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This Is Magic: secrets of the conjurers craft

by Will Dexter
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This Is Magic: secrets of the conjurers craft by Will Dexter

This work is sort of a condensed history of magic. The story of some notable tricks. For example, what was the oldest conjuring trick in the world? What was the newest? Were the Piddingtons really telepathic? How does a magician saw a girl in half? Do conjurers use marked cards? How do they do the Indian Rope Trick?

  • A Word From The Publishers
  • Chapter One: The Secret From The Tomb
  • Chapter Two: The Cups And Balls
  • Chapter Three: Oracles And Robots
  • Chapter Four: It's All Done With Mirrors!
  • Chapter Five: The Lady Vanishes
  • Chapter Six: The Trick That Never Was
  • Chapter Seven: Up In The Middle Of The Air
  • Chapter Eight: Sawing A Woman In Half
  • Chapter Nine: The Legend Of Houdini
  • Chapter Ten: Marked Cards!
  • Chapter Eleven: The Four Aces Of Card Magic
  • Chapter Twelve: Think Of A Number
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Sealed Mystery
  • Chapter Fourteen: Is It Second Sight?

1st edition 1958, 204 pages; PDF 156 pages.
word count: 70792 which is equivalent to 283 standard pages of text

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