids Miners.117
M.U.M. Edited by Leo Rullman.118
Another Book Under Way.123
Oursler's New Play.123
Higher Interest for Magi.123
Magician's Club Ladies' Night.123
Sphinx Mayor Re-elected.123
Credit Where Due.123
A Varied Show.123
Editor's Page.124
Moves to Canada.125
Cook to Open in London.125
25 Years Ago.125
Dr. Krass Recovering.125
Great Raymond Also Agent.125
Features Milk Can.126

NO. 4: JUNE 1932
Cartoon. By Will B. Johnstone.144
A Miracle for a Dime. By Allen Shaw.145
Thumb Nails: Dante, Crawford, The Zanzigs, Leedy. By William J. Hilliar.146
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.146
Improved Button Trick. By Joseph Ovette.146
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:147
- Two Seconds - and a Turnover. By Morris Bernstein.147
- A False Shuffle That Really Shuffles. By Bob Fisher.147
- Two Coin Sleights. By Felice Manna.148
- Card Culling. By Tom Osborne.148
- Burned and Restored Paper. By El Ray.148
- Loading. By Nene Cardenas.149
- Water Wizardy. By Edwin L. Burchell and Clayton L. Jacobsen.149
- Eggs from a Borrowed Hat. By Merlin D. Willis.150
- The Magazine Rack A Production Apparatus. By Bob Fisher.151
- Vanishing Cigarettes. By Joseph Rukus.152
Enjoying Busy Vacation.152
In London Review.152
Siss! Boom! Ah!152
Organize in Hartford.152
New Idea with Cards. By David Price.153
Against Tax.153
Editor Also Ran.153
Magic Words and Exercise.153
Old Timers and "Emporiums". By Elmer P. Ransom.154
More About Billiard Balls. By Charles Waller.155
Editor Marries.156
Who's Who In Magic: Al Baker; Dr. Desider Kemeny; Emile V. Verkist; Eugene Laurant; E. Vaughn Klein; F. Stephen de Soboll; George Saric.156
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Hofzinser's Card Conjuring, by Ottokar Fischer; Happy Magic, by Charles Waller; Arthur LeRoy's Futuristic Fantasies, by Signor Ovette; Periodicals.157
Magic Under Canvas. By Julien J. Proskauer.158
Mystifies Methodists.158
Huber R. K. O. ing.158
Jarrow Also Helps.158
Around the World of Magic:159
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.159
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.160
- Magic in Canada. By Charles A. Colville.160
- Squawks. By Will Frazee.161
- Around New York. By Max Holden.162
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.162
- S.O.M.E. Organizes in Brooklyn. By Arthur Punnar.162
- Magic in Colorado. By Howard Holden.163
- Festival Huge Success. By Paul Cottlow.163
- Chats. By Kolar.164
- Farewell Party for Cox. By Arthur Punnar.164
- C. D. Irwin Dies. By Francis G. Benedict.164
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.165
Editor's Page.170
25 Years Ago.171
Seventeenth Year.171
Will Sees.171
With the Editor, to Banquet, Conference, Conclave and Convention.172
Cardini and Scandals.175
Mr. Rae Sr. Dies.175
Malini and Barton on Coast.177
Another Magic Shop.177
Moves Again.177
Chautauqua Books Campbell.177
Magicians Club Honors Roberta.177

NO. 5: JULY 1932
Drawing: The boy magician dreams that the masters return to teach him their magic.188
Pie Plate Mystery. By Grimes the Mystery Man.189
A Trick With Any Three Cards. By Hugh Mackay.190
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.190
Will Vaudeville Ever Come Back? By Foster Lardner.190
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:191
- Tips and Gags. By Neit's.191
- New Effect With Die. By The Great Bruce.191
- Dublin Money. By Morris Bernstein.191
- An Addition. By El Ray.192
- Flowers in Hat. By Joseph Rukus.192
- Miniature Glass Vanish. By Edwin L. Burchell and Clayton L. Jacobsen.192
- A Spelling Trick to End All Spelling Tricks. By Bob Fisher.192
- "Trix from the Styx" By Aladdin.194
Thumb Nails: Servais LeRoy; Vernello; Ziska; Felicien Trewey; Mme Adelaide Herrmann. By William J. Hilliar.196
Boston Wants Real Magic.196
Around the World of Magic:197
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.197
- Squawks. By Will Frazee.198
- Around New York. With Max Holden.198
- Australian Magicians' Club. By H. A. Booth.198
- Order of Robert-Houdin, Hartford, Conn. By W. T. Noel Preston.199
- Notes of Nashville Magic. By David Price.199
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.200
- Chats. By Kolar.200
- I'm Telling You! By "Doc" Lonergan.200
- Magic in Boston. By Edwin L. Burchell.202
- St. Louis Magic Notes. By Badley of St. Louis.203
- The John Nevil Maskelyne Memorial Fund.203
Did You Know?201
Alstrand on R.K.O.203
Touring in the Eighties. By Elmer P. Ransom.204
A "20th Century" Effect. By Duncan Johnstone.205
Who's Who In Magic: Max Holden; W. R. Walsh; Harry Bernard Solomon; Harry Kaye; Fred P. Faltersack; Zuard Odry de Pacser; Charles T. Graham-Rogers, Jr.205
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.206
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Ireland's Magic; Novel Magic, by Lu-Brent; Gentilly's Presentation of the Thumb Tie; Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks; Periodicals.211
Editor's Page.212
Sunshines Play Bermuda.213
Ernst Now Researcher.213
25 Years Ago.213
Republicans Use Magician.213
A Radio Talk About Maro. By J. Elder Blackledge.214
An "Impossible" Card Location. By Fred Mintz.215
Peter Ornson Dies.215
Disappearing Tobacco. By Lindhorst, Famous Magician.216
"One of Those Things"216
Furman Marries.216

NO. 6: AUGUST 1932
Drawing: Maja. By Howard Savage.224
Indestructible Paper. By Harry Blackstone.225
A Match Problem. By Will Blyth, M.I.M.C.226
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.226
Barton in California.226
Germany Honors Benedict.226
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:227
- Card Effect No. 21. By J. Harry Keller.227
- New Thimble Move. By Tom Dale, Jr.227
- Jumbo 4 Ace. By R. M. Jamison.227
- The Sympathetic Coins and The Cups and Balls. By O. Meyer.227
- A Simple Card Location. By Domer Scaramucci.228
- Holden's Novel Sucker Watch Vanish. By Howard Holden.228
- The Lovers Lamp. By Eddie Clever.229
- Ribbon from Match. By Nene Cardenas.229
- Improvement on Reversed Card and Hanky Through Hank. By F. Bassett Mordecai.229
- A New Shirt. By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.230
- Wrinkle for Release It. By Norman Sutich.230
- Method of Forcing. By T. A. MacDonald.230
- Horse Pleigh. By Peter Roennau.230
- The Rubber Pencil. By Gail.230
- Canadian Wrinklets. By C. Kirk.230
- Sucker Coin Vanish. By H. Blake Wilson.231
- "Trix from the Styx". By Aladdin.231
Tony Pastor and The Old Four Hundred. By Elmer P. Ransom.232
Around the World of Magic:233
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.233
- The New Zealand Society of Magicians. By E. Axford.233
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.234
- Society of Magical Entertainers. By Arthur Punnar.234
- Meeting of The Spokane Mystic Club. By E. V. Klein.234
- Sidelights on the S.A.M. Conference. By John E. Matthews.234
- Brazilian Magi Fight Fraud. By Famadas.235
- Magic in Colorado. By Howard Holden.235
- Magic in Canada. By Chas. Colville.235
- Squawks. By Will Frazee.236
- Chats. By Kolar.236
- "Magic Around Boston" By Edwin L. Burchell.236
Magic for the Prince.237
Thruston in Joliet.237
The "REX" Torn and Restored Card. By Nelson Lyford.238
Who's Who In Magic: Jack Gwynne; Richard S. Silvis; William Kalman; Paul Braden; William Feher; Howard Phillip Becker; Alfred P. Saal.238
1000 See Unemployment Show.238
New San Jose Club.238
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.239
Believe It Not.242
Greetings from Jim Stevinson.242
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Happy Magic, by Charles Waller; Novel Mysteries, by Edward Bagshawe; Periodicals.243
Joins New York Repertory.243
Louis A. Hartwig Dies.243
Editor's Page.244
Proskauer Back in Fold.245
Congratulations to Al and Martin.245
New Show Features Old Costumes.245
25 Years Ago.245
A Marble and Thimble Trick. By Lindhorst, Famous Magician.245

Cartoon. By O. Soglow.252
Presto! Blooey! By Al Baker.253
A Spirit-Slate Routine. By Barkann Rosinoff.254
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.254
Magicians, Make Money! By Julien J. Proskauer.255
Identical Choice. By Charles Wicks.256
Telling the Time by Looking At the Back of A Watch. By Lindhorst, Famous Magician.256
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:257
- A New? Spell-It Idea. By Don Sweet.257
- Thimble Penetration. By Laurence Critchell, Jr.257
- A Mystery Story. For very little children. By Isadore the Inscrutable.257
- Card Effect No. 22. By J. Harry Keller.259
- Jumbo Card Combination. By R. M. Jamison.259
- Tips and Bits. By Eddie Clever.259
- The Flower Basket. By Bob Fisher.260
- The Meanest Man in the World. By Bob Fisher.261
Who's Who In Magic: Elmer Ransom; June Barrows Mussey; Harry E. A. Percival; Dr. Ladislaus Kreisz; Robert Reinhart; C. J. Gavilan; Henry C. Huber.262
New Magic Club.262
Sammy Is President.262
Margaret Fox Psychic - Ha! By Elmer P. Ransom.263
Magic in Print: Giant Card Magic, by Sherman Ripley; Complete Patter of Cardini's Act; The Trick of the Month Club; Broadway Magic News No. 1.264
Around the World of Magic:265
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.265
- British Magical Society.265
- International Brotherhood of Magicians. Second Annual Convention of the British Ring. By Capt. J. E. Stone.265
- Magic in Youngstown.267
- Dallas Magic Circle Sponsors.267
- Around New York. With Max Holden.267
- Squawks. By Frazee.268
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.268
- Cincinnati Magicians Club's Annual Outing. By George W. Stock.268
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.268
- Magic Around Times Square. By Al Baker.273
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.269
Editor's Page.274
Harold Rouclere Engaged.275
Spirits in the Empire State Building.275
25 Years Ago.275
Rope Trick Not In Plans.275
Birch Feted.275
Hold-Out for Magic Only.275
Professor and Magician.276
Helps Magic.276
President Entertains Editor and Vice Versa.276

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1932
Drawing: Embarrassing Moments. By Jack Miller.292
The Magic of the East. A first hand account of East Indian Magic. By Levante.293
The Trick of Thirty-One. By Ellis Stanyon.294
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.294
B. M. L. E.'s Annual Show.294
Portrait of an Itinerant Magician. By Robert Houdin. Chapter IV of Volume 2 of the First Edition of Confidences D'un Prestidigitateur. Translated by Philip M. Hayden.295
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:297
- Magical Memos. By Charles L. Leedy.297
- Simple Cards in Envelopes Mystery. By Felice Manna.297
- Confetti Conglomeration. By Wm. A. Pinkney.298
- Hanky to Rabbit. By Henry Haldane.298
- Wrinkles.298
- Stereotyped. By L. E. Duncanson.298
- The E. C. Location. By Eddie Clever.298
- The Ethereal Table. By Henry Haldane.299
- A Living and Dead Test. By Bob Fisher.299
Who's Who In Magic: Fred Serano Keating; J. G. Lightner; Auguste Drioux; Lester A. Grimes; John Balla; Stewart Judah; Leslie P. Guest.300
Who's Who in America.300
Signor Blitz, A Real Man of Mystery. By Harry J. Podmore.301
Are You Represented?301
Among the Magicians. By Bernard M. L. Ernst.302
Publicity Ideas. By Charles A. Leedy.304
The Ignorant Mathematician. By R. V. Heath.304
These Were Sensations. By Elmer P. Ransom.305
New York State Meeting.305
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Melody Magic, by William Henry Palmer and compiled by Harry L. Clapham; Periodicals.306
Around the World of Magic:307
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.307
- Annual Banquet of the Oakland Magic Circle. By Lewis A. Miller.307
- Magicians' Convention in Dallas This Month.308
- From Birch's Buick.308
- North England News. By Dan Bellman.308
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.309
- Annual General Assembly of the Brazilian Magical Society. By Famadas.309
- "Magic Beyond the Rockies" with John Booth.309
- Al Baker's Magic News.310
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.310
- Around New York. With Max Holden.310
Wand, Card, Silk, and Bell Combination. By Glenn G. Gravatt.311
For Magicians Only. By Hal Jones.311
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.312
Do Not Harm Magic. By Arthur Punnar.316
Two Months in Mexico. By John Mulholland.317
Editor's Page.318
The Indian Thread Trick.319
25 Years Ago.319
How to Throw Cards Into Air and Make One Cling to Ceiling. By Lindhorst, Famous Magician.320
A Useful Tip. By Dan Dellman.320

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1932
Drawing: Breslau, Old Time English Magician.340
Dr. Lyman's Half-Crowns and Hat. By Nate Leipzig.341
Japanese Water Fountains. By Levante.342
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.342
The Magic Locator. By Royal V. Heath.342
"Pro-Fun and Profound" By George Schulte.342
Portrait of an Itinerant Magician.Continued. By Robert Houdin.343
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:345
- Opening Idea. By Clayton Rosencrance.345
- Card Effect No. 23. By J. Harry Keller.345
- Card Sleights. By Cameo the Conjuror.345
- Invincible Book Test. Originated by L. E. Duncanson.346
- No. 8125. By Eddie Clever.346
- Name It and You Can Have It. Another Spelling Trick. By Bob Fisher.346
- Growth of Flowers. By C. V. Ford.348
- Card Location Fooler. By Andrew L. Carmier.348
- Novelty Thimble Penetration. By Andrew L. Carmier.348
- The Apple Turnover. By Andrew L. Carmier.349
- Thimble Production. By Andrew L. Carmier.349
- Another Card Reversal. By Bernard (The Devil's Friend)349
- Think! Stop! By Harry B. Solomon.349
- Wire Thumb Tie. By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.349
- Two Tips. By J. D. Lopp.349
Who's Who In Magic: Harlan Tarbell; Gordon Eugene Avery; Steven Forgacs; Charles R. Brush; Gilbert Razakariasa; Fred Robison; John Hathaway Butler.349
Amon the Magicians. By Bernard M. L. Ernst.350
Around the World of Magic:352
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.352
- Magical Congress in Stuttgart. By J. B. Mussey.352
- Squawks. By Frazee.353
- Random Ramblings. By Wm. Larsen.354
- Magic Notes from the Pacific Coast. By Lewis A. Miller.354
- Youngstown Magic News. By Charles A. Leedy.355
- "Davis" the Magician Testimonial Show. Reported by "Silent" Mora.355
- Order of Robert-Houdin Notes. By W. T. Noel Preston.356
- North of England News. By Dan Bellman.357
- Tersely Told. By Greystoke.357
- Rosario Magic Club News. By E. Leslie Briant.357
- Magic Notes from California. By Lewis A. Miller.357
- "Novel News and Magic" By Lu-Brent.358
- Homer Featured.358
- Man Who Saved Powers Dies.358
- From Birch's Buick.359
- Around New York. With Max Holden.359
- Al Baker's Magic News.359
- Spokane Mystic Club Honors MacDonald Birch. By E. V. Klein.370
- Houdini Club of Philadelphia Notes. By Crowel.370
The Editor Goes to the Syracuse Conclave.360
A Hindoo Invasion and Men of Yesterday. By Elmer P. Ransom.361
Krinog Visits Germany.361
Clinton Burgess Dies.362
Charles Roltare Dies.362
Chats by Kolar.362
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.363
Editor's Page.368
25 Years Ago.369
Reads "Saturday Nighters" Minds.369
A Correction.369
Hardeen At Macys.370
Mathematical Magic Show.370
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Magic from Our Notebook, by L. L. Ireland and Carlton King; Bert Douglas's Magical Patter; The Art of Mis-Direction, by Paul Stadelman; Magic - New and Different; The Trick of the Month Club; Periodicals.371

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1932
Another page from Tarbell's Note Book.388
Magic From My Notebook. By Harlan Tarbell.389
Imagination. By Servais Le Roy.390
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.390
A Letter to Harold. By Al Baker.390
"The F-u-n-dation of Magic." By George Schulte.390
A Magician Solvent.390
Portrait of an Itinerant Magician. By Robert Houdin.391
Die Magie.392
Random Ramblings. By Wm. Larsen.392
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:393
- Egg Go See! By Joseph Rukus.393
- Production Box Tricks. By Joseph Rukus.393
- "Cameo Kirby Poker Deal" By Lu Brent.393
- Silk Through Wand. By Frank Hall.394
- Prediction Supreme. By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.394
- Card Manipulative Sleight. By Frank Hall.394
- Another Devil's Dictionary. By Edward Quinn.394
- She Turned Her Back On Me. By Arthur Hughes.395
- The Jack Whispers. By Herb. Runge.395
- The Passe Passe Rings. By Herb. Runge.395
- The Vision of the Oracle. By E. S. Vasiliski.395
- New Egg-Producing Handkerchief. By Dr. L. E. Duncanson.395
- Floating Balloon. By Lorwyn and Charwyn.395
- Red and Black. By Frank Hall.396
- The E. C. Triple Cut Rope Routine. By Eddie Clever.396
- Pulling a Fast One. By R. M. Jamison.396
- Another Spelling Routine. By O. Meyer.396
- A Suggestion or So and An Effect or Two - No. 2. By Howard Holden (Originally Wilbur Kattner).397
Houdini's Birthplace?397
A Couple of Ideas. By Jacques Morintell.398
Another Book.398
A Card Change. By Fred Mintz.398
A Bushy, Bearded Magician. De Kolta. By Elmer P. Ransom.399
Zingone With N.T.G.399
Around the World of Magic:400
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.400
- Sheffield Circle of Magicians. By H. V. Nicholson.400
- Australian Magicians' Club.401
- Rio de Janeiro News. By Famadas.401
- Squawks. By Will Frazee.401
- Magic Notes from the Bay Region, California. By Lewis A. Miller.402
- North Carolina Association. By A. Coke Cecil.402
- The Wizard's Club of Chicago. By J. F. Hecht.403
- S. O. M. E. News. By Arthur Punnar.403
- Youngstown News. By Charles A. Leedy.403
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.403
- Tersley Told. By Greystoke.404
- Houdini Club of Philadelphia Notes. By Crowel.404
- A Huge Success. By U. F. Grant.404
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.405
- British Magical Society. By Capt. J. E. Stone.405
LePaul on F. and M.405
Zamloch Dies.406
Books of Yesterday Second Series, No. 1. By Leo Rullman.406
Amuses Cripples.406
Cardini at Palladium.406
A Magic Square You Can Do. By Royal V. Heath.407
Backer Dies.407
Who's Who In Magic: Sheldon Sphar Henry; John G. F. Holston; Dr. Steven Rothler; William Warner Durbin; Ruegg Theodore; Bill Neff; Allan Shaw.407
Among the Magicians. By Bernard M. L. Ernst.408
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Eye-Openers, by R. W. Hull; Periodicals.410
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.411
Editor's Page.416
25 Years Ago.417

NO. 11: JANUARY 1933
Drawing: And he is a headliner today. By Paul Carlton.436
Ishii Black. Hypnotist, Magician and Story Teller. By Edwin A. Dearn.437
A Telephone Number Trick. By Royal V. Heath.438
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.438
From "Skinning" to Skin.438
A Letter to Harold. By Al Baker.438
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:439
- The Goat Card Routine. By Felice Manna.439
- A Suggestion or So and an Effect or Two - No. 3. By Howard Holden.440
- Mystic Tables. By Robert Alfred (Mystic) Milam.441
- Elray's Effective Effects.441
- "The Dyed Handkerchiefs"441
- Try These on Your Cigarettes. By H. W. Runge.442
- Billiard Ball Penetration. By C. V. Ford.442
- The Bottom Card Again. By H. W. Runge.442
"It Can't Be Done" - Done.442
Mrs. H. on Road Again.442
Books of Yesterday. By Leo Rullman.443
All Remember Houdini.443
Proskauer Uses American Airways.443
An S.A.M.-M.D. in Vienna.443
Portrait of an Itinerant Magician. Continuned. By Robert Houdin.444
1933 Calendar of Magic.445
Among the Magicians. By Bernard M. L. Ernst.446
Early Chautauquas. By Elmer P. Ransom.448
Around the World of Magic:449
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.449
- Australian Magicians' Assn. By Charles Wicks.449
- Squawks. By Will Frazee.449
- Houdini Club of Philadelphia Notes. By Crowel.450
- U. F. Grant Says.451
- British Magical Society. By Capt. J. E. Stone.451
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.452
- Tersley Told. By Greystoke.452
- The Spokane Mystic Club. By C. W. Talbot.452
- Knights Hold Annual Dinner. By Paul Cottlow.453
- Magic in Washington. By M. Blackstar.453
- Magic Notes From In and Around Central California. By Lewis A. Miller.453
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Periodicals.454
The Great Zano Dies. By Alex Gordon.454
W. T. Easton Dies.454
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.455
Who's Who In Magic: Nate Leipzig; William H. McCaffrey; Bela Szekely; Charles Churchill Slayton; Mac, the School Magician; Lawrence Kam; Glen Pope.459
Thurston "To Retire".459
Dr. Benedict's Tour.459
Editor's Page.460
Chats by Kolar.461
25 Years Ago.461

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1933
Drawing: A magician of the early nineteenth century with typical apparatus of the time.472
The Sphinx Acts. In response to the demand that magicians be given protection from exposers.473
Charlie Leedy's Patter Lines.474
"Editor and Publisher" Helps.474
Sir Ross on Eastern Magic.474
A Letter to Harold. By Al Baker.474
Current Magic. Edited by Baffles:475
- More Ideas. By J. Edmund Rae.475
- A Master Move for the Card Rising Reel. By R. M. Jamison.476
- A New Spirit Card Effect. By Tom Dale, Jr.476
- Do the Double Lift Again. By Herb. Runge.476
- X Marks the Spot. By Herb. Runge.477
- Well! By Malcolm Willis.477
Magic More Than Entertainment.477
New Book Promised.477
Fifty Years Ago and Great Names. By Elmer P. Ransom.478
Portrait of an Itinerant Magician. Continued. By Robert Houdin.479
Great Raymond on Tour.480
Improvement on Demon Bars. By Lawrence Kam.481
Simplicity Spelling Effect. By Ed Wolff.481
"Amateurish?" No! By Clement Fisher, Jr.481
West Coast Activities.481
Now Fools Kansans.481
Among the Magicians. By Bernard M. L. Ernst.482
Around the World of Magic:484
- London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.484
- Magic News from Germany. By P. Scheldon.484
- Squawks. By Will Frazee.485
- The Knights of Magic. By Paul Cottlow.486
- On the Spot. By Dorny.486
- From Birch's Buick.486
- Notes of Nashville Magi. By David Price.487
- U. F. Grant Says.487
- Richard Davis Dies.487
- Baltimore Briefs. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.488
- Review of Annual Charity Show. By R. Temple Greystoke.488
- Magic from Hartford. By J. Edmund Rae.488
- "Laughing Through Georgia" With George Schulte.488
M.U.M. Edited by Shirley L. Quimby.489
Campbell's Tour.493
Editor's Page.494
25 Years Ago.495
Kids Kids.495
Fries in Vienna.495
Miller Magic.495
Magic in Print: By Milton A. Bridges: Secrets of the Dead, by Albert Josling; Name-O-Card, by R. W. Hull The Evolution of Some Popular Conjuring Tricks, by Harry Price; Periodicals.496
Who's Who In Magic: Martin L. Sunshine; Ralph Pierce; August Dulskey; Alexander Heltai; Albert Christie Robbins; John N. Giordmaine; Geo. W. Stock.496

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