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You, Too, Can Read Minds
by George B. Anderson


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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You, Too, Can Read Minds by George B. Anderson

The sequel to It Must Be Mindreading, this ebook reads like a novel - fast-paced, exciting, and with powerful effects.

Excerpt from the introduction:

And I suddenly realized that here was another book - a book with a different and daring concept of mental magic - workable mental magic.

Again, as in my first book, these are all one-man effects - but the emphasis is on audience participation. The general premise is, "You, too, can read minds," and you prove the statement. In each case, the volunteer from the audience will know how you conveyed information to him, but he shouldn't have any idea how you got the information. To the audience in general, the effect is new and really startling.

  • Birth Of A Book
  • The Basic Premise
  • Here's Your Number
  • Impossible Mindreading
  • The Blackboard Gimmick
  • The Bystander Book Test
  • Tuning In On A Mindreader
  • A Guide For Word Divinations
  • Let The Volunteer Do It
  • Pseudo Psychometry Improved
  • Improved Pseudo Psychometry Improved
  • Find The Killer
  • Duplicating A Drawing
  • World's Easiest Message Reading
  • Ultimate Dollar Bill Divination
  • Hi, There, Theo!
  • Theo Plus Bert
  • Muscle Reading
  • A Flash Prediction
  • Your Props
  • The Anderson Blindfold Routine
  • Want More Tricks?
  • CBS Photo By Ted Holmes
  • About The Author

1st edition 1968, 63 pages; PDF 47 pages.
word count: 19668 which is equivalent to 78 standard pages of text