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Final Selection
by Glenn G. Gravatt

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Final Selection by Glenn G. Gravatt

Excerpt from the Preface:

No skill, no sleights, no manipulation is required to perform the following effects. Many are impromptu, making use of anyone's cards, and needing no preparation or make-ready. Others admittedly depend upon such chicanery as cards with double faces and blank faces, double backs and blank backs, roughing fluid and other aides, all available from magic shops. Many skilled manipulators have not hesitated to use such artifices, so the reader should not scorn them.

Aside from whatever merit these tricks may possess, it is believed their greatest value lies in the stimulation they may give the reader, inspiring him to devise effects for himself. This assortment shows the imaginative magician what can be done by combining certain principles with ingenious subterfuges.

  • Preface
  • The Mentalist's Dream
  • Premonition
  • Transposing Cards
  • The Teller Deck
  • Six Cards, Six Envelopes
  • Deck-Sterity
  • Inevitability
  • Clean Cut Match
  • Thought Anticipated
  • Dual Control
  • The Glenn Gravatt Trick
  • The Master Card
  • Nu Mene Tekel
  • Nu Card Eureka
  • Xkwizit Reverse
  • Brainwave With Any Deck
  • Perfect Similarity
  • Sympathetic Trio
  • Three Card Puzzler
  • Cards And Glasses
  • Triple Riddle
  • Automatic Revelation
  • Criss Cross Cut
  • Super Prediction
  • No Questions Asked
  • Royal Marriages
  • Divination
  • The Baffler
  • Four Aces And A Chosen Card
  • Red And Black
  • Problem Of Identity
  • Double Mystery
  • Best Marked Cards
  • Enigma
  • Flight In Technicolor
  • Super Divino
  • Conclusion

1st edition 1957, 89 pages; PDF 98 pages.
word count: 26568 which is equivalent to 106 standard pages of text