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The Vampire Effect: how to cast no reflection
by Devin Knight

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(3 reviews, 9 customer ratings) ★★★

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The Vampire Effect: how to cast no reflection by Devin Knight

Vampires supposedly have no reflections in mirrors. This is folklore, but suppose you as a performer could really create this effect. What kind of reaction do you think your spectator's would have, if you had no reflection in a mirror? Would they be amazed or scared?

Devin Knight is finally revealing secret techniques that he developed. These secrets allow you to create the vampire effect, and in some cases do it almost impromptu.

Knight revealed these secrets to Al Mann in the mid-80s and at that time Mann wanted to release volume 2 of Invisible Men with these techniques revealed. Unfortunately, the book was never written. The secrets are finally being revealed to the magic community. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time these secrets have been in print in English. [Lubor Fiedler has published in one of his German books a method very similar to one of the techniques described by Devin Knight.]

The Scrying Mirror: A spectator selects a card and the performer says he will go look into a mirror and ascertain the card. He walks over to a mirror and stands in front of it, but HAS NO REFLECTION to the amazement of the spectator's watching!

Al Mann's Smudge Effect: While performing some close up magic for a group, someone notices that the performer has a smudge on his cheek. The performer excuses himself and walks to a mirror with a handkerchief to remove the smudge. Suddenly, he comments that it will be difficult to remove a smudge when he cannot see his reflection. The spectators look at the mirror and although the performer is standing right in front of it, there is NO REFLECTION of the performer. Yes it is a real mirror and can even be a mirror in somebody's home.

Both of these effects can be done with regular unprepared mirrors in either your home or a home that you are visiting. Devin's explains how to do this on the fly.

You will also learn how to stand in front of a mirror to comb your hair, but have no reflection as you complain about not being able to see yourself.

Another second method is revealed that allows you to have photos taken of you in front of a mirror with no reflection to use for publicity purposes. These photos are not altered with Photoshop. The photo shown in this ad is one such photo and you can create photos just like this once you know the secret.

You can make impossible videos without any special editing. Here is one video that you can make after reading this book. The performer has a cameraman videotaping him. He walks into a room with a large mirror. The cameraman along with the camera is seen in the mirror, but the performer's has no reflection. Baffling beyond words and this could be done as part of a TV show. All this information for one low price.

Using this method other people are seen in the mirror, but the performer has no reflection. Such videos will leave people wondering how such a thing is possible. Remember, you can do this without any special editing of the video.

1st edition 2013, 16 pages.
word count: 3885 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 19 September, 2022

Not bad for the price. If added to Secrets to becoming invisible, Paul Harris's tunnel vision, Steve Fearson's Goodbye Vanish, Andrew Maine's Bisection, and Morgan Strebler's Never There where you vanish from a cellphone picture, you can really edit it all together in a video and guarantee a reputation. The Hollywood method could be done using a fake cardboard wall with wallpaper and picture frame set up. This is somewhat recommended as it's not for everyone. Most rooms are small and furniture is in the way. Too much spectator control. Secret is very simple in the first 9 pages. Why he used the gimmick method for the book's cover. But 3 more pics inside look just as convincing.

Reviewed by David Burbury
★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 10 March, 2015

Totally agree with Christian Taylor, was totally disappointed when I read it, its very hyped up in the description and falls very flat when you read the "method". not recommended

Reviewed by Christian Taylor (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 09 August, 2014

Horribly exaggerated "effect." No content whatsoever, not what it seems. Don't buy it and save your money.