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01 Count: Magic More Series
by Ken Muller

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01 Count: Magic More Series by Ken Muller

A coin effects enhancement mission.

This material provides an involving adventure into the creation of new performance modules as an enhancement for coin effects.

So, just imagine ... You have two empty hands (wiggle-wiggle) and a couple of coins on a table. Maybe they are borrowed or spectator selected from a basket. Three half-dollars – yeah, nothing else. You pick up one coin with your right fingers and drop it into your left open palm. You select a second coin to join the first – see it fall, clink! Two coins now visible on the left palm. Your right fingers claim the final coin leaving nothing on the table. Drop, clink – there are now three coins visible on the open left hand and the right hand free to adjust your eyeglasses – completely empty. You now proceed with your favorite Coins Across, Coins to Glass, Matrix, whatever. The audience knows you hold but three half-dollars and nothing more.

So what? Well, during this process you have done something sneaky. Perhaps you are now one ahead, have switched in a gaffed coin or added an extra one. In all cases, the memory of the observers will be as described above. The unique performance module involved is a combination of sleights, moves and stratagems that can be mastered and applied to many coin effects. But, you also need trust and confidence that the incredible results are doable and worth the study and practice. That is the purpose of this eBook.

You add the ability to introduce coins with empty hands and verification of the exact number of coins in play - or to switch-in a gaff, or add an extra coin, or model a later Retention Vanish, etc. with shown completely empty before and after each phase.

Eliminate doubt and suspicion before you begin a favorite coin routine. No difficult sleights with all natural hand motions and psychological ploys you already know. This represents a new way of using some old and proven techniques in unique way - using "the footprints of giants" rather than standing on their shoulders.

NOTE: This offers techniques, moves, sleights, and stratagems to enhance your already mastered coin effects. The special "Od Fashion" routine is offered to inspire creativity and not mean to be a stand-alone presentation.

But - it is a coin-to-glass effect with repeated open hands, no gimmicks and your hands never cover the glass mouth or touch each other during the transportations. Is it too powerful for your follow-up routine?

All proceeds go to support the WoodHenge Wildlife Sanctuary.

1st edition 2022, PDF 38 pages.
word count: 15737 which is equivalent to 62 standard pages of text