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Two-Speed World
by Ian Baxter

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Two-Speed World by Ian Baxter

An approach to the Paul Curry classic "Out of this World".

Out Of This World, Paul Curry's timeless classic, gets a fresh look in this new manuscript from Australian card man Ian Baxter.

Years after its release, the trick retains its enduring popularity. No sleight of hand, an absence of moves demanding any form of dexterity, with attention to presentation steering the success of this baffling mystery every time. OOTW is a timeless gem. The August 1947 issue of Hugard's Magic Monthly, in a poll conducted at the time by Fred Braue, confirmed to the magic world then that this ingenious card mystery be given the mantle of the most popular card trick ever. No one has ever quibbled with this; the trick is still on everyone's 'best' list. Variations continue to emerge, reinforcing its enduring popularity.

Baxter's offering might surprise a few of the experts - with a few unconventional twists and turns. Read what reviewer David Jones has to say:

"There are many versions for Out Of This World to choose from, but none offer a really convincing way of handling the 'incorrect' pile, except Ian Baxter's! His solution to this problem is ingenious and is the one I shall be using from now on. Well worth your attention."

Completely impromptu, using any deck, no difficult moves or sleight of hand and within easy reach of any performer. What are you waiting for?

1st edition 2023, PDF 4 pages.
word count: 1406 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text