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Turn Left and Hoff
by Alan Rorrison

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Turn Left and Hoff by Alan Rorrison

This is Alan Rorrison's solution to the Hofzinser Ace Problem.

A spectator freely chooses any card and signs it. The card is put face down between the two Jokers and these three cards (Jokers and spectator selection) are tabled. Then the spectator or another spectator selects four random cards from the face down spread. Magically the four chosen cards are the four aces. The ace with the same color as the spectator's card vanishes and reappears between the Jokers. The signed spectator selection is now found among the three remaining aces.

Alan has engineered his method to not require any difficult moves. Many other solutions to this classic Hofzinser problem are quite difficult. Of course, there are a few moves you will need, but they are all easy to intermediate level.

1st edition 2009

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