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Third Dimension Telepathy
by Paul Voodini


(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Third Dimension Telepathy by Paul Voodini

In 2011, Paul Voodini changed the face of the Q&A show with his groundbreaking Pure Q and A. Returning to the arena of the Q&A show, Paul now brings us 3rd Dimension Telepathy: Q&A for the Naked Generation!

Imagine an ungimmicked Q&A show with no one-aheads, no stooges, no pre-show, no peeks, and no electronics! Now imagine that same Q&A show, but utilising imagery from a classic two person telepathy show. The performer and a legitimate volunteer work together to answer questions posed by the audience, questions that are genuinely unseen and unknown to the performer.

Paul also covers the use of Tarot cards in a Q&A show, and bibliomancy – a form of divination whereby answers are provided by the interpretation of phrases found within normal books. You will also discover Paul's 'Little Book of Fate', a multi-faceted tool that every mentalist should have in his/her armoury.

3rd Dimensional Telepathy sees Paul once more pushing back the boundaries of mentalism.

1st edition 2016, 29 pages.
word count: 9289 which is equivalent to 37 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Mark L. (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 10 September, 2023

Not for beginners (3 stars if you are)! 4-5 stars if you are an experienced reader / performer.

You need to already have experience in giving readings and line ala fortune telling / horoscope writing / cold reading etc...

This book explains how to use a volunteer from the audience as a 'crutch', for lack of a better word. Not in a bad meaning, but in a good way; Like you got shot in the leg in the battlefield and your buddy is there to help you out of there and save you. However, in this case, the volunteer does so without being aware that their thoughts and actions are for your performance benefit.

Essentially the book is about performance advice, audience control, presentation.

You need to first build up some knowledge of mentalism magic techniques and fortune telling / readings and performance in order to effectively apply the stuff from this book.