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Vivid by Cameron Francis

"Brilliant T&R! One of the best I've seen!" - Tony Chris

"Vivid is the strangest T&R card routine I've ever seen!" - Stephen Tucker

Introducing a wild test of a spectator's imagination...

A card is selected - say, the King of Hearts - and placed inside the card box. A second card - say, the Five of Spades - is then selected and lost in the deck (really, it's completely lost!). You ask your spectator to imagine that she's tearing off a corner of the King of Hearts. You then ask her to imagine taping that corner to the back of the Five of Spades. The magician removes the King from the box...only now, it's missing a corner! The deck is spread...and spectators can clearly see a corner of a card taped to the back of another card. You wait a beat, and then slowly turn that card over. It's the Five of Spades!

But as this was "all an illusion" - something the spectator merely imagined happening - you give the cards a shake. Bam! The King of Hearts visually restores itself, and the Five of Spades now has nothing at all taped on its back. You then hand out both cards, which spectators can IMMEDIATELY examine to their hearts' content!

Vivid originally appeared on Cameron's DVD The Omega Mutation (which is now out of print). This new version is far cleaner and less fidgety, and resets MUCH more quickly. Super easy to make gimmick.

1st edition 2014, length 13 min.

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