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The Sphinx Volume 42 (Mar 1943 - Feb 1944)
by John Mulholland


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The Sphinx Volume 42 (Mar 1943 - Feb 1944) by John Mulholland
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NO. 1: MARCH 1943
Robert Heller.4
In The Manner of Heller. By John Mulholland.5
Easy Book Test. By Gerald Kosky.6
Invisible Card Reverse. By T. J. Crawford.7
Telepathic Television. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.8
Soldier Magic. By Tommy Dowd.8
Rabbit Eggs. By John Brown Cook.10
1943 Show Parent Assembly S.A.M.15
22nd Annual Show Knights of Magic.15
29th Annual Dinner.15
My Father - Robert Heller. By Mary Adelaide Palmer Blanchet.16
Editor's Page.18
Squawks. By Frazee.19
25 Years Ago.19
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.20
Magic Flashes From South America. By E. Leslie Briant.20
Obituaries: Mrs. Houdini. Henry Dixey. Mrs Thurston. Frank Dodd. Considine Sr. Dr. Giannini. Jackie Whelan.21
Where They Are.22

NO. 2: APRIL 1943
Cover Picture.28
Miracles For Sale: Balls of Saturn. Abbott's Color-Sphere. Loonie Spoonie. Abbott's Chinese Wonder Fan. The Hindu Puzzle Purse. Finding The Fifth Column. Improved "No-stooge" Necktie Restoration.28
Magic in Print: Five Star Card Effects. Figures Are Funny Things. Convenient Card Magic. Catalog.28
Giant Rising Cards. By Hathaway.29
"The Egg Bag". By Lu Brent.30
A Few Funny (I hope) Ideas. By John Giordmaine.32
Table Knife. By Tom Osborne.32
Transposing Matches. By J. Brown.37
The Adventure of the Cops and Robbers. By Roy Shrimplin.37
"Milko-Transposo". By H.C. Kleemann.38
Seeming Impossibilities. (Magic in Early Baltimore Part 2) By Milbourne Christopher.39
Editor's Page.40
Squawks. By Frazee.41
25 Years Ago.41
Where They Are.41
Magic Flashes From South America. By E. Leslie Briant.42
Rabbit Eggs.42

NO. 3: MAY 1943
Maskelyne and Devant.48
The Mystery of the Writing Pad. By John Brearly.49
A Triangle of Thought. By Peter Warlock.50
The Lady Vanishes. By Graham Adams.51
Telephone Directory and Crystal. By Victor Peacock.52
Lighted Cigarette. By Wilfrid Jonson.54
The Three Guesses. By E. G. Brown.59
The Magic Spell. By Douglas Craggs.60
"So You Want to Talk, eh?". By Fred Culpitt.61
Conjurer to His Majesty's Forces.62
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.63
Rabbit Eggs.63
Editor's Page.64
Squawks. By Frazee.65
25 Years Ago.65
Where They Are.65
South American Flashes. By E. Leslie Briant.66

NO. 4: JUNE 1943
Miracles For Sale: Abbott's Best-Yet Penetration. Vishnu Rope Trick. Switch-er-roo. Repeat 20th Century Silks. Devil's Tears. Abbott's New Color Change.72
Magic In Print: Keith Clark's Celebrated Cigarettes. On With The Show.72
The Triangular Room. By John Mulholland.73
The Sun and Moon. By Tom Osborne.74
Colored Disc Divination. By J. Brown.74
Comedy Contest. By Hen Fetsch.75
Don't Pull Too Tight. By Robert Degenhardt.75
It's Just Coincidence. By George Armstrong.76
Chinese Stickler. By Milbourne Christopher.77
V For Victory. By Bill Nord.78
"Dr. Chang" Milko Routine. By Sherman Ripley - "Dr. Chang"78
Parent Assembly, S.A.M., Annual Show.83
Chicago's Annual Show.83
Magic in Trinidad. By Milbourne Christopher.84
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.86
South American Flashes. By E. Leslie Briant.86
Magic As A Psychologic Approach To Children. By Joseph H. Fries, M.D.87
Editor's Page.88
Squawks. By Frazee.89
25 Years Ago.89
Rabbit Eggs.89
You Should Know Russ Walsh.90
Where They Are.90
Ralph Hull Dies.90

NO. 5: JULY 1943
You Should Know Bert Kalmar.96
Rabbit Eggs.96
Miracles For Sale: Mac's Diminishing Pack. Leon Maguire's Magazine Test. Rope-Epic.96
Questions Answered. By Hathaway.97
Bull Session. By "Hen Fetsch".98
The Welsh Rarebit Pan. By Tom Osborne.98
Invisible Card Reverse. By Jack Paul.100
Paper Tear. By Elliot S. Hoffman.100
The Victory Cups and Balls. By Charles L. Anderson.105
Early Magic in New York. By John Mulholland.106
Notices of 18th Century Magic.107
Editor's Page.108
Squawks. By Frazee.109
25 Years Ago.109
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.109

NO. 6: AUGUST 1943
Magic In Print: Tricks and Sleights. Secrets.116
The Levante Barrel Escape. By The Great Levante.117
Ali Baba. By Charles Waller.118
The "Prince" Visible Diminishing Card. By Arthur Prince (Leon).118
A Peep Into the Future. By Len J. Sewell.119
An Interlude For The Miser's Dream. By Jean Hugard.121
Double Prediction. By Tom Selwyn.122
USO In Australia.122
Editor's Page.128
Squawks. By Frazee.129
25 Years Ago.129
Magic in Spain. By Javier de Areny-Plandolit.129
Touring Around In Australia. By Max Holden.130
Where They Are.130
Australian Recollections. By Percy Abbott.131
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.131

You Should Know T. J. Crawford.140
Next Month.140
Rabbit Eggs.140
The Omniprescent Dollar Bill. By Leon Maguire.141
Commandos. By Marvini.142
Soft Soap. By Theo Dore.143
Liquid Appears. By "Hen" Fetsch.143
Disecto Routine. By William Hess.144
Abbott's Milk Pitcher. By "Hen" Fetsch.145
Soft Soap. By Francis B. Martineau.145
Telepathic Total. By Willard S. Smith.146
Ideas: By Milbourne Christopher: The Egg Silk. Lit Cigarette.146
Madam Jon's Fan. By John Goodsell.151
Something Different. By John Hochland.152
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.153
Something About Saubert. By Milbourne Christopher.153
Where They Are.153
A Fair Statement. By "Think-A-Drink" Hoffman.154
Think-A-Drink Hoffman.155
Editor's Page.156
Squawks. By Frazee.157
25 Years Ago.157
Magic In Print: On With The Show. Capers with Colors. Everybody's Magic. Secrets of the Street Conjurer.157

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1943
You Should Know Joe Lightner.164
Miracles For Sale: Abbott's Phantom Clock. Maguire Swami Holdout. Devil of a Card. Block and Bolt.164
The Yogi Chest. By Phil Thomas.165
Behind The Back. By Tung Pin Soo.166
A Sure Laugh. By Victor Farelli.166
Combination Lock Trick and Remote Control. By R. D. Spraker, Jr.167
For Jumbo Cards. By Charles L. Anderson.167
Dr. Brochu's Dead And Living Card Trick. By Dr. R. Brochu.168
A Master Crimp Location. By G. Cardinal Le Gros.168
Newspaper Publicity for Magicians. By Albert F. Munroe.169
Jud Cole Dies.170
Rabbit Eggs.170
Where They Are.170
Looking Back from Martial to Magical. By Verrall Wass.175
Abbott's Get-together.176
Editor's Page.178
Squawks. By Frazee.179
25 Years Ago.179
Magic In Print: Latest Thimble Magic. Shoot The Works. Secrets. Catalogue.179

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1943
You Should Know Jack Trepel.192
Christopher's Snappy Silk Production. By Milbourne Christopher.193
The Sugar Trick. By Tom Osborne.195
Dr. Brochu's Telepathy Card Trick. By Dr. R. Brochu.195
Check Please. By John Hochland.196
Victory Chip. By Chaplain Willard Smith.196
"Impossible?" By Richard Milbauer.196
The Surrounded Coin. By Jack Paul.197
My Routine with the Dye Tube. By Max Holden.197
Looking Forward from Martial to Magical. By Verrall Wass.198
The Great Virgil. By Arthur Leroy.203
American Throw-Out Books.204
Editor's Page.206
Squawks. By Frazee.207
25 Years Ago.207
Magic In Print: Burley's Baffling Black Boards. Tarbell Course In Magic. Read Aim Magic!207
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.208
Rabbit Eggs.208
Where They Are.208

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1943
Those Were The Happy Days. The Boy - The Bottle and Guinea Pig. By Al Baker.221
Novel Silk Transposition. By Harold Rice.222
As You Desire. By Hathaway.223
Wondering Blocks and Die Box. By Bill Russell.224
Hold That Pose. By Peter Pan, The Magic Man.224
Vanish of Doves. By Eugene Gugliemo.225
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.226
Falconi. By Milbourne Christopher.226
Where They Are.226
The Magic Calendar.227
How They Began Magic. By John Mulholland.231
Editor's Page.232
Squawks. By Frazee.233
25 Years Ago.233
Magic In Print: Thru the Dye Tube. Hypno Tricks. Ted Annemann's Full Deck Of Impromptu Card Tricks. Illusion Magic.233
Rabbit Eggs.234
You Should Know Baffles.234

NO. 11: JANUARY 1944
Miracles For Sale: Nest of Metal Boxes. Razz-a-ma-tazz. Visible Tip-over Box. Perfect Card Stabber. Gremlins. Framed. Talking Skull. Speedaway Bill. Additions.260
The Magic Sewing Cabinet. By Hathaway.261
Russell's Flag Tube. By Bill Russell.262
Goodsell's Original Kardtrik. By John Goodsell.262
Cigarette To Silk. By Francis B. Martineau.263
Peters Twenty Rising Cards. By Pvt. Ernest Peters.264
Dr. Brochu's Card Force. By Dr. R. Brochu.264
Matchic. By Francis B. Martineau.265
Thought Transposition. By Jack Paul.265
Elusive Glass of Milk. By Harmon Halcombe.265
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.266
South American Flashes. By E. L. Briant.266
Memories of Magicians. By Verall Wass.271
Editor's Page.272
Squawks. By Frazee.273
25 Years Ago.273
Rabbit Eggs.273
Where They Are.275

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1944
The Cover.284
This Issue.284
You Should Know Joseffy.284
Magic In Print: Showmanship for Magicians. Catalogue.284
The Enchanted Finger Ring. By Leon Herrmann.285
Billiard Ball Manipulation. By Herr Jansen (Dante)286
The Nest of Boxes and the Ball of Wool. By Wilson Bailey and Harold A. Osborne.286
Paper Tearing Trick. By William J. Hilliar.287
A New Production Box. By The Mysterious Dunninger.287
The Hypnotized Handkerchief. By Prof. McIntosh.287
The Obedient Tube. By H. Syril Dusenbery.288
The Changing Die. By L. N. Miller.288
Variations On "The Dyeing Tube". By Tom C. Bonney.288
Changing Confetti. By Simms.289
Card and Envelope Trick. By Chas O. Williams.289
The Scott-Burgoyne Box. By Lionel Scott.290
A Letter to A Father - Newly Dead. By Arthur Leroy.295
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.296
Choosing Tricks. By Verrall Wass.297
Editor's Page.298
Squawks. By Frazee.299
25 Years Ago.299
Rabbit Eggs.299

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