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The Volunteer Book
by Jim Kleefeld

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The Volunteer Book by Jim Kleefeld

Most magicians involve a part of their audience in some of their effects, be it the trivial act of picking a card, or a more involved on stage helper or assistant. We can call all of these people volunteers, because they volunteer to participate in one form or another. Jim Kleefeld has written the first detailed and thorough work on volunteers, how to pick them, treat them and plan accordingly. Since he is trained in theater and psychology, he is very qualified to understand the perspective of volunteers, how they feel, how they would like to be treated and how they might react.

You can find bits and pieces of this information scattered in the vast body of magic literature. It will take you a lifetime to find this information. This ebook makes it easy for you, because everything you need is here, described in detail and intelligently.

Jim covers all aspects from planning and preparing for volunteer participation, to selecting, using, dismissing and rewarding them. There is simply no other work which treats this subject as detailed and exhaustive as this ebook. Every magician should read this ebook, even if you just perform for friends and family.

1st edition 2004; 54 pages
word count: 24624 which is equivalent to 98 standard pages of text