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Glass Act: Magic Beyond Series
by Ken Muller


(2 reviews, 2 customer ratings) ★★★

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Glass Act: Magic Beyond Series by Ken Muller

This can easily be the strongest coin effect you ever perform. Coin to glass? No, much more than that in impact and impossibility. Can be an opener, closer, or blend in with other coin effects.

The simple story - the one observers will tell afterward.

On the table you have a bar glass and three coins selected by audience members. Empty hands gesture everyone closer. Now find a glass at the fingertips of the left hand and three coins on the right fingers. A shake and a clink is heard as a coin arrives in the glass. That coin is poured out and two coins placed on the table. The left fingers now hold the open glass with one coin, the right has two coins visible on the fingers. Clink! Another coin has traveled over. Two poured out and the glass on the table. The single coin is on the table to the right, free and alone. Empty hands and eager eyes. A spectator verifies the coin on the fingers as another testifies to the two coins now in the glass. The last coin travels over as expected. Just three coins on the left, a glass and two empty hands. Magic!

Teaching you how to perform this miracle is not simple. You will have to study and absorb many pages of explanations of moves, sleights and stratagems. Prepare for hours of practice to perfect sleights to automaticity. More difficult will be letting go of notions of what a magic effect is all about. You will be learning how to create a memory of a real experience of magic that will last thirty years or more. (Ammar's Criteria)

It took me more than sixty years to refine this routine to the point I can share it with others. You can invest a few hours to get it right before astonishing strangers. The real magic will be when each reader/student emails me about the reactions to the presentation of this wee bit of magic - beyond imagination, beyond expectations and beyond what you have done before.

Features of this approach include:

  • the glass and coins are provided by a spectator,
  • neither hand ever covers the mouth of the glass,
  • each of the three transportations follows the same flow of actions,
  • the number of coins in play is continuously visually verified,
  • all coins, empty glass and both empty hands are shown during each phase,
  • no difficult palming or coin gaffs/gimmicks,
  • your hands never touch

You receive detailed instructions for what to do, when to do it - and why it works. No difficult sleights, but extensive live audience engagement experience is essential to get the most for this routine.

All proceeds go to support the woodHenge Foundation Wildlife Sanctuary.

1st edition 2023, PDF 49 pages.
word count: 20526 which is equivalent to 82 standard pages of text

Reviewed by DARRIN COOK (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 25 May, 2023

Unfortunately, everything Pascal says in his review is accurate. For all the money being asked, there are no photographs or illustrations. Rather than give step-by-step instructions, the manuscript meanders, is overly wordy, and jumps from subject to subject. I don't know that I spent two hours, but I eventually gave up on trying to figure it out.

Reviewed by Pascal Girod (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 10 February, 2023

I am sure the effect is great. Unfortunately, the author does not simply teach you the routine. Instead, he structures the instructions in a very complicated way and develops and uses a special glossary on various stratagems and deceptions and whatnot. And there are no pictures or photos to help. The result is instructions that to me are simply impossible to follow. I gave up after two hours. It's a shame because I was really curious if the author could hold up to his claims.