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by Gerard Zitta

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Touchy by Gerard Zitta

This ebook is an exploration of a clever principle rarely used by mentalists or magicians, and probably known by just a few. It can use four to a dozen of flat objects (that can be borrowed): cards, jumbo cards, business cards, index cards, coasters, postcards, banknotes, photographs, billets, lottery tickets, coupons, poker chips, etc.

Effect (Example)

You can have your back turned:

You show a number of postcards, for instance, with different cities or countries. The spectator mixes them and puts the one she prefers, on the table. Then, she is instructed to put the other ones on top and below, face up and face down, and to cut or turn over cards. It is impossible for you, to know what is her post card, where it is, and if it is face up or face down.

The spectator hands you the post cards behind your back, (not mandatory), and focuses on her city or country. You put the cards back on the table. She names her postcard out loud. The postcards are fanned or spread, and her card is the only one that is reversed!

There is no gimmick, no stooge, etc. and it can be improvised by writing on business cards or coasters for instance.

1st edition 2018, 11 pages.
word count: 2153 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text