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by Sean Waters


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Wonders by Sean Waters

"The Panacea Process is a brilliant concept" - Thomas Heine of Paralabs

"It is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, DECEPTIVE, PERFECT! The best investment I have made." - Jose Prager, creator and author (comment regarding The Panacea Process)

"There are a very few people out there who I've come to trust to deliver 'the good stuff' and by that I mean, 'stuff I can use'. If you're familiar with Sean's ebooks you already know he's a thoughtful, knowledgeable guy, who not only shares great ideas but understands (and credits) where these ideas come from. I can say without hesitation that the Panacea Process was totally worth it." - Dave Moses

"I am insanely envious when I read one of Sean's works....he is a mentalism secret." - Kannon

"Another mind crafted jewel from Sean Waters." - Paolo Cavalli

"Sean's best work yet." - Mark Piazza

"This book is a treasure hidden in a field." - John Wells

Wonders explains how to determine written information, which is covered and placed safely at the center of a table. The work also reveals arcane knowledge allowing a participant to "just know" what is contained on an isolated drawing, selected randomly from artwork generated by the audience. Secrets described enable anyone, with the guidance from the wonder worker, to bend a solid metal object (a coin) without force, using only his or her mind. There are several (novel) mindreading effects with currency. Another demonstration features an impromptu and surefire way of demonstrating that you know how many matches are secretly placed inside a matchbox, without math or sneaky peeks. Regardless of the fact that a participant points to random people in a crowd, you prove you can reveal those thoughts, with no previous discussion or prompting. In addition, a method of determining the identity of a person, depicted in an untouched and unseen photograph (which is contained in a sealed envelope) is described. These are among the wonders, great and small, explained in Sean's latest release.

Wonders features video instruction to help with the acquisition of the techniques described.


  • Perfectly Matched – A decade long search ended
  • Panacea Process – Information system with endless application
  • Forever Jung – A parlor macro effect
  • Show and Tell – An essay on analysis
  • Identity Crisis – A powerful personal revelation
  • Embedded – A wondrous(ly simple) coin bend
  • Matchstick Men – A metaphorical extension of Perfectly Matched
  • H.G. Wells – A thought experiment with currency
  • Collections – A practical serial number demonstration
  • Freudian Slip – A nuance for plausible revelations
  • Mirrored – A three card prediction
  • Triple Digits – Finger, Finger Expanded
  • Vain Imaginings – Visualization with meaning
  • Wonders Abound – An essay
  • Logos – A paradigm shifting word revelation

1st edition 2011, 130 pages.
word count: 28551 which is equivalent to 114 standard pages of text