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Pure Q and A
by Paul Voodini


(2 reviews, 14 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Pure Q and A by Paul Voodini

Imagine a full two hour Q & A show for the stage or parlour that involves no sleights, no gaffs, and no gimmicks. A two hour show that will be perceived by your audience as the real thing as opposed to a "magic trick"! This is Pure Q & A - questions are answered, futures are divined, telepathy is demonstrated, and the audience are enthralled.

This is a manuscript that has been born out of true life performance - all ideas and scripts included are lifted directly from Paul's stage and parlour show. This is real world mentalism at its very best. Although the Pure Q & A show is designed for stage or parlour, there are many elements and ideas that can be transferred to a more close-up environment.

Includes forewords by Luke Jermay and Neal Scryer.

"Paul Voodini is my kind of mind reader, and his books are the kind of books I love to read. 'Pure Q&A' is no exception. I love this book, I love the material in this book, and I love what I know this book will do for you. I feel Paul’s thinking in 'Pure Q&A' launches him into the 'greats' instantly." - Luke Jermay.

"I advise you to buy all of Paul Voodini's work on sight! Pure Q&A is Pure Gold! I cannot tell you how much I love this work!" - Neal Scryer.

1st edition 2011; 44 pages.
word count: 13473 which is equivalent to 53 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Gregg Webb (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 09 April, 2024

I found this to be the most audacious method and presentation for a Q&A act I've yet read. To pull this off, you'd have to be steeped in this kind of work so as to be able to come up with something to say. The thing is, you are doing just what you claim to be doing...saying what you think and not making any claims that you have to back up. Certain questions you refuse to answer and you tell why...medical issues or lotto numbers etc. The act is divided into 4 parts if I'm not mistaken. Certainly tough to learn, but if you already have the ability to do readings, this is really easier than all the gaffed methods for getting info. And, if you don't know an answer, you just say so, and since you are not claiming true powers, the audience is said to go along with you on this, and don't turn against you. I plan on rereading this and Paul's other books regularly because he has hit upon a very unusual style.

Reviewed by Mark L. (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 10 September, 2023

Not for beginners!

4-5 stars if you are already an experienced or working Q & A performer that can employ the stuff in this book.

You need to have intensive experience in the presentation of giving readings and answers, lines; just like what your standard fare of fortune tellers, horoscope writers, mediums, i.e. 'non magician' mentalists etc. are already doing. None of those 'fluff' that is used in standard 'mental magic', hence no feeling of 'magic trick' - It DOES NOT teach any 'mental magic' tricks i.e. peeks, switches etc. You'll have to learn the basics and build up some foundation of Q&A 'tricks' first, plus readings. Then you can build the stuff taught in this book around your own repertoire / methods.

The above paragraph is the main thing that should help you decide if you want to get this or not.

Basically, this book is good for mainly presentation for an effective Q & A presentation; techniques you can also use in other reading routines, e.g. tarot readings, astrology, etc, and controlling the performance and audience. Lots of advice regarding answering and performing. Exactly what the title says, it is just pure Q&A.