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Fourty-Four Foolers
by Clettis Musson


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Fourty-Four Foolers by Clettis Musson

From the hidden recesses of Musson's mind comes Forty-Four Foolers - a veritable gold mine of magic ideas and tricks that you can do. It covers such a large variety of effects that, regardless of whether you're a mentalist, magician, ghost show artist, manipulator, night club performer, parlor entertainer, or stage illusionist, you can find something of value in this ebook.

Inside you'll find new tricks with liquids, cards, balls, kittens, silks, cigars, cigarettes, alarm clocks, watches, thimbles, tumblers, needles, coins, and stage illusions. Read over the brief descriptions of a few of the amazing effects contained in this long-lost book.

Effect No. 1: An empty glass, under cover of a borrowed handkerchief, becomes half-filled with pennies. The coins then change into a molten, copper-colored liquid.

Effect No. 2: A needle is placed into a borrowed drinking glass by a spectator. The glass is covered with a handkerchief, later removed, and the needle has vanished. Remember, the needle is placed in the glass by a spectator and that the glass is not tipped in any way but left sitting upright on the table at all times.

Effect No. 3: An alarm clock vanishes under cover of a handkerchief. The clack may be borrowed - no mechanical devices are used. The trick is performed away from the tables. This effective trick has been used by the author for many years.

Effect No. 4: A giant ace of diamonds, six feet by four, is shown on all sides, a pistol fired, the card removed, and there stands a beautiful girl. No mirrors, no trap doors or slit curtains are used - only one card and it is shown in the center of the stage far away from the wings. The card can be easily and cheaply made.

Effect No. 5: A prediction sealed in an envelope is given to someone to hold. Five spectators are requested to call a number with five digits. These are written in full view of the audience on a slate. Another spectator totals all numbers. The sealed prediction is found to be the same as the total on the slate. a borrowed slate and chalk may be used. All you need is any slate and a piece of chalk and this routine. It's one your audience will remember.

All these and thirty-nine other astounding effects are in this collection. You can fool your friends, you can gain valuable publicity, you can add variety to your act - all by getting this ebook of baffling mysteries.

Partial contents:

  • Introduction by B. W McCarron
  • SECTION ONE: Club Foolers
    • The Appearing Pip
    • The Arrow Without A Bow
    • Balls of Mystery
    • Bricko
    • Cigarettes from the Air
    • The Diabolical Card Location
    • The Elongated Cigar
    • Ghostly Writing
    • Marksmanship Supreme
    • Miracle Prediction
    • The Mirror Tumbler (Five Tricks Described)
    • Multiplying Coin
    • A Novel Thimble Vanish
    • Original Spirit Raps
    • Out of the Nowhere
    • Patriotic Tissues
    • A Pip of a Card Trick
    • Rings and Ribbon Trick
    • Spirit Photography
    • Supreme Color Change
    • Transposition Extraordinary
    • Transpo Jr.
    • The Travelling Watch
    • Lighted Cigarette Vanish
    • The Mysterious Paper Stripes
    • The Mysterious Sponge Balls
    • The Work of the Spirits
  • SECTION TWO: Pocket Foolers
    • The Ace of Thumb Tip Tricks
    • The Appearing, Multiplying & Melting Coins
    • The Baffler
    • Card Reading Extraordinary
    • Cigarette-Cigar Penetration
    • Color Tag
    • Flash Coin Production
    • Genuine Mental Telepathy
    • The Glass and Needle Trick
    • The Growth of a Paper Tree
    • Impromptu Coin Catcher
    • Restoration of Life
    • Thimbo-Psycho
    • Mystic Monte Bars
    • The Mysterious Cubes
  • SECTION THREE: Stage Foolers
    • The Ace of Illusions
    • An Amazing Production
    • Die to Clock Illusion
    • Vanishing Alarm Clock
    • Vanishing Ducks
"A variety of magic. Plenty usable." - Lloyd E. Jones

"This is a big collection to choose from - every item a practical effect the average magician can present quickly." - John Braun

"Has quantity as well as variety." - Tom Bowyer

1st edition 1944, PDF 101 pages.
word count: 26187 which is equivalent to 104 standard pages of text