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The Sphinx Volume 50 (Mar 1951 - Feb 1952)
by John Mulholland


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The Sphinx Volume 50 (Mar 1951 - Feb 1952) by John Mulholland
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NO. 1: MARCH 1951
The Magnetic Card. By Blackstone.9
Tarbell's Oranges. By Harlan Tarbell.10
Levante Levitation. By Les Levante.11
The Robert Harbin Flower Growth. Robert Harbin.12
The Bewitched Tubes. By Okito.13
Hindu Rope Mystery. By Birch.14
The Phantom Studio. By George LaFollette (Rush Ling Toy).16
The Dunninger Divination. By Joseph Dunninger.17
Diabolical Die. By P. C. Sorcar.18
Tah Suiee - The Fountain Pagoda. By Long Tack Sam.19
Bottoms Down. By Al Baker.20
The Invisible Flap. By Tan Hock Chuan.21
The Vanishing Leopard. By Virgil.22
A Card Problem. By Edward Victor.24
Seeing's Deceiving. By Chris Charlton.25
About Twentieth Century Magic. From Letters of Harry Kellar.26
Illusion-Land U.S.A. By Arthur Leroy.28
"...For the Angels". By Fu Manchu (David T. Bamberg).30
Poster: Kellar.35
Posters: Servais LeRoy. Chung Ling Soo. Dante. Nelson Downs. Herrmann the Great. Ching Ling Foo. Carter. Maskelyne and Cooke.36
Poster: Thurston.37
Poster: David Devant.38
Poster: Horace Goldin.39
Posters: Blackstone. Levante. Laurant. Germain. Ernest Thorn. Okito. Chris Charlton.40
Poster: Houdini.41
Posters: Nicola. Powell. Gwynne. Malini. Chang. Floyd. Fu-Manchu. Raymond. Birch.42
Specialized Sorcery. By Milbourne Christopher.43
"Good Box Office". By Walter B. Gibson.44
Twentieth Century Literature - A Digest. By J. B. Findlay.48
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.52
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.54
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.55
The Sphinx Awards 1951.56
Magical Societies and the Amateur. By Russ Walsh.57
Editor's Page.58
Squawks. By Frazee.59
Where They Are.59
Trade Winds. By Frances Ireland.60

NO. 2: APRIL 1951
Trade Winds. By Frances Ireland.80
The Cover.80
Sortilege. By Luigi Ruggeri.81
The Flying Fish. By Geo. Johnstone.82
Paddle Routine. By Eddie Dexter.83
Pieces of Eight. By Gene Bulson.84
A Balloon...and Three Mysteries. By Carlos H. Colombi.85
Beach Beauties. By Clettis V. Musson.86
Fun With Cards. By Richard Gray: Lie-Detecting Chicken. Hypnotism?87
Checking Up. By Harry Opel.88
Poster: Richard Davis.89
Jay Palmer - Ambassador with Portfolio. By Arthur Leroy.90
New York City Magic.92
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.93
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.93
On This and That. By The Readers.94
The Great Leon Dies. Emmett Barbee Dies. Rev. J. W. Haskell Dies. Rev. John C. Bieri Dies.95
Editor's Page.96
Squawks. By Frazee.97
25 Years Ago.97
Where They Are.97

NO. 3: MAY 1951
On This and That. By The Readers.104
Traveling Milk and Candle. By Edward Minar (Minar Junior).105
The "Girlie-Girlie" Trick. By George DeMott.106
The Dancing Cigar. By Professor Louis Hoffmann.107
Premonition Plus. By Howard Wurst and Bill Pawson.108
The Magic Match. By Carlos H. Colombi.109
Magic Query.109
Fun With Cards: Addition To Aces Up. "Tell Me When To Stop". Triple Threat.110
Henry Novra conjuring dealer. By J. B. Findlay.111
Psychology of the Whole. By Richard J. Weibel.112
Drawing depicting magician.113
Magic And Magicians. From Letters of Harry Kellar.114
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.116
European Notes. By Victor Farelli.116
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.117
Magic Query Answer.117
Cunning Dies.117
The Great Lyle.117
Editor's Page.118
Squawks. By Frazee.119
25 Years Ago.119
Where They Are.119
Trade Winds. By Frances Ireland.120

NO. 4: JUNE 1951
The Cover.128
Magic in Print: Hugard's Magic Monthly. Name-A-Date Calendar. Stars of Magic. Mathematical 3 Card Monte. Berland's Book of Routines. Avec Un Jeu Emprunte. Chandu's Psychoanalysis. Ventriloquism. Catalog.128
Prescience. By Hathaway.129
Extraordinary Ordinary Cards. By Verrall Wass: Aces High. Fifty-One To One. Two Fours Are Twenty-Eight.131
The Persian Cabinet. By Richard J. Weibel.132
Arteda Mirage Appearance. By A. W. Fey.133
"Has It Occurred To You?" By Carlos H. Colombi.133
Fun With Cards. By Paul N. Rylander.134
Monsieur Robin - Famous French Magician. By Victor Farelli.135
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.136
"Boniment" from Belgium. By Victor Farelli.136
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.136
Poster: EM. DeVerli137
2nd Joint I.B.M.-S.A.M. Convention. May 27-30, New York City.138
Editor's Page.142
Squawks. By Frazee.143
25 Years Ago.143
Where They Are.143
Trade Winds. By Frances Ireland.144
Obituaries: Larry Gray. J. C. Walter.145

The Stars of Magic.153
Ball, Cone and Handkerchief. By Dai Vernon.154
Convening Kings. By Francis Carlyle.155
The Squeeze-Away Coin. By Ross Bertram.157
And the Part of a Garment. By Emil Jarrow.158
Jacob's Ladder. By Dr. Jacob Daley.159
The Disconcerting Coins. By Cliff Green.160
The Revolving Pass. By Slydini.161
A Quarter and a Half. By Mohammed Bey (S. Leo Horowitz).162
Scarne's Power of Thought. By John Scarne.163
Close-Up Magic. By Bert Allerton.164
Minar's Doll. By Edward Minar.165
The Big Nickel. By John Giordmaine.166
The Palmetto Razor Blade Effect. By Palmetto.166
Colombi's Production Tube. By Carlos H. Colombi.167
Silk and Thimbles. By Stan Bertram.167
Life-Wisdom-Death. By Dr. Stanley Jaks.169
Fire-Act for a Cabaret. By Jack Nightingale.170
A Harlequin's Fantasy. By R. Marcus.171
Merlin of Legend. A tribute to Nate Leipzig by his pupil. By Fred Keating.172
Magician's Letterheads. By John Mulholland.176
Reproduction of Magician's Letterheads.177
Picture Story: Fred Keating's magic career.184
The Truth About Robert-Houdin and Houdini. By S. H. Sharpe. In the defense of "The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin".186
A Quarter of a Century Later. The Anniversary of Houdini's death.193
Perceptual Illusions. By Richard Weibel. The psychology of optical deception.194
About Magicians.196
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.197
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.197
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.198
Trade Winds. By Frances Ireland.199
On This and That. By The Readers.201
Editor's Page.202
Squawks. By Frazee.203
25-50 Years Ago.203
Magic in Print: Al Baker's Pet Secrets. 21 Tips For The TV Magician. Later Magic.204

NO. 6: DECEMBER 1951
The Second Handkerchief. By Harry Kellar.214
Smoker's Dream. By Howard Thurston.215
The Little Messenger. By Harry Houdini.216
The Witch-Doctor's Coin. By Horace Goldin.218
A Coin Effect. By T. Nelson Downs.220
The Magnetic Knife. By Nate Leipzig.221
Mementos of the Masters.223
Flying Saucers. By Luigi Ruggeri.224
En Las Sombras. By E. Leslie Briant.225
Magnetic Power. By Geo. Johnstone.226
"Banana Box" By Silent Mora.227
Poker Wizardry. By Harry Mendoza.227
The Phantom Tray. By Carlos H. Colombi.228
Holiday Magic. By George DeMott.229
From Keg to Kettle. By Jay Palmer. The history of the Drink Trick.231
Of Magic and Mirth. By George Jason. Thoughts on performing with a stress on comedy.237
Color Reproduction: Professor Wiljalba Frikell's Christmas Entertainment.238
Chris Charlton. By J. B. Findlay.240
Palace Prestidigitatorial Panorama. By Arthur Leroy. The account of those magicians who played the Palace Theatre.242
Palace Magic. Compiled by Fred Keating. A list, with dates, of the magic acts at the Palace Theatre.248
Notes About Magicians250
London Notes. By Wilfrid Jonson.251
South American Notes. By E. Leslie Briant.252
Magic Query.252
Paris Notes. By Victor Farelli.253
Magic in Print: One Liners. Scarne's Magic Tricks. Atomic Magic. Opus Thirteen. Mind Reader's Digest.254
Obituaries: John C. Green Dies 1866-1951. Ellis Stanyon Dies 1871-1951. Leon Maguire Dies 1899-1951. Al Baker.254
On This and That. By The Readers.256
Trade Winds.257
Editor's Page.258
Squawks. By Frazee.259
25-50 Years Ago.259
Magic Query Answer.260

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