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More Masterful Mysteries
by Mago Marko

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More Masterful Mysteries by Mago Marko

A new book full of practical and highly effective magical routines. I have been a professional magician for 55 years and I have performed all of the routines I describe in this eBook so you can be sure they are 100% practical.

Some of the routines include videos of myself performing before real live audiences so you can see the strong effect these have upon the spectators.

Here's a list of what you'll find in this fantastic ebook:

THE TRAVELLING KNOTS: A streamlined version of the "Sympathetic Knots" effect using six colorful silks. This is very fast, showy, and has a very strong effect. Includes video link so you can watch a performance and see the audience reaction.

THE SIAMESE TWINS: Do you know the trick of the sliced banana? Of course, you do! But I'm sure you have never seen it performed like it's explained in this book. This gets a very strong audience reaction as you'll see in the video.

TORN AND RESTORED PAPER-WITH THE FAKE EXPLANATION: One of my favorite routines. It's full of comedy and packs a magical wallop at the end. I explain my original handling of the classic Torn and Restored Paper and the fake explanation is perfectly solved. Includes a link to a YouTube video so you can watch a live performance.

THE BERGERON TABLE: I built this fantastic magic table and have used it for many, many years. It's an idea of the late Bev Bergeron and he gave me permission to publish it. I include drawings and photos of the table, which is very easy to make.

A PROFESSIONAL NUMBER PREDICTION: You apparently predict the total of a sum of numbers... but do you really? The prediction you show makes the audience laugh but then you turn it around and they see you really predicted the total. Includes two little-known ways to force a sum of numbers.

THE MYSTERIOUS ENVELOPES: Torn pieces of card are wrapped in a piece of paper. When a spectator opens the paper, it has changed into a sealed envelope. Inside this envelope is a smaller one and inside this second envelope is a third one. Inside this last envelope is the card, restored minus a corner. The corner the spectator kept when the card was torn fits perfectly.

HUMMERS'S BAFFLER: A small, table trick transformed into a stage feat. You correctly guess the sum of several numbers in a very wonderful way. I have added my finale to this routine in which you get a sum blindfolded. This is a very good and showy stage routine.

A COMEDY OF ERRORS: I first performed this routine on TV in Spain and it got me several engagements. You try to find a chosen card and create havoc with an orange, two custards, and a dozen eggs. Nothing seems to work right until at the end when a live duck magically appears.

MORE ON THE ROPE ESCAPE: The escape from 100 feet of rope is one of the best escapes for the modern magician. I have been performing this for many years and in this article I expand what I said in my book Showstuff. This is not a difficult escape at all but to the audience, it seems impossible. All you need to perform this are my instructions.

MORE ON THE NAILED CRATE ESCAPE: I described this escape in my book Showstuff but here I give you more information, plus photos of one of my own crates. Spectators build a crate out of six sides of wood, you go inside, they nail the top and you escape. Sensational!

THE CONFUSION: A very commercial trick using only a change bag, two silks, and two spectators on stage. If you hate the change bag, you just have to watch the video I include here and I'm sure you'll change your mind. This is a very successful routine.

DIMINUENDO: One of my most dear routines. In it, I combine the diminishing cards with a trick in which milk diminishes in quantity. In the explanation I give you my theory on combining tricks according to their "effect". This is a very useful system you can use to build new routines.

BONUS: I show you how you can make your own set of diminishing cards. This is a very complete, step-by-step explanation with many photos and drawings.

1st edition 2024, PDF 70 pages.
word count: 26693 which is equivalent to 106 standard pages of text