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More Tricks of the Television Stars
by Harry Stanley


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More Tricks of the Television Stars by Harry Stanley

From the Foreword:

The present book describes the methods of many wonderful effects, explained in detail by famous exponents of magic, and has been compiled to enable keen students of the art to extend their repertoires and become more skilled in their demonstrations.

A previous book in this series found instant success and increased the knowledge of many potential artists, and this book is now offered in response to a consequent demand for more good tricks.

The student will, therefore, find between these covers new tricks suitable for his work and, with a little patience and practice, will result in accomplishments in baffling illusion and earn for the performer a speedy and lasting reputation.

The first volume of this series was Tricks of the Television Stars.

  • Foreword
  • Novelty Ring on Rope / Tom Sellers
  • The Three Card Trick / Ken Brooke
  • Magic Slot Machine / Hans Trixer
  • The Acrobatic Matchbox / Jon Tremaine
  • Silent Thought Reading / Tom Sellers
  • The Vanishing Card / Tom Sellers
  • Fun with Figures / Gerry Findler
  • Cups and Balls / Lewis Ganson
  • Ribunthread / Len Belcher
  • The Mystic Circle
  • The Knot on the Corner / Tom Sellers
  • The Jumping Ring
  • So you want to Cut a Rope! / Ravelle and Andree
  • Pseudo-Palmistry
  • Supertration!
  • The Vanishing Card Case and Cards / Ken Brooke
  • Curious Figures / Tom Sellers
  • The Vanishing Lady! / Harry G. Franke
  • A Torn and Restored Newspaper Notion / Tom Sellers
  • Simplified Interpretation of the Cards
  • Spooky Pencil!
  • A Card Rise / Cyro
  • How Many?
  • Ancient Prediction Modernised / Gerry Findler
  • An Unusual Prediction / Ali Bongo
  • Salt and Water / Tom Sellers
  • Color Divination / Tom Sellers
1st edition 1959, 48 pages; PDF 77 pages.
word count: 19448 which is equivalent to 77 standard pages of text