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The Sphinx Volume 41 (Mar 1942 - Feb 1943)
by John Mulholland


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The Sphinx Volume 41 (Mar 1942 - Feb 1943) by John Mulholland
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NO. 1: MARCH 1942
Meet The Dealers.3
Where They Are.3
Camera Record of the Parent Assembly, S.A.M. Annual Show. Photographs by Irving Desfor4
28th Annual Dinner. By C. Talvades.4
Annual Show. By Vin Carey.4
The Queen's Court of Baron Seamon. By Ed Reno.5
A New Effect with a Die. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.6
New Salt Shaker. By Harold Pearson.6
Gloves. By Robert Harbin.7
Calling the Numbers. By Milbourne Christopher.8
The Rising Card. By Alex Valden.8
The Orange Force. By Dave Price.8
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.13
"On the Spot". By Dorny.13
Highlights. By Eugene Laurant.14
Editor's Page.16
Squawks. By Frazee.17
25 Years Ago.17
The Late John Moris. By Milbourne Christopher.17

NO. 2: APRIL 1942
Cover Picture.24
Scheduled Events.24
Miracles For Sale: Pack of Cigarettes to Flowers. The Penetrable Silk. Repeating Rabbit. Magician's Calling Card. Sergeant Butcher's Tie Trick.24
Loading A Hat. By Harry Blackstone.25
Egg On Toast. By Robert Harbin.26
The Traveling Joker. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.26
"Vest Pocket Victory Bill Trick". By John Booth.27
Get the Point? By Arthur Leroy.27
Phantom Fire. By Milbourne Christopher.27
The Card You Chose. By John William Sargent.28
Salt Package. By Bill Weldon.28
Harry Blackstone. By John P. Lee.29
Cure And Prevention Of "Little Devils". By Orenda, The Magician.30
Chautauqua and Lyceum. By Eugene Laurant.36
Editor's Page.38
Squawks. By Frazee.39
25 Years Ago.39
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.39

NO. 3: MAY 1942
Meet The Dealers.48
Miracles For Sale: Victory. Abbott's Defense Posters. Abbott's Liquid Appear. New Small Plug Box. Commandos. The Phantom Fish.48
Thanks To A. G. Bell. By Charles W. Nyquist and J. G. Thompson, Jr.49
Needle Swallowing. By Dan Morris.53
Rope Gags. By Alex Valdon.53
Magic, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. By Eugene Laurant.54
Willard The Wizard. By Dr. Charles F. Harad.60
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.61
Editor's Page.62
Squawks. By Frazee.63
25 Years Ago.63
Magic In Print: Silks Supreme. The Last Word on Cups and Balls. Coin and Money Magic. Magic of the Hands. The Super Bullet Catching Act. Santini's Tips, Tricks and Gags. Patriotic Chalk Stunts.63

NO. 4: JUNE 1942
'Super,' 'Colossal'.72
Miracles For Sale: Harad's Super Two Card Location. Haden's Rising Card Box. The Million Mystery.72
Magic In Print: Magi Card System. More Magic Of The Hands. The Figure Fiend.72
Magician's Nightmare. By Al Baker and the Editor.73
Jensen's Bait Box. By Dr. Chas. F. Harad.74
Whiskers On. By Emil M. Loew.74
Card on Golf Club. By Theo Dore.75
Indicators. By Robert Harbin.75
A "Prop" Tray for Magicians. By Joseph H. Fries, M.D.76
Fifteen Card Follow Me. By Dan Morris.76
Pip of a Pipe. By George Andrew.76
Photos: S.A.M. 14th Annual Convention. Photos by Irving Desfor.77
Photos: Golden Gate Assembly's Silver Anniversary Show.78
Photos: Chicago Assembly's Annual Show.78
One Hundred Years Ago. By Charles A. Leedy.83
Editor's Page.84
Squawks. By Frazee.85
25 Years Ago.85
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.85
"On The Spot". By Dorny.86
14th Annual S.A.M. Conference. By Charles RossKam.87
Golden Gate's Silver Anniversary. By Don Still.87
Chicago's Annual Show. By James C. Sherman.88

NO. 5: JULY 1942
Photos: I.B.M. Convention.95
Please Note. By Charles A. RossKam.96
Miracles For Sale: "Out of This World". Christopher's Etho "Card Case". The Caliph's Garden. Abbott's Sugar Short. Maldo's Electric Light Bulb. Off Color. Abbott's Magic Back Set. Al Baker's Slate Easel. Utility V Glass.96
Coins in the Air. By T. Nelson Downs.97
From 3 to 8. By Spalding.98
Duck!-Eggs. By Magini.99
One Hand Card Discovery. By Hans Van Baaren, M.D.99
Information Please! By Lorin D. Hall.100
The Disappearing Glass. By John Hochland.100
Coin in Glove. By Dan Morris.100
Fort Worth I.B.M. Convention.105
Magic in One "Simple" Lesson. By Stuart Cramer.106
Gathered Fragments. By S. Leo Horowitz (Leo Hartz).106
T. Nelson Downs "King of Koins". By Edward J. McLaughlin.107
Editor's Page.108
Squawks. By Frazee.109
25 Years Ago.109
Magic In Print: Tricks With Watches. Let's See the Deck. No Coffin for the Corpse. Miracle Methods No. 2. Tricks of the Masters.109
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.110
Where They Are.110

NO. 6: AUGUST 1942
Miracles For Sale: Abbott's Daylight Screen. Find The Lady Cards. Abbott's Chameleon Sphere. Abbott's Rabbit Wringer. Nu Egg. Finger Guillotine. Loyd's Screen of Bagdad.114
Magic Movie: Laurel, Hardy and Dante The Magician.114
Ring, Egg and Bun. By Tom Osborne.115
A Timely Trick. By Loring Campbell.116
The Shangra-La Card. By Spalding.116
A Novel Card Discovery. By Arthur Punnar.117
A Surprise Opening. By Milbourne Christopher.117
Army Guts Test. My Martin Gardner.118
A String of Pearls. By Dan Morris.118
The Four Aces Fly. By R. M. Jamison.118
Robert Nickle Centennial. By John Mulholland.123
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.124
Oakland P.C.A.M. Convention.125
Editor's Page.126
Squawks. By Frazee.127
25 Years Ago.127
Magic In Print: Tricks with Paper Cups. Cut the Cards.127
Gathered Fragments. By S. Leo Horowitz (Leo Hartz).127

Miracles For Sale: Abbott's Magic Novelty Co. Silk King Studios. Holden's Magic Shop. Magicland. Leo Rullman. American Magic Company. Al Baker's.132
Be Modern. By Percy Abbott.133
Silk Magic. By Harold R. Rice.134
A Camp Show Routine. By Max Holden.135
Adaptability Foremost. By Delbert Douglas.135
Entertaining Magic. By Vin Carey.136
Always a Magician. By Al Baker.136
New Books For Old. By Leo Rullman.141
Finishing Magical Apparatus. By Dr. Maximilian Toch.141
"Shops for Divers Juggling Instruments"142
Magic - For, With, By The Army.143
Editor's Page.144
Squawks. By Frazee.145
25 Years Ago.145
Notes on Performing. By Samuel Berland.146

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1942
Meet The Dealers.152
A Closing Trick. By Loring Campbell.153
Balsamo's Glove. By Herman Yerger.154
The Five Card Trick. By Tom Osborne.155
The Flip Change Improved. By Dave Price.155
A Coin Penetration. By Paul Morris.156
The Serpent Silk. By R. D. Spraker, Jr.161
The Infallible Force. By Arthur Punnar.161
Abbott's Ninth Annual Magic Get Together.162
Paul Valadon.163
Editor's Page.164
Squawks. By Frazee.165
25 Years Ago.165
Magic In Print: Keith Clark's Rope Royale. Funny Talk for Magicians.165
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.166
National Magic Day.166
Hero Harry.166

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1942
Meet The Dealers: Joe Berg. Jim Sherman.172
Patriotic Effect: By Russ Walsh.173
Card In The Match Box. By Matt Schulien.174
Mixed Drinks. By Vic Torsberg.175
Producing a Bowl of Water. By Harlan Tarbell.175
Close-Up Spot. By Bert Allerton.176
Card Location Quickie. By Joe Berg.176
Four Aces. By Jas. Kater Thompson.176
My 3-1 Rope. By Edward Ritchell.177
Impromptu Kit. By John Brown Cook.177
Rabbit Eggs. by John Brown Cook.177
Give-Away Cards For Table Workers. By Martin Gardner.178
Wine From Water. By Earl C. Leamon.183
The Persistent Aces. By Arthur Buckley.184
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.185
"On The Spot". By Dorny.186
Dead: Max Malini. Edward Saint. Walter Jeans. Marshall Montgomery.187
Editor's Page.188
Squawks. By Frazee.189
25 Years Ago.189
Where They Are.190

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1942
The Christmas Conjurer.195
Magic In Print: Blue Ribbon Card Tricks. Greater Magic. Tarbell Course in Magic. Magic. The Best Tricks With Slates. Ireland's Year Book 1942. Fooling the Public. The "X" Card Mysteries.196
Martin's Twelve Card Trick. By Tommy Martin.197
Buck to Bullets. By Milbourne Christopher.198
With a Salt Shaker. By Tom Osborne.199
Billiard Ball Routine. By Count Artell.199
Hands Empty. By Tommy Dowd.200
Impromptu Card Trick. By Robert C. Anderson.200
Drawer Box Pistol Tube. By Loring Campbell.201
V For Victory Silk Dyeing. by J. Brown.201
Soap Suds! By Bill Weldon.201
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.202
Convention I.B.M. Ring 26.202
Rabbit Eggs. By John Brown Cook.202
Where They Are.202
Gwynne's Thrity Years.203
Ventriloquists I Have Known. By M. S. Mahendra.204
Editor's Page.206
Squawks. By Frazee.211
25 Years Ago.211

NO. 11: JANUARY 1943
Meet The Dealers.228
Utility Revolving Cabinet. By Herman Hanson.229
The Trick Butterfly. By "Silent" Mora.230
Grant Three Card Monte. By George LaFollette.231
"Bewildering Cigarette Packs". By Bill Goodale.231
Elmer and Dan. By Stephen G. Simpson.232
A Compact Mystery. By Ed Hammond.233
Color Quick. By Jess Kelly.233
All On One Pile. By Al Keller.233
What The Eyes Perceive, The Heart Must Believe. By Art Lyle.234
Deaf, Dumb and Blind. By "Jake" Stafford.234
The Ambitious Cards Again. By Harrison.234
Dexterous Duval.239
Boston's Early Magicians. By John Mulholland.240
Editor's Page.242
Squawks. By Frazee.243
25 Years Ago.243
Magic In Print: The Chameleon Cups and Balls. Miracle Methods. Tips on Tricks. Trick Tracks.243
Where They Are.244
Miracles For Sale: Magic Rabbit Seals. Disecto. Think Ink. Visible Walking Through A Ribbon.244
Next Month.244
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.245
Magic Flashes From South America. By E. Leslie Briant.245
Rabbit Eggs.245

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1943
Gali Gali.252
Miracles For Sale: Tarbell Zip-Over Rope Mystery. Abbott's Double Bang Card in Balloon. Goodsell's Pulse Trick.252
Outstanding Tricks: Abbott's Defense Posters. Abbott's Daylight Screen. Commandos. The Million Mystery. "Out of This World". Pack of Cigarettes to Flowers. Nu Egg. Abbott's Rabbit Wringer.252
Picture Card Fans. By Arthur Nulens.253
Night Club Illusions. By John Hochland.254
Tricky Knots. By John Giordmaine.255
Improved. By Si Simons and Dan Morris.255
The Selected Card Under a Napkin. By Tom Osborne.256
Fetsch Phantasies. By Milbourne Christopher.256
Cigarette to Silk. By Doc Hallock.256
V Discovery. By Warner Perry.257
A Suggestion for the Rice Bowls. By John Hochland.257
Phantom Cigar. By Rouclere, Jr.258
Up She Pops. By Emmett Barbee.258
Alexander Herrmann's Centennial.263
American Servicemen Like Magic. A report from the USO-Camp Shows.264
Editor's Page.266
Squawks. By Frazee.267
25 Years Ago.267
Magic In Print: Screamlined Patter-Rhymes And Wrinkles. The Magic 36.267
Louis Water died.267
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.268
Magic Flashes From South America. By E. Leslie Briant.268
Rabbit Eggs.268
On The Spot. By "Dorny".269
Where They Are.270

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