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The Sphinx Volume 48 (Mar 1949 - Feb 1950)
by John Mulholland


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The Sphinx Volume 48 (Mar 1949 - Feb 1950) by John Mulholland
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NO. 1: MARCH 1949
The Cover.4
Magic in Print: Cyclopedia of Magic. Controlled Miracles. Thanks to Leipzig! John Ramsay's Routines With Cups and Balls. The Card Wizard. Blackstone's Tricks Anyone Can Do. Deux Conferences Sur La Prestidigitation.4
Card in the Jug. By Geo. Johnstone.5
Sorcar's Dictionary Trick. By P. C. Sorcar.6
"Come Black". By John Giordmaine.7
Three From Five is Nothing. By George DeMott.8
Exchanging the Pack. By Arthur Buckley.9
My Innocent Thimble "Pull". By Carlos H. Colombi.10
The Taming of the Shmoo. By Peter Van Note (With Eric Weinberger).10
Col Ling Soo. By Douglas Craggs.11
Do You Remember When? By Dorny.12
Magic Query.12
Poster: Powell.13
The Sphinx Awards.14
Swedish Convention. By Fritz Olai.19
Slydini's Magic Class.19
Calcutta I.B.M. Ring.19
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.020
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.020
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.021
Where They Are.021
Magic Query Answer.021
Editor's Page.22
Squawks. By Frazee.23
25 Years Ago.23
"Baffles" Brush dies.23

NO. 2: APRIL 1949
Miracles for Sale: Coon-dle Lite. Amazing Penetrable Card. "Kake in Hat". Advertising Tricks.32
Magic in Print: The Magic of Rezavani. Une Poignee de Gags. Collector's Annual.32
Edward M. Reno dies.32
Vocal-Vibro. By Orville Meyer.33
Coins and Cards. By Glenn Harrison.34
Cups and Balls. By Charles Major.34
Pittman One-Hand Double Lift. By George Pittman.35
Card Control and Prediction. By Harry B. Linaberry.36
Flick's Trick. By Tom Munroe.36
Comedy Shooting Gun. By Chester J. Preisser.37
Biller-Etto. By Bob Shriver.37
Force with a Borrowed Deck. By John C. Holt.38
An Advertising Idea. By Tom Munroe.38
Orville Meyer. By Dr. E. T. Prendergast.39
The Magician. By Laurant.39
Magic in Denver. By Orville Meyer.40
Window Card: Eugene Laurant.41
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.42
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.42
Magic Query.42
Impossibilities and Miltiades III.47
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.48
Dr. Evans Dies.48
Magic Query Answer.49
Magic Circle Honors Col. Ling Soo.49
Editor's Page.50
Squawks. By Frazee.51
25 Years Ago.51
Wher They Are.51

NO. 3: MAY 1949
The Cover.60
Miracles for Sale: Staggard. "The Gap in the Curtain". Impromptu Spirit Card Flight.60
Magic in Print: Magic. Scarne on Cards. Catalogs. Revised Editions.60
The Skip Trick. By LePaul.61
Dollar at Dinner. By John Brown Cook.62
New Cut and Restored Effect. By William Mayoh.63
Loong Fot Dinsing. By Earl E. Adcock.64
A Rapid Count. By Al Leech.64
A "Chic" Routine. By "Chic" Schoke.65
Magic Query.65
My First Career - Magic. By Arthur Buckley.66
Chicago's Magical Tradition. By Ed Miller.68
Poster: Ed Miller.69
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.70
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.70
Where They Are.70
I Learn a Card Trick. By Fu Manchu.76
Magic Query Answer.76
Editor's Page.78
Squawks. By Frazee.79
25 Years Ago.79
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.80
Scandinavian Convention. By Fritz Olai.80
Ed Reno 1861-1949.81

NO. 4: JUNE 1949
The Cover.88
Magic in Print: Rough and Smooth Possibilities. Secrets of Ventriloquism. Entertaining With Hypnotism. The Last Word, on Skullo-Cation.88
Miracles for Sale: Magazine Test. Pinwheel Blendo. Double-Cap Coin Trick. Bill in Cigarette. Convention Miracles.88
Bobo Giant Rising Cards. By J. B. Bobo.89
The Elusive Reptile. By Hathaway.91
A Three Card Monte Routine. By Jimmy K. Campbell.91
Two Handkerchief Pull Ideas. By C. Foster Fenner.92
Presto Video. By Tom S. Palmer.93
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.94
Night of Knights.94
N. Y. Magigals Annual Magic Show. By Ann Fox.94
The Case for Exposing. By Robert Lund.95
Magic Query.96
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.98
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.98
S.A.M. 21. Annual Convention.103
I.B.M. 21. Annual Convention.105
Editor's Page.108
Squawks. By Frazee.109
25 Years Ago.109
Where They Are.109
Magic Query Answer.109

NO. 5: JULY 1949
The Cover.116
Magic in Print: Magic in the Modern Manner. The Hands Only. Over the Coffee Cups. Catalogs.116
Telekinesis. By Peter Warlock.117
Just A Little White Ash... By Henk Vermeyden.119
Jump-Over Cards. By Hans E. Trixer.119
Coin in Nut Variation. By George Johnson.120
The Floral Rice Bowls. By C. Foster Fenner.121
Card Between Panes of Glass. By Augustus Rapp.121
Surprise Find. By Dunbar Bair.122
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: So Simple. Still Simpler.123
Diary of the P.C.A.M. Convention. By Bob Haskell.124
Barrymore With A Wand. By Robert Lund.126
Public Relations. By Kingdon Brown.128
Poster: Egyptian Hall. The Entranced Fakir.129
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.130
Belgian Notes. By Victor Farelli.130
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.131
A Joint Convention.132
Miracles for Sale: Polkadot Paint. Trilby Deck. Atomic Cocktail Shaker. Wonder Glass. Devano Rising Cards. Magic on Parade. Stars of Magic. Cen-Triffic.134
Magic Query.134
Valadon. By John H. Hilliard.135
Editor's Page.136
Squawks. By Frazee.137
25 Years Ago.137
Where They Are.137
Max Holden dies.138
Magic Query Answer.138

NO. 6: AUGUST 1949
The Cover.144
Turning The Page. By Edward M. Massey.145
The Plea to the Headmaster. By P. C. Sorcar.146
Envelope Mentalism. By Dr. Jaks.147
The Lost Is Found. By George DeMott.148
Flash Rice to Orange. By Clettis V. Musson.149
Photo Card Tip. By Charles Major.149
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: Seven, Fourteen, Twenty-One. Finding The Unselected Card.150
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.151
Continental Notes. By Victor Farelli.151
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.152
Where They Are.152
Carl Hertz - Citizen of the World.153
Playbill: Carl Hertz and Charles Morritt.154
Hands Over My Ears. By Alfred Elting.157
Magic Query.157
Miracles for Sale: Yogi Hyp. Marquetry Drawer Box. The Ball Point Pen. The Magic Mummy. Crystal Chest. Water Cups. Milk-n-glasgo.157
Dealer Exhibits and Shows.158
You Should Know Al Munroe.159
Editor's Page.160
Squawks. By Frazee.161
25 Years Ago.161
Magic Query Answer.161
Magic in Print: Encyclopedia of the 3 Shell Game. Spirits In the House. It Must Be Mindreading. The Four Full Hands.161

The Cover.168
Meet the Dealers. By Harold Rice.168
Canto dies. Domzalski dies. Kolar dies.168
Chuan's Crystal Casement. By Tan Hock Chuan.169
Coin Fold - After Allan Shaw. By Silent Mora.170
The Temple of Tibet. By Richard J. Weibel.170
Folding 1/2 Crown. By Bill Bishop.171
Thimble Thru Handkerchief. By Ray MacMath (Mr. Trix).171
Uncanny Magazine Test. By Knut Korling (Shalimar)172
The Spectator's Trick. By Howard Wurst and Bill Pawson.172
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: Marlo's Flight of the Knave and Queen. Amnesia.173
The Magic Reader and Writer. By Dariel Fitzkee.174
The Story of Allan Shaw. By Arthur Buckley.175
Poster: Herrmann's Dream.177
Magic Music. By Milbourne Christopher.178
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.182
Magic Query.182
International Magical Congress 1949. Reported by Terlis.182
Editor's Page.184
Squawks. By Frazee.185
25 Years Ago.185
Where They Are.185
Magic Query Answer.186

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1949
The Cover.192
On This and That. By The Readers.192
Fu's Rising Card. By Fu Manuchu.193
Letter by Okito.194
Triple-Head Delineator. By Eddie Joseph.195
What A Faker. By Frank. F. Lynch.196
It's A Scream. By Clettis V. Musson.196
Spirit Scales of Justice. By Augustus Rapp.197
The Fan Card Location. By Jesse A. Mueller.197
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: Elimination. Watch The Ace. Who Can Yell the Loudest?198
You and The Press. By Thomas W. Duncan.199
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.200
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.200
Poster: Virgil.201
Three Continental Men of Magic. By Kurt Volkmann: Harry Balzar. Ingo. Conradi-Horster.202
Abbott's 16th Annual Get-together.204
Texas Association of Magicians Conclave.205
M.A.E.S. Convention.207
Magic Query.207
Editor's Page.208
Squawks. By Frazee.209
25 Years Ago.209
Where They Are.209
Miaco Dies.210
Magic Query Answer.210

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1949
On This and That. By The Readers.219
The Cover.220
Foolproof Psychometry. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.221
The Magical Fisherman. By Geo. Johnstone.222
The Waiter's Tip. By George DeMott.222
Flag Flash. By Carlos H. Colombi.223
The Pipe Production Climax. By Joe Scott.223
A Coin and A Handkerchief. By Paul N. Rylander.224
Intuitive Card Control. By Arthur Punnar.224
Match Mystic. By Marcus Block.225
The Retfordian Production. By Edward H. Hopkinson.225
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: Let's Face It.226
50 Years of Americans in England. By James B. Findlay.227
Magic Query.228
Programme: Chung Ling Soo.229
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.230
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.230
The Old Medicine Show. By Puzzling Pierson.231
Editor's Page.232
Squawks. By Frazee.233
25 Years Ago.233
Where They Are.233
Magic in Print: Magic of the Ancients. Robbin's Magic Catalog. Genial Improbabilities. Hugard's Magic Monthly.234
Magic Query Answer.234
Frank Davies Dies. Meiklejohn Dies. Stuart Ross Dies.234
Books - The Everlasting Gift.235

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1949
On This and That. By The Readers.248
The Ubiquitous Duck. By Okito.249
Fifty-Fifty. By Ed Marlo.250
"A Night Club Effect." By Carlos H. Colombi.251
Mental Music. By Zerr, The Mystic Mind.252
"As You Like It". By P. C. Sorcar.253
Half & Half. By Mandini.254
Prediction Supreme. By Edward H. Hopkinson.254
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: A Christmas Surprise. Thought Waves. Cards Read in Pocket.255
Patter By O'Henry. By Robert Lund.256
Magic Query.256
Seven Fabulous Fantasists. By Arthur Leroy.257
Poster: Willard The Wizard.259
1950 Magic Calendar.261
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.262
Letter: by Al Baker.262
Henri Maurier dies. Tom Bowyer dies.262
Magic Query Answer.263
Editor's Page.264
Squawks. By Frazee.265
25 Years Ago.265
Where They Are.265
Miracles for Sale: Cheefoo Cabinet. Aladdin's Lamp. Slydini's Rope Miracle. Devano's Haunted Match Box. Voodoo. Jumper Buttons.266

NO. 11: JANUARY 1950
The Cover.280
On This and That. By The Readers.280
King of Cards. By P. C. Sorcar.281
Silver and Copper. By Paul N. Rylander.282
The Ubiquitous Card. By Carlos H. Colombi.283
A "Wrinkle" on The Floating Ball. By Joe Scott.284
The Pipe Smoker's Favorite. By George DeMott.284
Your Card, Sir! By Howard Wurst and Bill Pawson.285
Colorful Tube Transposition. By Clettis V. Musson.286
Unexpected Magic.286
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: The Persistent Card. Prognostication.287
Somehting To Think About. By George F. Wright.288
Magic Query.288
Rejected Hands. By Robert Lund.289
To Succeed As A Magician. By Arthur Punnar.290
Evanion. By J. B. Findlay.291
Poster: Evanion.293
Magic in Print: How to Perform Mental Magic. The Card Magic of LePaul. Conjuring With Christopher. Emergency Full Evening Show. Sandsational.295
Miracles for Sale: "Ce-Gar". Ghostly Seconds. Bi-Co. 'Maze' Rope Routine. The President Calls. "Magnetic Aces".295
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.296
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.296
Magic Query Answer.296
Finnish Magic Circle's Fifth Annual Meeting.297
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.297
Editor's Page.298
Squawks. By Frazee.299
25 Years Ago.299
Where They Are.299

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1950
The Cover.308
On This and That. By The Readers.308
"Mind Mirable". By Eddie Joseph.309
The Time Is. By Herman Yerger.310
Silks Through Mirror. By the Great Minar.311
The Will-O-The-Wisp. By P. C. Sorcar.312
A Quick Production. By George DeMott.313
Cellotape. By C. Steffensen.314
The Magician's Formula. By Peter Layne.314
Fun With Cards. By Paul Stadelman: Four Ace Trick Without Aces. Burning a Lady Alive.315
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.316
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.316
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.316
Magic Query.316
Poster: Levante.317
Cartoon Magic. By Bill Plater.318
Great Gravityo. By George DeMott.320
You Should Know Frank Werner.321
Editor's Page.322
Squawks. By Frazee.323
25 Years Ago.323
Where They Are.323
Miracles for Sale: Incredible Prediction. Miracle Rope. Shake Up Card Trick.324
Magic in Print: Magic for Bartenders. The Visible Deck.324
Magic Query Answer.324
Al Caroselli Dies.324

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