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Do That Again!

by Robert Parrish & Oscar Weigle

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Do That Again! by Robert Parrish & Oscar Weigle

Includes four sections, one on mental magic, card magic, silk magic and rope and lace magic respectively. All effects are easy to perform and do not require any exotic requisites.

    1. Wrong Number
    2. A Prediction to End Predictions
    3. The Payoff Prediction
    4. . . . Things to Come
    5. The "Direct" Divination
    6. The Phantom President
    7. Picture Projection
    8. Transposed Minds
    9. Comedy Color-Changing Slate
    10. Two Routines
    1. Thought on the Line
    2. "Picture This"
    3. Name Your Favorite
    4. Remote Re verso
    5. Synchronism
    6. Dual Impulsion
    7. Duo Prediction
    8. The Triple Enigma
    9. Nu-Locato
    10. Simplex Card Stabbing
    11. The Impromptu Fifteen Card Trick
    12. The Challenge Blindfold Card Routine
    13. An All-Card Routine
    1. Two Silk Folds
    2. Continuous Production of Silks at the Finger Tips
    3. Silks of a Color Follow Each Other
    4. Silks Do As You Do
    5. Twin Sympathy
    6. A Silk Routine
    1. Parish's Three to One
    2. Weigle's Three to One
    3. Quadruple Cut
    4. The Magic Laces
    5. A Cut and Restored Shoe Lace
    6. The Cut and Restored Lace Tips
    7. Conclusion: A Club Routine of General Magic

1st edition 1939; 76 pages.
word count: 35891 which is equivalent to 143 standard pages of text

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