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Triplets: all 10 issues
by Gregg Webb

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Triplets: all 10 issues by Gregg Webb
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Each issue of this series by Gregg Webb started out as three articles - hence the name. Usually, each issue was devoted to a topic such as cards, coins, or mental magic ideas. Usually, two articles were about specific tricks and the 3rd article was sometimes an article about theory or other more general topics.

There is even material about how to learn to be creative and not simply follow the crowd. The series contains some of Gregg's most original thinking in years. If you like "outside the box" thinking, try this. Some of the items are improvements and streamlined versions of Gregg's earlier thinking on certain routines. Some are mainly better attempts at explaining the new thinking and why the new ways are better...even if just to shorten things for a new audience with a shorter attention span.

Give it a try.