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Twisting 2 by Peter Pellikaan

You show four nine of hearts face up. Count them again and one has turned face down showing a red back. Count them again and a grey-colored back is showing. Then a gold-colored back. When the fourth turns over, and reveals a green back, all cards are now face down showing four different backs. Then you turn them face up and they are now all queen of spades. You can go again through the same sequence as before, where one card at a time turns face down showing four different backs. The climax is that at the end all four faces have changed to aces.

It is hard to imagine more color changes mixed with the classic twisting effect.

You will need a 9H with an odd back, a QS with an ace on the back (double facer), the other three aces with different backs, and a 9H/QS double facer.

1st edition 2021, video 5 min 47 s.

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