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Top Secrets
by Terri Rogers


(7 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Top Secrets by Terri Rogers

This volume collects many of the famous tricks which were released individually, effects like StarGate and The Boromian Link. You will find true miracles in this ebook.

Herein are some of the most wonderful effects of magic and it is purely by chance that they are published in this book and not simply reserved to be released individually as highly expensive top-selling dealer effects. - Martin Breese

I am a fan of Terri Rogers. The quality of Terri's creative work is so terrific, it is virtually impossible to keep quite about it. - Max Maven

Flexi-Card is a stunning new idea in which a jumbo card can be divided into not four quarters but six quarters. Slowly as the card is unfolded and opened again rabbits and large holes appear in the corners. At the conclusion there are large holes through three of the corners. Probably one of the most original ideas in magic.

BuckledBunkum is another miracle: a continuous cloth belt is shown and on it is threaded a soft plastic belt buckle which is red on one side and black on the other. Using clever topological methods the magician shows how the buckle can be turned over on the belt but when the spectator has a go he will never be able to do it.

And so much more ... introduction by Max Maven.

1st edition 1998, original 128 pages, PDF 94 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Publisher's Note
  3. Introduction
  4. A Letter from Terri Rogers
  5. Top of the Bill
  6. The Boromian Link
  7. Buckled Bunkum
  8. Chess Mate
  9. Mind Game
  10. StarGate
  11. Twisted - The Afghan Border Race
  12. Word of Mind
  13. The FlexiCard
  14. Blink
  15. BlockBuster
  16. The Anatomy of a Magic Trick
  17. The Magic Oblong
  18. The Colour Changing Ring
  19. The Three Colour Changing Rings
  20. Addendum

word count: 22180 which is equivalent to 88 standard pages of text