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Wayne Dobson Talks to Jay Fortune: The Magic Interview Series No.1
by Wayne Dobson & Jay Fortune

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Wayne Dobson Talks to Jay Fortune: The Magic Interview Series No.1 by Wayne Dobson & Jay Fortune

Way back in 2005, I began broadcasting a world-first: an hour dedicated to magic, live from London. At the time, I was presenting my breakfast show on commercial radio. Every Monday evening at 7pm GMT, the airwaves went live with Radio Magic. Each episode featured a ten-minute interview with a famous star of magic (see The Magic Interview Series ebook). As a spin-off from that year-long project, I recorded a few long-form interviews with magicians and these recordings became available as CDs: thus, the Magic Interview Series was born. Looking back, I was podcasting before podcasts! Now, for the first time ever, these recordings are being made available as a download exclusively with

Imagine having one of the world's top magicians in your home, discussing their magical life, their favourite trick, and perhaps the tricks that have made them successful. You hear about how they became bitten by the magic bug. How they made their dream of becoming a professional magician a reality.

And then they tell you how you can do it.

The Magic Interview Series No.1 - Wayne Dobson talks to Jay Fortune

Part biographical, full of advice and always highly entertaining, this is your chance to hear Wayne's story from childhood through to the world-famous magician he became. Honest, thought-provoking and highly charged, Wayne discusses his transition for a normal job in a sock factory to turning professional. We learn how he got the work, his big break, and the money, fame and tours that followed. Wayne takes us behind the scenes of his prime-time hit TV magic show 'A Kind of Magic'. Wayne talks with brutal honesty of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when he was at the peak of his incredible career and how he copes living with his disability. We hear of his magic dealership, lectures and the illusions he has created. Wayne offers priceless advice on developing your personality and making your magic memorable.

With a running time of over 80 minutes, this is vital listening for the serious magician. A roller-coaster of emotions, you will laugh out loud at the outtakes which conclude the first release in the Magic Interview Series.

Download 1 features Wayne's autobiography, including:

  • How Wayne got into magic
  • How he turned professional
  • His act, honing the performance, the inspiration for the vent routine and egg bag presentations
  • His first shows, seeking an agent and eventually management
  • His big break, Royal Variety Shows and prime-time TV series 'A Kind of Magic'.
  • Wayne reveals how you can get a lucky break, how you can judge success, how you can get in front of the right people in TV, polishing your act, knowing when you're ready to turn pro, working abroad, getting an audience to like you, designing and working illusions and lots more.
  • Find out how you can be in the right place at the right time

Audiofile 1 continues with a behind-the-scenes look at 'A Kind of Magic':

  • The background, planning and concept for Wayne's hit TV series
  • The illusions, features, format, tricks, warm-up acts and assistants
  • Find out what happened to Ringo Rabbit
  • Wayne offers advice on remembering gags, working your act on TV and live shows

Audiofile 2 begins with an honest account of Wayne's disability and how he has adapted his career to cope and continue with his magic. Wayne goes on to discuss:

  • His close-up television show which some have hailed as his greatest TV show ever
  • Forming his online magic company DTRIK and his unique commercial creations
  • How you can create a commercial trick and offers priceless information on seeking originality in your magic
  • How you can develop your performing personality
  • How to learn magic
  • The best form of rehearsal and practice
  • Scripting your magic
  • The future of magic

The final collection of outtakes from this recording brings Wayne Dobson's talk with Jay Fortune to a satisfying and humorous close. You'll want to listen to this unique recording over and over again, as Wayne imparts with priceless advice in almost every line. This is your chance to learn from one of the world's greatest magicians and without doubt one of the UK's biggest magic stars.

Warning: Parental Advisory - contains strong language.

Audio runtime ~80min