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103 Tips and Resources for Magicians
by Dustin Marks

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103 Tips and Resources for Magicians by Dustin Marks

This ebook will save you time and money. It is a quick read and has tips you have not seen. Good resources for professionals and lots of information for beginners. Learn how to use Siri or Alexa for practice. Use Notion to keep a database of your tricks. Learn magic principles, magic utilities, memory tips, links to everyday props on Amazon and more. It's a great reference book to all things magic.

  • Tip #2 Learn the secret to never forget a good idea you have.
  • Tip #7 Learn which database to keep track of your routines and effects.
  • Tips 8, 9 and 10. Learn tricks on how to remember your script and how to make your scripts better.
  • Tip #11 Learn the secret of how to never forget your props.
  • Tip #14 Do you have the Anverdi Mental Dice/Die? Learn how to wake them up right in front of your audience without suspension.
  • Some of magic's best principles explain all in one ebook: One Ahead, Equivoque, Svengali, Rough and Smooth, Dual Reality, Preshow, Gilbreath, Multiple Outs and more.
  • Everyday items for magicians: Amazon and Other Sources with links to each item.
  • Learn an easy way to organize all your decks. See tip #29.
  • Looking for a graphic artist? See tip #31.
  • Great way to organize your specialty cards. See tip #37
  • Need an adjustable stand? This stand comes with a wider tray to hold your props. See tip #42.
  • Looking for a small speaker? This speaker is great. Loud enough for a house party, easy to use, and very small. Tip #43
  • Need a carrying case for your show. This small, lightweight case will carry a lot of your smaller EDCs and it is under $30 Tip #52.
  • Nine recommended books to help you become a better magician.
  • 16 utilities for magicians with links where to buy them.
  • Cool magic Internet sites
  • Facebook magic groups
  • Cool YouTube magic channels
  • The best magic audiobooks.

1st edition 2023, PDF 36 pages.
word count: 4872 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text