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Tricks that Mystify
by Will Goldston

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Tricks that Mystify by Will Goldston

Excerpt from the introduction:

In this book I deal with the latest and best small tricks. The majority of the professional conjurers to-day are presenting small tricks in their programmes. I have been asked by subscribers not to include illusions requiring stage traps, but to confine myself to secrets of tricks that can be done by the average performer, and the apparatus not to be costly.

I have taken care to meet with the wishes of all subscribers to this book. I have omitted complicated tricks and combinations likely to fog an audience. The magician to-day understands that he must be an entertainer to be successful. Such performers as Cardini, De Biere, Douglas Dexter and many others I could name have proved that audiences (with few exceptions) desire to be entertained and not puzzled.

This book was also published as 'book 2' in a four-part volume under the same title. The other three parts were:

Table of contents:

  • Introduction To "Sleights And Tricks"
  • The Ball And Rings
  • Three Pieces Of Soap
  • A Mysterious Coin
  • A New Spoof Pencil
  • An Illusion With One Hand
  • A Colour Change With A Thread
  • Burning A Lump Of Sugar
  • The Magic Tube
  • The Magic Key
  • A Mysterious Tie
  • Blowing Out A Match
  • Tricks With Two Billiard Balls
  • The Jumping Coin
  • The Production Of A Glass Of Wine
  • A New Thumb Tie
  • A New Cut And Restored Ribbon
  • Proudlock's Needles Threading Trick
  • Catching Lighted Cigarettes
  • The Knot That Ties Itself
  • The Knot That Unties Itself
  • Another Knot That Unties Itself
  • With A String Of Beads
  • Two Trick Envelopes
  • Two Versions Of The Sympathetic Silks
  • The Real Magical Wand
  • An Improved Drawer Box
  • The Travelling Candle
  • The Magic Tubes
  • A Real Magic Light
  • Vanishing A Glass Of Water
  • The Illuminated Die
  • Obedient Ink
  • Two Handkerchiefs And A Hat
  • A New Version Of The Twentieth Century Trick
  • From One Tumbler To Another
  • A Tube For Producing And Vanishing Handkerchiefs
  • Simple, But Very Good
  • The Latest Note And Lemon Trick
  • A Piece Of Cord And A Wand
1st edition 1934, 87 pages; PDF 67 pages.
word count: 13061 which is equivalent to 52 standard pages of text

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