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Zodiac Telepathy
by Ken de Courcy

#3 in Italian (italiano) author
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Zodiac Telepathy by Ken de Courcy

This is the perfect two person act to start with, if you have never performed anything like it. The performers only need to memorize 21 items. In the words of George Armstrong:

Here at last is a method for combining the fascination of horoscope readings with the mystery of telepathy, and a method in which the medium, who does all the "talking", has only ten code words and eleven signals to learn for the Telepathy part of the act, and absolutely nothing for the Horoscope readings. Everything is done for her by the innocent but clever piece of apparatus described in these pages.

Any person can quite easily make up this simple prop, at the cost of only a few shillings, yet he will have an act that he can take anywhere, and one that will command big fees.

The Effect:

The performer introduces the act with a short talk on Thought Transference and then brings the medium forward. She is seated, then blindfolded, and the performer goes down into the audience, picking various things from the spectators that they normally carry in their pockets. As each item is held, the medium names it from the stage.

So far, the act is much the same as most Thought Transference Acts, but the climax that follows is what really makes this act different.

The climax comes when a member of the audience draws the Astrological sign of his or her birthdate on a board carried by the performer. The medium duplicates the sign on a similar board which she holds, and closes by divining the subject's birth date and month while giving a short horoscope reading.

1st edition 1951; 19 pages.
word count: 5149 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text