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Triplets 9
by Gregg Webb

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Triplets 9 by Gregg Webb
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This issue will begin with an essay called "What a Place for a Mission Statement!" by Gregg Webb. Indeed, 9 issues in and a Mission Statement? Anyway, it should make Gregg's position on magic even more clear for any newcomers.

The next section is about ideas for mentalists. Here is how to revamp your entire lifestyle to make it easier to convince others that you are a mentalist ... before you even begin. You don't even have to change your name (although in some cases it may help). Other ideas include having your business card re-printed differently. And, looking through your wardrobe. And, looking through your library to see if you have enough esoterica. And, even ideas as to how to structure your act.

Part 3 will be about using magic as a form of therapy. Good if you are getting older, good if you know someone who is, mentally, or physically, or both, and either was a magician or transitioning to being a mentalist, or just can use some of our exercises to regain motor skills.

Finally, for the bonus essay - since Gregg has had a fascination with Eugene Edwards and his book about the grand old days of poker, we have found out who he really is. We always thought that Eugene Edwards was a pseudonym and now we know who it really was. Edward Gallaway, who was a newspaper writer and also a typesetter in a printing company, and who wrote several books on several aspects of printing. Also, he would take time off from his two main jobs to go off gambling, which gave him the fodder for his stories about poker, and at other times he would take time off to go and perform magic in a circus. He learned magic from old German magic books, being multilingual. In fact, he wrote for both German and American-speaking newspapers. And when writing the books on the printing business, one can see his ability at math on display, and one is reminded of his having gone to a school where they specialized in speed drills for math, which would serve him well. All in all, Gallaway was a fascinating man.

Gregg has been meeting many magicians lately, and he has tried to keep up with that fact in his section on Magic News. Also, he has re-connected with several old friends as well. Read this section for his updates.

1st edition 2023, PDF 9 pages.
word count: 2557 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text