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Topsy Turvy
by Lorin Wiener

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Topsy Turvy by Lorin Wiener

This is a very clever card trick for PalmOS devices (PDAs, cell phones), so good that it can be performed several times with little worry that the secret will be revealed.

Read minds and know the spectator chosen card without you seeing, touching, or hearing your Palm Pilot™! You can even do it over the phone!

The trick uses no sequences, no calculations, no audio cues, no timed events, no secret buttons or patterns, no beaming, no stooges, no guessing, and it is immediately repeatable. No Reset!

Let them try it over and over. The results are different every time! The spectator can examine everything without being able to figure it out.

Effect: Five cards are shown on the screen face-down. Magician turns his head away from the spectator and instructs him to freely select and memorize one of the cards. If the spectator doesn’t like the card chosen they can place it face-down and choose another. Magician then asks the spectator to turn the four remaining cards face-up as well. Magician instructs the spectator to read the cards and simply think of the card they selected getting a clear mental image of it. The magician turns around and asks the spectator to look him straight in the eye so he can read their mind, then slowly proceeds to announce their card.

Requires Palm OS 2.0 or greater.

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