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You'd Be Surprised

by Robert Parrish & John Goodrum

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You'd Be Surprised by Robert Parrish & John Goodrum

A mix of cards, mentalism, and quite unusual manipulation with glasses and thimbles.

1st edition 1937, reprinted 1963; 65 pages.

    1. The Heal Coincidence Trick
    2. Telephone Telepathy
    3. Telephone Telepathy Again
    4. Alias Divination
    5. Magazine Miracle
    6. Strange Interlude
    7. A Slate Writing Method
    8. Slate Psychics
    9. The Ultimate One Man Sealed Message Heading System
    10. Predetermination
    11. And a Routine
    12. An Improved Four Ace Routine
    13. Selective Card in Pocket
    14. Si Stebbins Up the Sleeve
    15. The Perfect Card Routine
    1. Glass of Liquid from Card Fan
    2. Some Glassy Ideas
    3. Glasses. Glasses, Everywhere
    4. The Pause that Refreshes
    5. The Drunkard's Dream
    6. A Glass Routine
    1. Duo Color Change
    2. Continuous Color Changing Thimble Production
    3. Lost and Found
    4. The Passing Thimbles Again
    5. The Super Thimble Vanish
    6. A Nu-Idea Thimble Holder
    7. A Contrast Screen
    8. A Thimble Routine
    9. A Coin, a Match and a Thimble
    1. The Flying Light Bulb
    2. The Ideal Hank Box
    3. Spello
    4. A Sleight of Hand Rope Method
    5. P. and G. Cut and Restored Ribbon
    6. A Magical Flash Routine

word count: 23036 which is equivalent to 92 standard pages of text
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