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Propless Cartomancy
by Unknown Mentalist

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Propless Cartomancy by Unknown Mentalist

There are two routines explained in this manuscript. One is Propless Cartomancy and the other is Invisible Astrology. Both these effects are so very propless that you can actually perform them totally naked. Of course, that is speaking figuratively. Please do not try it literally.

You can perform these 30-second miracles at any time, anywhere to anyone - instantly. You can perform these routines close up, parlor, stage, street or even on a phone call or on a virtual show.

And the best part is that you need zero knowledge of either cartomancy or astrology to perform these routines. It will take all of 5 minutes for you to learn these effects. They are quick, easy, surefire and self-working to perform but pack a punch in terms of impact. And what more, they are instantly repeatable to a different participant with a different outcome.

There are no calculations, no progressive anagrams, no one aheads, no peeks, no preshow, no stooges or instant stooges. No dual reality, no reframes and no psychological forces and no memory work.


A participant merely thinks of any playing card. No force. It is a totally free choice. She tells you only the suit but keeps the value to herself. Based on the suit, you tell her a few personality traits that may match her. She mentally chooses any one trait and you reveal it. Nothing is written down.


A participant merely thinks of his zodiac sign. He tells you a single digit from his date of birth and keeps the rest of his date of birth to himself (this digit could be from the date or month or year of his birth - you have no idea). Based on this single number, you tell him a few personality traits that may match him. He mentally chooses any one trait and you reveal it. Nothing is written down.

You will come across as an expert mind reader, cartomancer and astrologer - all 3 rolled into one.

Note - There is no guarantee that your personal knowledge of cartomancy or astrology will either increase or decrease after learning and performing these stunning effects.

"Yes Propless Cartomancy and Invisible Astrology are both interesting, your method is solid as always. I really like the efficiency of method, as you say they are pretty quick. Cartomancy is my favourite of the two, I would have reservations about performing Invisible Astrology as I'm pretty sure my audiences would struggle to know / count the letters in their star sign accurately. The solution of course would be to show them a list with the star signs written on, but then we move away from the purity of the propless method." - Marc Paul

"In this masterly effect, The UM details his approach to divine a word. The approach is simple but must be practiced." - Marc Salem


1. This is not a magic course for beginners. So a basic level of magic intelligence and a minimum level of performance skill are required to be able to perform these effects.

2. Every magician is not a David Copperfield. Every mentalist is not a Derren Brown. Every magic creator is not a Jay Sankey. And every magic reviewer is not a Penn & Teller. Every magic review, good or bad, is more a reflection of the reviewer rather than the reviewed. So even a badly reviewed magic effect can become a masterpiece in the hands of a good performer. Similarly, a 5-star reviewed magic routine can be screwed up by a bad performer.

1st edition 2023, PDF 12 pages.
word count: 2210 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Ray Jack (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 12 April, 2024

I was on a flight from Dusseldorf to Dubai when I read this manuscript. And as soon as I finished reading, I tried the first routine (Propless Cartomancy) on my co-passenger who was seated adjacent to me. And I revealed to her that she was thinking of herself as being "Sympathetic". She freaked out and I loved it. I will be keeping this in my go to arsenal of quick propless effects for repeated use.

Reviewed by Andrew Baroch (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 06 December, 2023

Pathetic, insulting swindle.