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Thomas Nelson Downs

Thomas Nelson Downs

(16th March 1867 - 12th September 1938)

Born in Garwin, Iowa. Raised in Montour and Marshalltown, Iowa. Pro manipulator and card and coin worker since 1883. World-famous 'King of Koins'. Retired comfortably in Marshalltown in 1912. SAM Hall of Fame.

Prolific innovator in coin magic. Invented "Back-and-Front Palm" (1884), "Click Pass" (by 1900), "Eureka Pass" (by 1900), "Downs Palm" (by 1902), "Edge Palm", "Coins to Glass" (by 1909), "Coin Star", "Downs Change" (1909), possibly "Estimation" (by 1909), "Dime and Penny Trick" (in 1917).

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Thomas Nelson Downs

Modern Coin Manipulation by Thomas Nelson DownsLearn coin magic from the best coin manipulator ever - the "King of Koins". T. Nelson Downs' original "Miser's Dream" is still unsurpassed. He invented many other new and innovative moves. The unique feature of this book is that it includes many photos of the hands of Downs detailing every important sequence in a move. He also offers helpful tips on presentation, patter, and other techniques. Another excellent book by T. Nelson Downs is The Art of Magic.

1st edition, 1900?, Hamley Brothers, London?; 1999 reprinted under the title "Classic Coin Tricks" by Dover Publishing, New York; 244 pages.

2005 / 9 / 7

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Thomas Nelson Downs

The Art of Magic by Thomas Nelson DownsThe collaboration of T. Nelson Downs and John Northern Hilliard produced this wonderful book. Downs was the first to introduce an act with small objects onto the vaudeville stage. He was most famous for his coin manipulation, and in particular for his version of the "Miser's Dream". The Art of Magic covers sleights with cards, coins, and balls, and teaches many tricks and routines with detailed explanations from the master.

The card section in this book was epoch making. It features the first appearance in print of the side steal. Based on the number of pages dealing with card magic this is more a card book than...

2005 / 9 / 7

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