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Twenty Magical Novelties
by Edward Bagshawe

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Twenty Magical Novelties by Edward Bagshawe

In this work, we find for the first time the popular Out-to-lunch principle (see for example Anagramation by Jim Krenz) being published.

From the introduction:

The better one becomes acquainted with magic, the more one realizes that the word "novelty" must be used with care. That is, if one wishes to be strictly veracious. Nevertheless, I believe the reader will find that the various offerings in this book possess some element of newness - either in the effects themselves or the methods outlined.

It will be noted that I have not included items that are only accessories or suggestions (with which another book could doubtless be filled), but instead, I have devoted the available space to the description of effects that are complete in detail. This, I think, is the most satisfactory course, since the book is intended for the reader who is already familiar with magical principles and devices.

  • Introduction
  • Silk Magic
    • The "Rapid Transit" Silks
    • Uniting The Colours
    • Silk Sympathy
  • Modern Card Miracles
    • The Mind-Reader
    • Sealed Mystery
    • A Giant Card Problem
    • Fixing The Date
    • The Message That Can't Be Read
  • Selected Magic
    • The Materialized Message
    • A Newspaper Miracle
    • A Quick Release
    • An Instantaneous Bouquet
    • Magic Letters
    • The Recurring Name
    • An Annihilated Clock
    • The Flight Of The Die
    • The Paper That Joins Up
  • Illusions
    • Through The Frame
    • A Visitor From Down Under
    • "Projecta" - A Shadow Illusion

1st edition 1936, 80 pages; PDF 49 pages.
word count: 15733 which is equivalent to 62 standard pages of text