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UK Lecture Notes 2002
by Aldo Colombini

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UK Lecture Notes 2002 by Aldo Colombini

Excerpt from the introduction:

In this set of notes you will find several tricks and routines that have served me well during the last few years as a stand-up performer. In fact, almost all the tricks explained here can be done standing up as no table is required and are great for walk around or strolling magic. Done this way you simply use the hands of the spectators to help you.

I have written these tricks and routines with the assumption that you already know some basic magic such as a card control, an Elmsley Count and the like. My purpose here is not to teach you 'sleights' but rather 'routines' that you can use in your repertoire.

  • Introduction
  • Y2k Deck: You show a deck of totally blank cards. A spectator signs a card and you sign another. The two signatures change places and then they appear on the same card.
  • Printing Ahead: A card is selected and replaced. You show four blank cards and print a back on one and a face on another card (a duplicate of the selected card). Finally, the two cards melt together and you have the selected card.
  • Ring Up: A borrowed ring is knotted onto a rope. The ring vanishes leaving the knot on the rope. The ring can be shown to appear around the finger of the performer.
  • Pick Me, Pick Me Not': Two spectators each select a card from a packet of jumbo cards and they are the only two cards with the words PICK ME on the backs.
  • 4' Wave: A brainwave effect using four cards.
  • Repeat Cheat: A very strong three-card revelation.
  • Interchange: You show two red cards and the two black Queens. Magically (of course!), the cards change places in the spectator’s hands.
  • Missing Link: You show two lengths of rope, say one red and one white. The ends of the red rope are tied together to form a loop. The white rope is inserted through the red loop and its ends are also tied together. A spectator takes the ropes, shows them to be linked and then closes one hand around the linked section. After a pause he opens his hand to reveal that the two loops, though still knotted, are free of each other. The ropes are ordinary and are left with him for examination.
  • Boxing Jack: The JS changes places with two Jokers.
  • Jagged Edge: A selected card is lost in the deck. The performer places a card into the card box. A face down card appears in the middle of the face up deck. This is the card that was previously placed into the card case. Inside the card case, the spectator may remove the selected card.
  • Inside Moves: The four Aces vanish and change into four Kings. Then the four Aces reappear face up in the middle of the deck.
  • Double Fault: A spectator chooses any card, which is returned to the deck. You show, say, the 10C which is placed into the deck. This card finds... itself and changes into the selected one.

1st edition 2002, 20 pages; PDF 23 pages.
word count: 6210 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text