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Vanishing at the Royal Court
by Biagio Fasano

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Vanishing at the Royal Court by Biagio Fasano

An incredible impromptu effect that uses all court cards in the deck to tell a story dense with mysteries.

This is a packet trick that tells the magical solution to a mystery. An impromptu card effect that, borrowing all the pictures from the deck, uses those to tell the story of a mysterious disappearance at a prestigious dance party reserved for these four aristocratic families.

The illusionist, after shuffling the twelve cards, gives them to cut and complete to a spectator who then, by rolling two dice (even if only imaginary ones) decides the precise moment when the mysterious vanishing of one of the defendants will occur, arranged face down on one side. Having dealt face down the remaining cards, arranging them in a 3 x 3 square, the magician turns face up the last two cards declaring these two cards unrelated to the incident because they were not present in the ballroom at the time of the mysterious disappearance. However, precisely based on the identity of these, he will succeed in exculpating, precisely naming one by one the remaining cards even before he turns them over, until only two cards turned over differently from all the others are found in the group. They will be of the same suit and represent the offenders because the card set aside at the beginning will belong to the same aristocratic family and will be revealed as the missing figure of that same suit.

1st edition 2024, PDF 11 pages.
word count: 3590 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text

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