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Visible Merger
by Wesley James

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Visible Merger by Wesley James

Wesley James has long been associated with innovative ideas in card magic. His contributions are too numerous to list. They include the Physical Merger plot, best known as "Forgery," and "Anniversary Waltz." Wesley has been holding out on the magic community since the early 1970s. There has been a more advanced, more visually impressive version of the Merger plot, the Visible Merger plot.

In this monograph, for the first time, Wesley is releasing his developments on the Visible Merger plot. You probably won't perform these versions every time you perform his Physical Merger plot - Visible Merger requires special cards - but, once you've performed it at that special performance, you'll want to perform it all the time. If you carry the necessary "special card," you can.

Imagine, if you will, holding two cards at your fingertips and tossing them in the air. When you catch the cards, they have merged into one card, which can be given to your spectator as a souvenir. They are merged, not fused. Alternatively, you can hold the two cards at your fingertips and allow them to slowly, visibly align into one card that can be given away.

While Wesley developed these methods in the early to mid-70s, this is powerful visual magic, fully in keeping with the modern style of performance. Given the effort required to construct the "special cards," and the practice it will require to perform with them smoothly, these could become your favorite effects for that special performance. You'll almost certainly perform the "Physical Merger" plot as often as possible.

Below find the list of the contents, which will give you a small idea of all that has been included in these pages, but you'll learn much more than listing the contents can convey. The two listed BONUS items can't be appreciated until you read them and perform them.

You'll learn about multiple versions of the "special cards." You'll learn multiple handlings and multiple versions of the plot. All that plus fully detailed descriptions of the sleights, choreography, and patter, all packed into 35 fully illustrated pages. The price is a steal at just $30.

    • 19 Basic Effects
    • Method I
    • Method 2
    • Method 3 (Preferred Method)
      • Wallet Load
      • Further Approaches
        • Goldstein & Tong Tip
        • Derek Dingle Approach
        • Frank Garcia Touch
      • Progeny
    • Clean-Up Procedure
    • Patter Coordination
    • The Peel
    • Visible Merger I
    • Visible Merger II
    • Visible Merger III - Simplex Merger
      • Handling One
      • Handling Two
      • Refined Handling Two
      • Handling Three
  • BONUS ONE - Merger Mash
    • Creating the Set-Up
    • Loading the Set-Up
      • Splay Grip
    • Merge Mash
      • J-Lap
      • Pseudo- J-Lap
      • Conservative Alternative
  • BONUS TWO - Notes on the Under the Spread Force
    • History
    • The "Traditional" Technique
    • The Basic WJ Technique
      • Remove Unseen
      • Remove Seen
1st edition 2020, PDF 35 pages.
word count: 17215 which is equivalent to 68 standard pages of text