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Virtual Visitations
by Jon Racherbaumer

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Virtual Visitations by Jon Racherbaumer

Diving into double-back transits.

  • Jennings' Visitor: The spectator selects a card and the performer places it between two black Queens. The card becomes restless and upon command leaves the black Queens and is found face-up between two red Queens. Upon command, once again the card jumps from the red Queens back between the black Queens. The selected card may be initialed.
  • The Visitor Sans Deck / Dave Solomon: Four Kings and four Jacks are removed from the deck. The Kings and Jacks are separated into two fours of a kind and are placed as two packets on the table. A spot card is selected from the deck and signed on its face. The selection is placed face up. in the center of the King packet. The four Jacks are shown face up. The magician makes a gesture over the King packet. The Jacks are shown again but this time the selection travels from the King packet and appears face-up in the center of the Jack packet. The Jack packet with the selection face-up in the center is tabled. Another gesture, this time over the Jacks, which sends the selected card back to the center of the King packet. Everything is clean and only nine cards are used.
  • Night Visitor / Howie Schwarzman: This is based on Larry Jennings' "Visitor" routine. Simple moves are used throughout to bring about the desired end.
  • Daylight Visitor / Steve Reynolds
  • Selling A Sandwich / Edward Marlo: A red Ace is placed face-down between two face-up red Kings. A black Ace is also placed between black Kings in the same manner. The Red-sandwich is cut into the deck and the Black-sandwich remains tabled. After a magic pass, the red and black Aces transpose.
  • Second Sell: This uses Roy Walton's subtlety as popularly applied to Larry Jenning's "Visitor" routine.
  • Black Sandwich - Red Sandwich: The seedling of the Visitor plot is one where a selected card magically travels from between a pair of sandwiching black cards, such as the Jacks, in one half of a deck, to appear between the red counterparts in the other half of the same deck. This plot was devised by L. Vosburgh Lyons and appeared in The Jinx.
  • Lyon's Original Version: A freely selected card, placed between two reversed cards in the center of one-half of the pack, is later found between two reversed cards of opposite color in the other half. It is an impromptu effect and excellent for the card table interlude.
  • Kort's Version: Milton Kort dramatically simplified the handling.

1st edition 2023, PDF 33 pages.
word count: 7243 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text