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Tricks of the Television Stars
by Harry Stanley


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Tricks of the Television Stars by Harry Stanley

This ebook, fully illustrated, gives the secrets of the television star's favourite tricks and novelties: magic, hypnotism, laugh stunts - that anyone can perform.

This is a fun ebook with lots of easy effects, some of which you will know others of which will be entirely new to you. The lineup of contributors is a long list of distinguished magicians including Martin Gardner, Lewis Ganson, Tom Sellers, Milbourne Christopher, Ken de Courcy, Harry Stanley, and many others.

There was a second volume in this series called More Tricks of the Television Stars.

1st edition 1958, 48 pages; PDF 75 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Contents
  3. Bits & Pieces
  4. Stuntrix
  5. New Leaf
  6. Comedy Levitation
  7. Coins through the Table
  8. The Animated Mouse
  9. Silk To Matchbox
  10. A Cigarette Sleight
  11. Three Novelty Rises
  12. Match Divination Supreme
  13. Suddenly a Cigarette
  14. Strike a Light
  15. Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
  16. Tuned Minds
  17. Penny-Tration
  18. Finding the X
  19. Coin Silk
  20. Dice Routine
  21. Alive or Dead
  22. A Pocket Calculator
  23. Match to Flower
  24. Missing Digit
  25. Holding the Babies
  26. No Cigarette Smoke
  27. True Scotch
  28. An Impromptu Cigarette Restoration
  29. Tips and Tricks
  30. Impromptu Card Effect
  31. Mass Hypnosis
  32. Match Your Wits
  33. Stuck
  34. Cigarette Crazy
  35. Paper Tearing
  36. Impromptu Levitation
  37. A Geometrical Vanish

word count: 21154 which is equivalent to 84 standard pages of text