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18: A Powerhouse Prediction Effect
by Cameron Francis


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18: A Powerhouse Prediction Effect by Cameron Francis

A beautiful piece of mentalism! Completely self working! Completely practical! Completely mind-blowing!


A deck of cards is removed from its case and shuffled. The magician spreads the deck face up and asks a spectator to touch any card. All of the cards are different and this is truly a free choice. Let's say the spectator touches the Five of Diamonds. This card is placed face up on the table. The magician then states that the spectator is to use the value of his selection to find another card. The deck is turned face down and the spectator is asked to deal 5 cards off the top of the deck. The 5th card is turned face up. It is a Nine of Clubs. 9 more cards are dealt onto the table. The 9th card is turned face up. It is the Four of Spades.

The magician hands the spectator a business card and asks him to total up the three face up cards on the table. The spectator writes 18 on the business card. The magician then asks the spectator to turn over the first card that he freely selected. On the back of the card is a message: "Turn The Box Over". The spectator turns the card case over. On the other side, in bold marker, is written 18!

  • Self working!
  • No memory work!
  • Instant reset!
  • No gaffed cards!
Bonus effect: Word-A-Day

The magician pulls out a deck of cards and a pocket calendar. He claims there is a different word written on each day in the calendar. The spectator is asked to examine the diary and verify this, which she does. The spectator then freely selects a card to represent a month. Let's say she picks the Four of Clubs. The magician then says, "Now we need to generate a random day of the month. Since you chose a four, count down 4 cards from the top of the deck." She counts 4 cards from the top of the deck and arrives at the Ten of Hearts. She then counts 10 more cards and arrives at the Four of Spades. The three cards are added together, giving a total of 18. So the date is April 18th. The spectator is asked to open the diary to April 18th. The word on that date is "Chair". The magician asks the spectator to turn over the Four of Clubs. There is a message on the back of the card: "Turn the Box Over." The card case is turned over and on the other side is a drawing of a chair!

1st edition 2009; 9 pages.
word count: 2105 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text

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