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Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart Pitch Book Kit
by B. W. McCarron


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Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart Pitch Book Kit by B. W. McCarron

Sell this pitch book and give private readings to clients after your show to double your performance income!*

If you're not selling "back of room" books and merchandise at every show, you're leaving money on the table - money that should be in your wallet. All the pros are doing it. Now you can, too. And it costs so little to get started.

This package enables you to become an instant author, with full reprint rights for printed copies of the Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart booklet. Charge as little or as much per copy as you want: it's up to you.

Your audiences will flock to the sales table to buy the blank chart, which includes a free reading by you . . . as the author . . . where you reveal your client's destiny using the time-proven concepts of Numerology and the Zodiac.

Includes camera-ready master of Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart--a handsome, 16-page booklet that features YOUR NAME on the cover as compiler. The back cover is available for your custom message, too. Books can be printed on most any black and white or color printer (laser preferred, for lowest per-copy cost). You choose the color of the cover stock for your own custom look.

Understand that this is not a rehash of Nelson's original Solar Zodiac Chart from the 1950s. We have built on Nelson's original premise and now offer a truly outstanding reading that incorporates not only the subject's date of birth, but also her given name and place of birth. These, combined with an easy-to-master form of Numerology, produce a Personal Destiny Number for the client. Also new to this version are complete summaries of the nine possible Destiny Numbers, making this an even more complete system.

Pre-priced at $6.95 per copy retail, it costs just pennies to print. Best of all, you can change the cover price to anything you'd like. Sell it for as much or as little as you want. A copy of the book also makes a nice thank you gift for the entertainment chairperson or party hostess who booked your act.

*While we can't guarantee that this book will double everyone's performance income, noted experts, such as mentalist Robert A. Nelson, have stated that entertainers who don't sell "back of room" books, lecture notes, and merchandise are leaving as much as 50% of their potential revenue behind. Offering a book with your name as author on the cover adds prestige, makes you a recognized expert in the eyes of your audience, and is a splendid advertising method - aside from the obvious increased income opportunity. All the smart performers are doing it. Why not you?

How to Print Your Pitch Book -- this ebook is included with your kit at no extra charge. But that's not all. This deluxe package also includes a separate 39-page ebook that explains the ins and outs of booklet printing; the pros and cons of printing it yourself vs. having your local print shop print it for you; cover stock options; an inexpensive way to bind your book that looks professional; several innovative ways to sell your book for even more revenue; ideas for customizing your book; staffing the sales table; and so much more.

But that's not all. You also get a PDF version of Preparing Your Personal Solar Horoscope Chart that takes you by the hand to teach you the famous "tick sheet" method, used by Robert A. Nelson and others, to create an in-depth analysis of your client, based on their birthdate. This 24-page instructional guide covers all the insider tricks and subtlety that combine to create a Personal Destiny reading that your clients will treasure for years. This PDF book is included with your pitch book kit.

Others charge $100 or more for a similar reprint license, and don't include our book of publishing tips and secrets.

1st edition 2018; includes three documents: (1) Camera-ready "Your Personal Solar Zodiac Chart" master file (16 pages + front and back cover); (2) "Preparing Your Personal Solar Horoscope Chart" 24-page PDF file; (3) "Printing Your Pitch Book" PDF ebook (39 pages + supplement). Original purchaser is licensed to create as many printed copies of the 16-page Zodiac Chart book as desired for sale at shows, and on his/her website.


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