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Fold Cup
by Ken Muller


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Fold Cup by Ken Muller

An ingenious alternative to a Chop Cup where the 'cup' is constructed "on the fly" from a magazine sheet while spectators make paper balls, or crumple dollar bills. No gimmicks! The trickery is built into the cup itself and undetectable. There are moves not possible with a standard Chop Cup and ends with a transport to a spectator's hand who keeps the cup and ball. No difficult sleights or handling as the Fold Cup does its thing automatically. But, the special techniques taught moves the astonishment far above a traditional Chop Cup approach.

There are many suggested Effects with special techniques that can be used in any Chop Cup presentation. Plus, I am including a copy of Sway Methods that provides additional moves, sleights, and stratagems that will change the way you perform single cup routines.

True impromptu magic using available 'found' objects. Great audience involvement and flexibility. You easily do a 20-minute presentation with no final load.

This was released in 2008 and already used by hundreds of performers around the world, but may be new to many today. The fun/astonishment is in the live spectator involvement, reaction, and spontaneous changes of script and phases.

"This is an excellent manuscript. It will make you reconsider a lot of things that you can do with a piece of paper ... There is a lot of good thinking here." - Bill Palmer

"It is a very solid idea and well defined. Anyone with a modicum of skill should be able to put this together and put it to use. Well done!" - Pete Biro

A Powerpoint Presentation is added to make the learning easier. The PPS file can be read on most computers, or there is a provided link for getting a viewer. Bill Palmer noted, "The PowerPoint Presentation makes all the difference in the world. If you have any questions about the fold, they are answered here."

Move beyond the boring "in my pocket" cycle with objects that do not look like props. Spectators help make the Cup and the Balls and can take them home.

1st edition 2008; PDF 14 pages.

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