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by Daniel Macaluso

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Visions by Daniel Macaluso

This ebook contains hard hitting mentalism for the stage and parlor. A dozen fully routined and thought out effects that have been tested and perfected in real world performances. All the psychology and nuances have been included to provide full impact.

Part 1: “Visions”

  • The Art Show: 5 Masterpieces line the stage. One is selected by participant. The performer’s prediction is shown to match! A colorful and classy addition to any show!
  • Square Gift: Freely chosen spectator comes to stage thinking of a 2 digit number. Their square gift is presented. They then announce their number. The magic square of numbers reveals a match!
  • Let’s get Popping: An amazing prediction effect that involves the whole audience and everyone’s favorite item….Bubble Wrap!
  • Pateo Dancing: A crowd pleasing and hilarious take on an old favorite!
  • H-2-Oh wow!: A PK effect with an old classic in your drawer.
  • Message from Beyond: A spine tingling revelation of a dead relatives name using the Ouija board .
  • Fateful Endings: A matching effect that can fit any theme. Great for holidays or corporate work.
Part 2: “Pre-ferred Visions”
  • Musical Mindreading: Using music in a fresh way to reveal thought of songs. With a kicker ending!
  • Captured Thought: A balloon is used as a crystal ball. A participant’s thought card is in balloon when popped!
  • Sign of the Mind: An amazing Zodiac prediction!
Part 3: “Varied Visions”
  • Tossed out invisible Ending: A powerful ending to a classic effect!
  • Add-a-Number Plus: The last version you will ever need. This should be in every mentalist’s tool box.

1st edition 2011; 41 pages.
word count: 9030 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text

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