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by Devin Knight

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Unshop by Devin Knight

A new comedy mental effect based on a new term UNSHOP, which means to return something at the checkout-counter because you bought too much and cannot afford it.

The performer invites a male participant to take an imaginary shopping trip. He is told to imagine he has gone to a store and is going to buy a new outfit. His new outfit will consist of a sports coat, shirt, necktie, pants, socks, shoes, and even a pair of boxer shorts. He is told that when he gets to the checkout-counter, he discovers he does not have enough money with him and has to return something to the shelf. The participant then decides on an article of clothing to UNSHOP and is given the chance to change his mind. He does not tell the performer yet, the article he returned. The performer shows a large envelope and says inside is a prediction showing the returned article of clothing. The performer pulls out a large barcode and says this is the barcode for the article (an old gag, but with a new kicker ending). The envelope is shown to be otherwise empty. Performer then asks the participant which article of clothing he returned.

Assume the participant said, "Pants."

Performer exclaims he was correct, insisting that this is the barcode for a pair of pants. Finally, as a means of self-defense, the performer says on the other side is a picture of the store's model wearing the participant's new outfit; minus the item he UNSHOPPED.

Upon turning the barcode around, the performer shows a comical photo of a man wearing a sports coat, shirt, necktie, socks, shoes and boxer shorts...however, he is missing the pants. The performer says, "You should have kept the pants!"

A very commercial effect that breathes new life into the old barcode gag. The PDF has the needed pictures for you to print out on your computer. Complete with the detailed instructions you have come to expect from Devin Knight. This sells for $39.00 with the actual props. You can make it your self with this kit and save. A bargain at this low price.


"I love UNSHOP. You have taken the barcode gag into the 21st Century! It goes right into my show!" - Tom Craven

" is a humorous and relatable concept for most people. Devin gives you the secret and special pictures that are needed and the instructions are excellent." - Christian, MyLovelyAssistant

1st edition 2012, 8 pages.

word count: 2816 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text

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