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Wall-E System
by Arthur Ray

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Wall-E System by Arthur Ray

Please Note: This effect can only be done on an Android phone. It does not require an internet connection.

Wall-E System is the 21st century multiple-out system. It is the most portable multiple-out system because it lives on your Android phone. And the best part is that the prediction is always on the wallpaper and the audience holds the phone throughout the performance.

You will be getting everything that is needed to perform the effects. Get it and perform them right away.

You get the following effects with it:

  • OUIJA: You give the audience 5 names. They guess who is dead among them. Later they find out that the ouija wallpaper is actually dedicated to them.
  • FREE WILL: I consider this to be the digital holy grail of the free will concept. There is absolutely no equivoque. The prediction is always in front of them.
  • MOVIES ON THE WALL: You give the audience a list of 12 movies. They think of one. And it is predicted on your wallpaper.
  • THE RISING GIFT: You give the audience four objects (a coin, a watch, a wallet and your phone). They arrange it in any order. Their re-arranged order is predicted on your phone wallpaper which was lying in front of them for the whole time.

1st edition 2020, PDF 17 pages, video 7:28.

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