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George B. Anderson

George B. Anderson

(USA: c1909 - 13th January 1985) Learned first trick at age 6. Newspaper and radio mystery writer in Chicago; owner of ad agency and semi-pro mentalist-magician. Then pro mentalist. Then back to TV as creator-producer of the successful Chicago "Magic" TV show starring Don Alan since 1952.

Wrote How to Be a Junior Magician, It Must Be Mindreading (1949, 57pp), You, Too, Can Read Minds (1968, 63pp), Magic Digest: Fun Magic For Everyone (1972, 288pp), Dynamite Mentalism (1979, 28pp), Overcoming Magical Hazards (1980), George Anderson's Lecture Notebook (1980, 35pp), etc.

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George B. Anderson
Dynamite Mentalism by George B. Anderson

This is a 15-minute one-man routine with no props or gimmicks, an act that can baffle and stun your audiences because they can't have the faintest idea of how it's done. No questions are written down, nothing is said by the spectator, and yet you answer the question or problem of which he's thinking. You do it without any obvious "fishing" of any kind. And you do this not with just one person but with as many as ten, as time allows, regardless of the makeup of any particular audience.

George Anderson developed a unique "no questions written" approach to the Q&A act which he developed to...

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George B. Anderson
You, Too, Can Read Minds by George B. Anderson

The sequel to It Must Be Mindreading, this ebook reads like a novel - fast-paced, exciting, and with powerful effects.

Excerpt from the introduction:

And I suddenly realized that here was another book - a book with a different and daring concept of mental magic - workable mental magic.

Again, as in my first book, these are all one-man effects - but the emphasis is on audience participation. The general premise is, "You, too, can read minds," and you prove the statement. In each case, the volunteer from the audience will know how you conveyed information to him, but he shouldn't have any idea how you got...

★★★★ $9.95
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George B. Anderson
Magic Digest (used) by George B. Anderson

Softcover book with some damage to spine and cover. For details on the contents see the digital edition.

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George B. Anderson
It Must Be Mindreading by George B. Anderson

This is one of George Anderson's most outstanding publication. All one-man effects. No confederates or assistants. No cumbersome or heavy gimmicks. Balance between close-up and platform material. Only two card effects, both for close-up. Tested material routined by a showman. Everything practical for today's working conditions.

  • The First Prediction: A practical discussion of the mental act.
  • No Questions Written: A new concept of question answering that qualifies as sensational.
  • "Easy Money" Mindreading: With a 2 cent gimmick that's worth $10.00.
  • Playing Card Mindreading: A specialized...
★★★★ $9.95
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George B. Anderson
My Favorite Easy Mental Card Magic by George B. Anderson
  • Subliminal Parapsychology
  • Mental Elimination
  • The Great Lottery
  • Mental Count Formula
  • A Quickie
  • Fortune Telling By Cards
  • A Human Lie Detector
  • Hi, There, Princess!
  • No Carbon Impression
  • The Unaware Confederates
  • Reading Cards Behind Your Back
  • Think Of A Card
  • A Playing Card Book Test
  • Enough Of A Good Thing

1st edition 1980, 24 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 20 pages.

★★★★★ $8.95
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George B. Anderson
Magic Digest by George B. Anderson

The original ad read:

Secrets for the tricks in this book, if purchased separately from magic supply houses, would cost well over $1000. Here, in non-technical language, are hundreds of tricks that require no special apparatus; tricks that can be performed with simple, common objects to be found anywhere. Tricks with coins, rope, handkerchiefs, cigarettes, rubber bands, pencils, playing cards - objects completely free of trickery. Includes complete routines for a close-up act, a mental act, a children's show, and a catalog of magic and merchandise.

  • Hundreds of self-working tricks that...
★★★★★ $15
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George B. Anderson
The Magic Pendulum by George B. Anderson

From the introduction:

Anyone who's ever seen the late, great Al Koran's use of the sex detector or swinging pendulum which is nothing more than a weight on a piece of string, knows how fascinating and impressive it is. Here is a complete routine of tricks with the sex detector, that can run a full 15 minutes. An array of eight varied tricks, all apparently accomplished by use of the Pendulum with a most impressive finale. While the sex detector seems to accomplish each miracle, it can be thoroughly examined because there's absolutely no gimmick to be discovered. There's a pseudo-scientific approach...

★★★★ $6.95
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George B. Anderson
My Favorite Sucker Card Tricks by George B. Anderson

These are great routines if you need to silence a heckler. Lots of impact, good effects, experienced handling of cards and spectators. George knows how to lead you to the good ones, and they will sparkle up your routines. They are "different" and you do need variety in your card programs.

  • The Next Card
  • High Pair
  • The Bottom Switch
  • Sharp Perception
  • The Three Card Monte Swindle
  • The Blackjack Or Twenty-One Swindle
  • The Ace Of Hearts Swindle
  • The Seven And Eight Con
  • The Joker
  • A Crooked Poker Deal
  • The Spectator Does It
  • Test Your Memory
  • Don't Overdo Them

1st edition 1980, 1st digital...

★★★★★ $7.95
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George B. Anderson
Let The Audience Do The Show by George B. Anderson

You know how very successful those tricks are in which seemingly the spectator "does it all himself." He gets a kick out of it, his friends love it because they hope he will mess it up, and you get all the credit for having a fun show. Here's an ebook full of mental tricks and stunts that the audience does. All you have to do is give them the first push or so. Let 'em do it!

Effects taught:

  • The Floating Table
  • Burning Four of Five Envelopes
  • Rabdomancy
  • A Daylight Darkroom Seance
  • A Few Words About the Cordless Microphone
  • Poker Chip Prediction
  • An Uncanny Divination
  • The Proper Balance ...
★★★★★ $6.95
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Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)