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The Supplemental OORT
by Philemon Vanderbeck


(3 customer ratings) ★★★

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The Supplemental OORT by Philemon Vanderbeck

A continuation of the original volume, The Collected OORT, The Supplemental OORT continues its exploration of the subject of cold reading through 19 more essays by such authors as; Craig Browning, R. Lee Davis, Ian Fabian, Alain Gesbert, Brother Shadow, William Thomas, Philemon Vanderbeck, A. E. Waite, Larry White and Jon Why.

Contents include:

    • Victoria’s Secret
    • The French Method
    • The Path of Roodmas
    • Maternal Bibliomancy
    • Modern Arcana
    • Over The Rainbow
    • The Prolix Spirit Revisited
    • A Wicked Pack of Cards
    • Or Would You Rather Be A Pig?
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Oneiromancy
    • Lines of Thought
    • Reshuffling Your Future
    • The Real Work on the Twenty-One Card Trick
    • The Abukera
    • Life in the Tea House
    • Exposure to the Cold
    • The First Fortune-Teller
    • Palms Piloted
    • About the Contributors
    • Further Reading
    • Afterthoughts

1st edition 2004; 136 pages
word count: 60957 which is equivalent to 243 standard pages of text